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When fates mistakes come home how do lives remake themselves? Can the old bonds hold and do the new ones flourish? Or has the strands that connect us all strained to much?

Chapters (1)

The Galactic Empire has suffered it's largest defeat yet with the destruction of the Death Star. Not only did this weaken the Empire but it has helped the rebellion as more systems have pledged their loyalty to the Rebel Alliance.
To save the Empire, Emperor Palpatine has dispatched his apprentice; Darth Vader on a mission to bring new planets into the Empire for more income and workers. However when a miscommunication occurs onboard the Executor it ends up with a Navigator accidentally typing in the wrong coordinates, leading the fleet to Equestria.
Unfortunately for the ponies of Equestria Darth Vader has lost is growing impatient and has therefore ordred an invasion of Equestria.
The ponies are not strong enough and do not have the technology to fight the Empire and when the Empire occupies Equestria, the ponies have no choice but to fight back. But will the ponies fail or will the ponies win with the help of the Rebel Alliance if word of the planet's existence comes out to the public of the Galaxy? Find out in this Crossover Fanfic.

Chapters (1)

Twilight Sparkle wakes up aboard a First Order Star-Destroyer where she finds herself being interrogated by Kylo Ren. Randomness ensues.

Author's Notes -

Is this stupid? Yes, yes it is. Was it fun to write? Yes, yes it was. Am I sorry for writing it?

...No. No, I am not.

Chapters (1)

This is a crossover of My Little Pony and Pokemon. The story begins with a stranger knocking at Twilight's door. Twilight open the package and there is an old notebook in it. Curious,she reads the notebook and discover it was a unfinished spell.

Chapters (1)

Long ago in the Magical Land of Ponies I wound up being struck there by buying something from a con. I shouldn't have done that at all. Now I'm the reploid known only as X.

While stuck in a past filled with strange little ponies I'm forced to deal with a strange chimera with a propensity for mind control, several miscommunications, denizens of a shadowy realm of evil and trying desperately to keep the lack of a heart beat from driving me insane due to a disconnect of my humanity and the robotic body I now possess. I hope to whatever god that lives here that I survive longer than a week.

Season 7 Finale Spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Chapters (1)

I finally get myself displaced but end up dragging my friend with me. I had nothing to lose, well nothing I cared about anyways Tony not so much. Let's just hope I am strong enough to survive his anger and become his friend again.

My first story I have no editor I don't know if I will need one. Should be obvious but is a displaced don't like don't read. Tags will change as story goes on or if I feel they are un/necessary

Chapters (1)

Stalin takes a bath in the Kremlin...... Stalin is no longer in the Kremlin.

Chapters (4)

After seeing Applejack suffer from multiple counts of Rainbow Dash's pranks, she asks Twilight for help on dealing with it. When Derpy tampered with the portal in Twilight's Castle, a two-legged walking time bomb appears out of the portal, along with a set of instructions and a remote ipad controller. Upon seeing what the robot is capable of, Applejack comes up with the most wildest prank ever.

*The Sentry Buster belongs to Team Fortress 2*

*MLP belongs to Hasbro*

Chapters (2)

It's been almost a few months since Midnight died. But now that Twilight is on Earth, trying to get her crown back. While Young Earth Midnight is trying to become a hero and tries to help out Twilight. What he doesn't know is that she is not the same. Now Him and Twilight must help each other for surviving high school and getting Twilight's crown back and send her back home.

Picture made by Alvaxerox

Chapters (1)

Short scenes from displaced stories that me and other people had.

No characters that already have stories.
The chapter must be around 100 to 1000 words no more no less.

Chapters (3)
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