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I finally get myself displaced but end up dragging my friend with me. I had nothing to lose, well nothing I cared about anyways Tony not so much. Let's just hope I am strong enough to survive his anger and become his friend again.

My first story I have no editor I don't know if I will need one. Should be obvious but is a displaced don't like don't read. Tags will change as story goes on or if I feel they are un/necessary

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Displaced Story

Braniac/Brother Eye is the Displaced.

The Equestrian Multiverse is involved.

Crossover with Injustice 2.

Primary/co-author is Star709, due to my personal lack of show knowledge. Why I'm here writing fanfictions if I don't know the show like many on this site, is the big question.

I own nothing...except the idea for the story and the general line of story.
Sorry if my description lacks detail, but I get tired.

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Darkness and evil. That's all that's all that's ever been associated with the likes me. Nopony ever gives me a chance to prove to others that I could be different or better than the ones before me, but who could ever be friends or maybe something more with a freak like me.

Chapters (1)

Years before the events of that fateful Summer Sun Celebration, Ponyville was known for a train that appeared once a year and disappeared into the Everfree Forest. Many ponies say that it never existed, but when Spike see's the train Celestia asks for Twilight and her friends to investigate.

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Sarah Gaines is a girl living in Western Australia. She feels upset because, someday, her best friend got away in search of being a popular actor.

Because of that, Sarah starts lying to people in the city so they believe in something.

But, later, six strange persons appear...


This story will be part of the collab called "Lavender Heart", and I suppose you already know whose perspective I have...

Hope you enjoy it!

Chapters (2)

Since certain people pushed me to it with their mocking... "As for it, and Ye shall receive"

Rainbow Dash can be very cocky, and believes she can truly overpower an enemy that comes her way, but a powerful warrior pony from outer space challenges her to a brawl in order to prove her wrong!

Chapters (1)

A changeling civil-war has broken out. Chrysalis and her "Changeling Empirium" have waged an armed conflict upon King Thorax's "New Changeling Kingdoms". While having lower numbers than the forces of Thorax's Military, the unreformed have shown utter ruthlessness against the so-called "traitors of her Majesty".

The war, being pushed into bitter winter, has caused fighting to become even more aggressive, with the cold blizzards only fueling the hatred between the two sides.

Both sides have shown to have different ways of dealing with things, whether it be attitude, training, feelings towards the enemy, and many more things to count.

But one thing stays the same, which is the will to surrender.

After receiving word of eight unreformed changelings being captured at the front, King Thorax decides to meet the POW's in person, along with one of his pony companions. Believing this will give himself a better understanding on why the changelings are still loyal to Chrysalis, he is prepared to ask - and answer - any questions placed upon the table, both from his side and theirs.

Chapters (1)

Jormungdr, The Fenris Wolf, Hel, these beings were once blameless children, after Ragnarok Sleipner gathers their spirits and takes them to the land of Equestria, because sometimes even monsters need some understanding.

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to Trixike

Gilda see's Trixike and wants to fuse to. so Spike and Trixie agree to fuse with her

Chapters (2)

You have been accidentally transfered to another world, then returned after a while to find your previous life in ruins. Your mind is still undecided, how to treat the memories. The worst thing is - you feel watched again... even hunted for.

Diana is the Roman goddess of hunt, moon and nature. Usually depicted with the bow. The hunt has started and she is on her way after you. Can you evade her touch?

The cover image is the WIP artwork of my good friend Wolfgrel aka Yoye

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