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It's a simple thing, really. Celestia and Luna would normally do it, but the palace has been rather busy of late. So all Twilight has to do is go to Baltimare and officially launch three ships, because launching ships is one of the official duties of a Princess. What could be simpler?

After Twilight instinctively chooses the wrong definition of 'ship' and desperately asks a friend for help? Just about anything.

(Now with author Patreon page.)

Chapters (1)

The Gourd Fest is a three-day-spanning changeling ritual a drone holds for a special individual in times of tremendous happiness and great prosperity. With how everything has changed in such a wonderful direction for them after Queen Chrysalis' defeat, they've decided to promote the tradition to a full-on festival the entire kingdom can be a part of. Upon one midsummer day, Thorax, king of the changelings, gleefully invites Starlight Glimmer and a few of her friends to attend the first, fast-approaching Fest with him and the hive. Tagging along with them with only the biggest of smiles on her face is Twilight Sparkle.

Twilight, ever the avid and agog learner, is positively eager to study and write about the customs of changelings during this joyous celebration up close. Thorax, ever the obliging character, is more than happy to show them to her first-hoof. And as fate would have it, a simple and amiable lesson taught in changeling culture won't be all either of them come out with by the time the Gourd Fest comes to its conclusion...

Note: I have no earthly idea why I like the Twilax ship so much, but I like it just about as much as the Sporax one. Also, the rating and tags may change over time, depending on where I go with it (hint - it's probably going to go the 'M' route).

Chapters (1)

Havelock Vetinari- master chessmaster, patrician and lord of Ankh-Morpork, (former) assassin and possibly the most dangerous man on the disc.

He's been a lot of things in his life, and as he juggles the political coalitions, unstable individuals, race relations, and magical mishaps of the city, he's never really missed the social life he discarded for this job.

The arrival of a small, white filly in his throne room will give him a chance to try adding "father" to his list of titles.

Inspired heavily by Tatsurou's My Little PWNY stories, and by the shameful lack of Discworld crossovers on this site.

First story- updates will be slow, and commentary is greatly appreciated. I may solicit direction for how the story should go down the line, if I get that far. Will try to update one a week.

Chapters (2)
This story is a sequel to Hopes and Follies

The fallout begins across Equestria as Trixie and Discord's actions become more widespread, forcing a response from the princesses.

Trixie works her way towards Las Pegasus, torn between her desires to be with Twilight and her fears of what their next encounter will truly involve. Does Twilight truly want more, or was she caught up in the spur of the moment?

Fluttershy's changes have forced Discord to try to hunt her down before the princesses do. Yet the former pegasus is lost between rational thought and primal instinct, creating terror across Equestria.

Somehow, Twilight needs to balance between her interest in the newest Alicorn, and her duty to her fellow princesses. To Equestria.

Amidst the myriad of hopes and follies that make up one's actions, can there truly be a happy ending for everyone?

Only one way to find out.

Special thanks to Crowscrow and Ponyponipon3 For pre-reading and ideas. About time I finally got around to this second arc. :facehoof:

Chapters (1)

While everything seems to become peaceful after the incident at Camp Everfree, peace soon ends up being disrupted when a Unknown pod from outer space crashes down near Canterlot High. Even more strange, a watch like device attaches to Rainbows wist. Discovering the many secrets and power the watch has, Rainbow soon learns it can turn her into aliens for a period of time

However, when a alien is out to obtain it from Rainbow at all cost, Rainbow and her friends have to everything they can to keep the watch a secret while Rainbow is being a hero. From a alien hunting Rainbow down, to a teacher hiding a secret, can Rainbow manage to use its power for good?

This is based off of Ben 10

Chapters (1)

This story is a bit of a crossover with Payday 2 as it has similar elements...guns...heists...and a pony with kickass music but it does not, it does not feature any content from the game or characthers from the game.
This is my very first fanfiction and as not an native english speaker it might have lot of grammar mistakes and weird sentences but I will try my best to make it as presentable as possible.
Also this story includes guns, violence, romantic scenes, stupid jokes, some dirty humor and non-sensical stuff at times.
Also please don`t comment about how pegasi and earth ponies would not be able to carry guns. I honestly do not care about anotomy errors.
Cover art made by TKHolmes: http://tkholmes.deviantart.com/art/Octavia-and-Vinyl-Scratch-s-AR-15s-314826650

Chapters (1)

An infiltration attempt goes from ‘wildly successful’ to 'weird and confusing' in record time.

Thanks to Tired Old Man for edits, suggestions, and helping with the title. Also thanks to Nova Quill for her edits and suggestions.

Chapters (1)

A little moment of quiet and relaxation. Was that really too much to ask for? For Wiz, apparently so. Because after a long day of study and tests, he finds himself, at the suggestion of his friends, at the local spa for an intended time of calm. However, he soon finds this time interrupted by the unexpected, though not entirely unwelcome arrival of his girlfriend, Aria.

Part of my EG Continuity
No sex in this story, but there will be a "sex" tag anyway because of the many moments of innuendo and other stuff I'm cramming into this one

Chapters (1)
This story is a sequel to The Enchanted Library

After many years of fighting dragons, changelings and the spirit of chaos himself (all to save her NEET girlfriend), you could easily say that Rarity has been pretty much through Tartarus.
But now that Princess Twilight Sparkle is at long last free, Rarity has finally decided to lay back, relax and treat herself to a chocolate cake.

And nopony is going to stop her!

A parody chapter based on Monochromatic's fic The Enchanted library.

Happy birthday, Mono! 👌

Chapters (1)

When Summer Sketch become pregnant, all seemed to be going great. That is, until her very protective family hears the news, and wants to talk to the colt that knocked her up. Will Connie survive?

Art and pre-read by Summer Magic

Chapters (1)
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