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Several weeks after defeating the Pony of Shadows, Starswirl recieved a message from one he hasn't heard from in a long time. He took Twilight, his successor, and traveled to the city of Purrsepolis to meet Starswirls old friend. The Purrsian Emperor.

Chapters (1)

Queen Chrysalis has been known to be a tyrannical and manipulative queen; brain washing her subjects to the dictionary definition of a mindless drone. Although, not all changelings are just drones. The hive wouldn't be able to function if they ALL were foaming at the mouth savages. Most changelings are born looking the exact same, but the few born with hair, special marks, etc. are used for more important roles. One of these changelings is Lead Bread, one of the hive's teachers.

Lead Bread was pushed into education the moment he was the age of duty due to his unusual intelligence; being assigned to educate the younger grub to become "invaluable subjects to the hive". The role of an educator was a joke. All he did was brainwash the young into being subservient and mindless drones. Knowing fully well he was responsible for the destruction of the potential each and every changeling held, he began to question Chrysalis's methods. Chrysalis does not like when her subjects -- especially ones of some power -- question her methods. But The Black Rose does...

The Black Rose Emissary is a story taking place before, through, and after the changeling invasion on Canterlot. As this is my first story and I will most likely not have an editor, definitely expect some grammatical errors :twilightsheepish: .

Cover art done by myself.

Chapters (1)

Snow Flake was born and raised in stalliongrad, having lived there for his whole life, he loved his city and wished only the best for her. But one day, his love for his city was tested after war was declared upon his home. But fate had other plans. After a five year long siege, his city fell, and white peace would be declared one year later. With the war being over for a year and still being upset from the loss of his hometown, he decided that he will avenge her by hitting the enemy where it hurts most. Their leader.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Humanity? Sanity? Sorry, I Lost Those.

Pinkamena has returned from her three months of torture, thought to be dead and gone. But, she's returned, dark and corrupted. She's hiding things, became a different person. Her friends try to help, but they don't know the truth. This is her story, her pain, who she is, and what she's become.

Chapters (1)

I've had many names given to me; the Monster, Ruinator, War Mistress, and Death.

But I prefer to call myself Zerstörung, the Goddess of Havoc. I bring extinction, the apocalypse, and war.

But my reign over these things were brought to an end when I was encased in stone by King Sol and Queen Selene, whom declared my "acts of evil" were at an end.

But after a billion years, I've finally been freed from my eon long prison.

And I have a lot to do.

New story! (I should seriously stop making them and continue the ones I created already)

But whatever, criticism is, of course, welcomed.

Prologue is also required to to be read in order to understand this story.

Chapters (2)

The equestria region, a land full of harmony and peace that is ruled by Princess Celestia the Gardevoir. Everything was fine until one day a mysterious new Pokemon named Sonic appears. Wanting to find out more about him, Princess Celestia had her star pupil Twilight Sparkle the Kirlia, study him and possibly befriend him by sending them to pokeville, unaware she had them start in an unexpected adventure.

Chapters (1)

Twilight Sparkle has seen and been in all sorts of situations. But sometimes a situation's outcome is so important, that they may change you life.

Of course, these kind of situations aren't that rare for Twilight. In fact only one was had made her loose her footing. When she became an alicorn.

But now, a huge new change in her life is about to happen.

The story runs as if the finale of season seven (Shadow Play 1&2) don't exist.
Includes species change, bugs, awkward moments, egg laying.

Inspired by Change.

Chapters (2)

In this timeline, Tirek decided not to betray Discord. After the battle with Twilight Sparkle, Lord Tirek ascends to the throne and begins to rule Equestria with an iron fist. Little did the centaur know, however, that his kingdom was going to receive a certain visitor who had been banished by Discord 1000 years ago...

Chapters (1)

In an alternate universe where equestria and bikini bottom co exist, an evil army led by the storm king threatens to end the world. Now it’s up to spongebob, twilight sparkle, and their friends to go on a journey beyond equestria to save the world where they meet new friends and overcome challenges and learn even hope can be found in the most unlikely of hero’s

Chapters (9)

Hello Again! Here we are, the final part of the Burning Star Saga!

Before reading this, read my previous stories "Nightmare Ponyville" and "Dark Star of Shadows" first.



It's time to end this battle, Burning Star now faces a threat so great, it will not be stopped without the help of Twilight, her friends, and a few of Burning Star's old friends as well... and a foe from the movie as Well!

There will be action, adventure, and a interesting villain in the form of Queen Diamanda... who will stop at nothing until all of Equestria is underneath her frozen hoof!

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