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Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker.

They are the embodiments of the darkness that exists in the hearts of the two head princesses of Equestria. But what if that darkness was brought out intentionally, for a good reason? What if that bond created something even stronger?

Well that's what inspired this story.

(Contains an intentionally overpowered character, violence, and the destruction of a gigantic asteroid. Expect a series of short stories to spawn off of this)

Chapters (3)

Every story has a beginning. The Paladins are no different. This is the story of how one man traversed the dimensions in seek of those willing to rally under his cause. His journey will be perilous. He will turn into a wolf. In the end, he will prevail.

Chapters (1)

A man from the special forces goes into the Hells Forest to look for the cause of his missing father. He finds it and dies fighting before waking up in Equestria.

Chapters (2)

Pegasus weather control unit 3 or as we call ourselves The Flying Rattlesnakes, is the single group of ponies I And would entrust my life to... And for good reason... Sandstorm wrangling on the southern border of Equestria is a dangerous job... Takes guts...sometimes more literally than anypony would ever want to see...

Chapters (1)

Scarlet Ivy, adopted as an infant, our main character, lives life as we humans usually do, but Scarlet...isn't exactly human.

Unexpectedly, she finds a side of her she didn't know of. One she finds difficulty in coping with, her whole life possibly having been a lie, nips at her mind.

When the truth's out, how will she take it?

Chapters (1)

Five hundred years ago, Celestia passed on leadership to a council of ponies, trusting them to lead them in her stead. Then she vanished.

Today, the world is vastly different than what it could have been. Magic is a dying art, technology is at an all time high, and Canterlot is full of crime.

Good thing Twilight Sparkle's on the case.

Chapters (1)

A year has passed, the Captain was found by Luna in his foggy dreams. He resides in the ruins of Griffinstone, which from reports is surrounded in a cloud of madness. Somehow he's alive, but still in a beastly state, now the mission for the Mane 6 is clear: bring back the Captain.

But once they enter the fog, they see things. Griffins, old soldiers of the Brass Inquisitiors and the Captain, all watching them as they move. But will they ever leave? Will the Captain return with his sanity? Will the Fog Fumigators, a splinter cell of the old Legate's legion, leave them unscathed? You won't know until you read what is within, so what are you waiting for? The Fog needs more prey...

I do not own MLP
Teen tag is also for swearing
Dark tag is for later, for within the fog images of hell reside.

Chapters (3)

The Power Surge.

A well known High Tech Company with its own space station, labs and other such things.
Its been known to make technology for everyday use, such as televisions, appliances and other such things. As well as things for medical use.

Of course, when a rival company tries to create something that makes them the highest weaponry providers, the result is more than disastrous.
An entirely new species set on destruction.
Now the Two Sisters have assigned their trustworthy weapon provider the job of providing defenses against the beasts, along with the Elements of Harmony.

An old piece of writing I never finished or published

Chapters (2)

An ancient gryphon warrior is transported to Avalice while defending his home. Finding himself in a different world, around unfamiliar creatures he will have to adapt and learn who to trust quickly or be used like a mere pawn in a chest game to decide the fate of the world and possibly many more. At least there is two things in his favor, his penchant for a good battle and a decent moral compass.

Lets hope that's enough to keep him on the right track along with certain individuals that are far too trust worthy.

A Freedom Planet crossover with MLP.

Chapters (1)

Rarity has the opportunity of the life time. Deciding she has no choice but to go alone, she informs her partner Tracks of what she intends to do. Will it be Rarity's big break or will the Autobot have no choice but to rescue the young lady from danger?

A side story of my other work, Drifting Sunset.

Chapters (1)
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