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Years of study, training and his work blowing up in his face, literally, Brom has finally managed to create a way to travel farther then anyone on the face of Tamriel has ever dreamed of. but is it safe?

Sex tag is for suggestive themes and some sexual humor.

Chapters (1)

Two people meet at a convention and end up in equestria as Gokai silver and Kurama the Nine Tailed fox with a new world all around will they survive or be destroied.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Balance

Zeke Ventral has vanished, his family mourns his absence every day, yet, the time for mourning must pass. His children, one by one, will pick their Keyblades back up, and pick up where he left off.

Chapters (2)

Starlight has invited Trixie over to her room to show her something. Something that she hasn't shown any pony in a long time. This prompts Trixie to ask a question that's always been on her mind. Why did Starlight go so far for Sunburst? Why did him leaving crush her so much?

Starlight isn't the only on with a secret though. Trixie has a secret as well, one that she's been thinking of finally revealing to her very best friend whom she has a serious crush on. But like with Starlight, this is a big secret, and it might be too much for Starlight to handle.

When the truth comes out, will these two friends be able to look at each other the same again? Or will the truth only bring them closer than ever.

Chapters (1)

A 13 year old boy named John was a ‘normal’ kid. He got in to high school early around 3 years a go. He loves the Dishonored games and just finishing Dishonored 2 he creates Corvo’s clothing and weapons. He also learned some skills to be like Corvo and uses it for good until he gets to equestria. Will he protect or destroy. The choice is his.


I’m lazy so I just copied and pasted the discriminations. Expect a better version. I will follow the path of the kind evolve.

Chapters (3)

(Fairy Tale) Eight magical beings maintain the night and day. Dragons help maintain the natural world with their haunting roar to keep the natural world and the heavens in check. But then, three avatars betray their comrades and imprison all but the Wizard of Starlight and destroy every dragon, except Spike.

This is a fairy tale. Simple characters, simple (kind of simple at least) story. Not set in the Canon MLP world, but has some of the cannon characters.

Chapters (1)

Conner lost his home. He lost his parents. He almost lost his life. The last thing he sees is Alex Mercer before blacking out. When he wakes up Alex is there waiting for him to wake up. He doesn’t ask him to join but he asks him to hide it. He did until James Heller finds him and convinced him not to kill him. The next day the school is pumped with bloodtox and Conner is gone. He wakes up in a school in front of a white object. Can he live like he wants or will he be found out.

Chapters (5)

For a familiar trio of grown mares, Nightmare Night was always their favorite time of the year. And this year would be no exception as they'd go out and try their hands at collecting enough candy for all of them.

Only one problem; a heavily gravid Sweetie Belle has made a promise to not eat too much candy or she might end up with the same unfortunate events that occurred when she was a teen. Will she keep her hands off her candy and fulfill her promise? ...safe to say we all know what to expect.

Contains: Pregnancy, Hyper Pregnancy, candy stuffing

Chapters (4)

It’s been nine years since the three main princesses Celestia, Luna and Cadance disappeared from Equestria. This caused chaos in two of the Kingdoms in Equestria: The Crystal Empire and Equestria itself. In the Crystal Empire, Prince Shining Armor tried his best to raise his only daughters, Princess Flurry Heart, like his wife, Princess Cadance would have wanted. (But trying to apply the rules of a unicorn, to that of a created alicorn, ends with a mild success.) Meanwhile back in Equestria, hope for a better future for pony kind met with more success as Princess Celestia’s three royal foals stepped up and seized control of their Mother’s and Aunt’s Crowns of Equestria.
Amidst the ongoing war with the Crystal Empire, which is known as the Crystal War, a strange energy fluctuation started to materialize within the Canterlot Grand Royal Palace that no Field Scientist could explain. Fluctuations were isolated to the private royal living area of the Palace which is the home of the current ruling royal family. With the Grand Princess of the Sun, Aurora Silverlight, and her siblings busy with the Crystal War, the job of investigating these strange fluctuation fell to Princess Alysia Ara Silverlight the oldest daughter of the Grand Prince of the Moon Somnus Silverlight. As Princess Alysia was about to pinpoint the strange anomalous energy it stopped and no other reading was received. She closed investigation into the strange energy and filed it as an unknown Solar Guard case file.
Two years to the day that Princess Alysia closed the case into the strange energy readings, it reappeared in the Grand Royal Palace once again. But this time, the strange anomalous energy was emanating from two unoccupied and sealed bed chambers located in the older part of the private royal living area of the palace. The first bed chamber that emanated the anomalous energy belonged to Princess Alysia’s Grandmother, Princess Celestia Silverlight and mother to the royal foals. The second bed chamber belongs to Princess Alysia’s Great Aunt, Princess Luna Silverlight and aunt to the royal foals. They are two of the three princesses that disappeared nine years ago.
Slowly, the eyes of these missing Princesses opened up and awakened in a very different world from the old world they remembered. From a world of high-tech machines and messages that would take several months to arrive, now only takes a moment. From a world where two-legged ponies drove crystal powered automobiles across Equestria and worked for several huge corporations that held within their coffer an amount of bits equal to the Royal Treasury of Equestria. In this world the three main princesses are legends of Equestria’s past who ruled till they disappeared. One of the most beloved legendary Princesses was Princess Celestia Silverlight who gave birth to the current ruling royal family, her beloved Royal foals.

Chapters (1)

After the loss of her child, Starlight Glimmer has found herself desperately clawing at ways to relive her brief moments as a mother. With her friends slowly being pushed away by her bad habits, comfort seems foreign, and her time's ticking for how long she might last mentally. Friendship may just be found in the strangest of places, and even stranger deals.

And motherhood may be the strangest thing of them all.

Chapters (1)
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