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Devin Hall, a former human of sound mind is randomly catapulted into the magical world of Equis in an unfamiliar body. Hopefully with some help, he will be able to find a way home or at least adjust to this new world filled with magic and sorcery. However, during his stay in Equestria he is asked to help out the nation with one of it's most important matters to date. Unfortunately, this is much easier said than done.

This is a HIE story that I just wanted to write the first chapter to. If it gains some momentum, I will continue to add chapters. Rated T for cursing and implied sexual situations. Rating may change depending on feedback.

Chapters (1)

Spike is turned into the God of love, and he sucks at it in every way imaginable, now he has to fix the "Lovely" Mess he`s made.

Chapters (1)

After a long day of work, I pass out on my bed, hoping to get a lazy day, which I know hardly ever happens. The minute I wake up, I find myself in a dungeon that looks like it was created with dark colored crystals and a anthro Unicorn named Twilight who was wearing nothing but rags and looked like she was tortured. After discovering that I had the Keyblade, Master's Defender, to be exact, she and I made our escape and I vowed to fight against the tyrant of the Crystal Empire, King Sombra.

But here's where it gets complicated; apparently, Princess Celestia can sense a great magical potential within me and rests the hopes and dreams for everypony's future upon my shoulders.

Yeah, no pressure there.

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When a person or a few persons gets Displaced, two things generally happen. One, he/she/they are transported to Equestria or someplace similar. And two, he/she/they have to deal with certain evils that the Multiverse decides to place there to mess with him/her/them.

It's the second thing that wasn’t thought about when two guys are Displaced willingly. Now they have to deal with a practical Demigoddess of War, an Ethereal being that lacks morals, and a few determined Equestrian villains. If that wasn’t bad enough, they now have to train up Honorable Warriors and Assassins to help mitigate their problems so they can have relatively normal days every so often.

“You really should have thought this through, Sam.”

“I'm not the only one, John”

Assassin’s Creed and For Honor belong to Ubisoft. My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro.

Co-written by The Dark Brony

Chapters (1)

First off, Dusky hates everything, mostly dolls though. Anyway, I ever tell you about that time when me and crimsonpit stared into each others eyes for about five hours? It was a intense time. It was so-

Four Fanfic Readers make their way through Manehatten, boomsticks and pointy sticks at the ready. However, whenever ponies who read fanfics group up to fight zombies, things will get crazy.

Contains anthro ponies, light gore, and chaos.

Chapters (1)

I was tasked with shutting the oblivion gate outside Bruma. I had closed multiple before, so this was a cakewalk, but instead of being transported back to tamreil...I was sent to another world, unscathed by war. What this world has in store for me, I know not...but I will not let it die, as mine surely will.

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When General Hux chooses to save his own skin rather than risk his life to save his boss when Starkiller Base begins to collapse on itself, Ben Solo, better known as the First Order's Enforcer Kylo Ren, is doomed to die. However, the grandfather Kylo idolized has other ideas, and hopes to save his Grandson from the darkness that consumed him so long ago.

When Kylo awakens again, he finds that his grandfather has given him a new outfit and both his Dark Side and Jedi Knight lightsabers. Not only that, but the Force Ghost of Kylo's revered grandfather has sent him to a strange world where humans such as himself co-existed among talking bipedal horses called Equestria. Anakin reveals that he'd been watching Ben for quite some time, and that although he appreciated being looked up to, going down the dark path would only weaken his power, not strengthen it as he desired, as would going down the light path. Rather, if he truly wished to be as strong, or even stronger than Darth Vader, he must embrace the perfect blend of good and evil within him and walk the line between good and evil, light and dark, and become a guardian of peace, of balance, known as a Gray Jedi. Becoming a guardian of Equestria alongside the world's heroes, the Elements of Harmony, Kylo begins to seek out others like him, and train them in the ways of both the Light and Dark Side of the Force. Skills they will need, for Starlight Glimmer's mucking around with time has caused tears and breaches in space-time, causing Sith from all over the ages to come pouring into Equestria. Can our gang of anti-heroes make it out of this mess in one piece?

Contains Ben Solo/Kylo Ren X Starlight Glimmer, Rainbow Dash X Soarin, and Sunset Shimmer X OC. Other pairings to be determined.

Chapters (1)

ow... that just happened, Hello I am Jenna or should I say Sal'Ador, I was a human but now I a DeathKnight Worgon has that has the abilities to copy powers and use those powers when even I want, and I have a lot of powers when I first got here... did I mention that I am in Equestria? yeah, I Bought a battle axe from some weird guy that looked like the merchant from Resident evil 4 and now I am in Equestria... if I wasn't trapped in stone almost immediately because I went insane with all the power that I got, now that I escaped and Sane, I want to tell you my story of crazy people and annoying royals... man do I love being a displaced from World of Warcraft

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Silga Singewald was having a nice day in Equstria until a half goblin woman drops by. Xanthippe Zax Fixxlegore thinks it's about time she had some dam fun. So she creates a portal into the EQG universe. But magic not being her strong suit she actually transports them to another dimension. Xanthippe and Silga have fun as they try and make their way back home. Warning: Strong Language(no sex just some mild gore and innuendos.)

The character on the left is Xanthippe and was drawn by Nightmare Darkness. And the character on the right is Silga and was drawn by Pripyat Pony. Background provided by Nightmare Darkness.

Chapters (2)

[Note: Heart of Worlds is not required reading for this story]

The multiverse, a big place with many versions of the stories we know and love. For every tale of Little Pip defeating Red Eye, there is a another where she is beaten. This is one of those stories, for you all know of the story of the Fall of Starfleet. Of how five mares banded together to free their world from tryanny.

But what if it was different?

What if, that story had an unexpected visitor, in the form of a woman in red and gold armor.

When Friendship's magic falls
And the lights begin to fade
The golden child of the birds
will come
War and Friendship will bond
and the lights will shine again

While there is sex here and there, it's mostly pg and happens off screen. Nothing more than you usually see on Mass Effect

Chapters (1)
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