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There's beef in the ends of Ponyville. Will T rise above, or will she get chiefed up by even bigger g's?

(I really should be sorry about this, but I'm not. Warning, gratuitous amounts of British slang ahead, read at your own risk.)

Cover art here.

Chapters (1)

Spike's mental and emotional maturity always seemed to be in flux. All his friends knew that he was a baby dragon, but what was a baby dragon when compared to a pony? Spike was almost as old as the Mane six, and had a mental intelligence to match, especially under the diligent education of his friend, mentor, and perhaps even mother, Twilight Sparkle. But his emotional maturity wasn't clear. Everypony thought he was a child, but that's soon called into question. After a small growth spurt, it seemed like spike was finally growing into what was considered a teenager for dragons. Exemplified for his need for a small horde, emotional fluxes, and even interests in topics that he knew about but never cared for before, Spike must now learn to go through the rough time of puberty. Dragon Style.

My first uploaded fic. Constructive criticism wanted!

Chapters (1)

Shining Armor plans to introduce his marefriend, Cadance, to his parents for Hearth's Warming dinner. It’s months away, but it never hurt to plan ahead, after all. First, however, Cadance and him have to talk.

Cover art by Evehly.

Chapters (1)

Side-Story to When Dimensions Unite

While the events of When Dimensions Unite continue to unfold, somewhere across time and space, many events a cure as universes collide, worlds unite, characters meet and the binderies and rules of all of creation break!

Witness as your favourite characters encounter unknown enemies from beyond their worlds, heroes and villains do battle and much, much more, the possibilities are completely endless!!

Each story contains many events that take place before, during and/or after the events of each chapter of the main story.

Will feature special side stories, battles and even some non-canon PSAs for all to enjoy!

Chapters (1)

Spike the dragon is a well-known assistant and companion of Princess Twilight Sparkle and is also crowned as the Saviour Of The Crystal Empire! However, he knew that one day he would need to get a job - a job that allowed him to protect innocents.

So he decided that with his knowledge that he learned from growing up in a library that he would be a defence attorney. This is his legacy.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to The Guardian From Afar 3: Return to Earth

William Ross has come a long way to get to his current position: Loving father, and caring boyfriend. His new friends Luke and James now live in Equestria as well, and also want to have interesting lives. With separate goals in mind, how far will the humans go to achieve them? Only one way to find out.

Chapters (1)

Time has passed in Equestria and after years of fighting for Friendship, Twilight is the proud mother of a young colt called Bright Spark, a genius like his mother; but unlike Twilight he’s an evil genius. His goal? To become the greatest villain the world has ever seen, and with the help of his friend Luminosité (daughter of Rarity) and the Code of the Villains, nopony will stop him.

This story is a translation as the rest of my works, you can see the original here

Chapters (1)

An MLP take on Jim Carrey's How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Every Pony and Human in the town of Ponyville loved Hearth's Warming a lot, but the George Cunningham does not. He hates Hearth's Warming, and, being fed up with the holiday, he leads Shadow Mavis, Helen, Krumpa and Pavillon on a mission to steal Hearth's Warming. Will they succeed?

I own nothing, all rights go to the original owners

Chapters (1)

Who likes elections? No one! Families split, friends are betrayed, yadeyadeya. Politic is a hot pot waiting to burst. But when Luna is elected... Things might be a little different. Join her on her epic quest to conquer the world when she became president.

Chapters (1)

Life hasn't been nice to Sunburst. In fact, it's been a total jerk. But Sunburst will do anything to get back on his hooves, even if it means doing some freaky stuff. Not without hitting rock bottom first, though.

And the really freaky stuff starts when Equestria is invaded by changelings and Sunburst is forced to stay out of butt-kicking's way. Now, with the help of a little friend, he's got to find a way to retrieve his former hero status. It's not going to be easy, but hey, when have things been easy for Sunbie?

[Note: This story takes place between season 6 & 7 and after Celestial Advice. Also it's not really a crossover story, but it does have a character from another show.]

Chapters (1)
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