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You met your girlfriend at school and you too have been together for months now, but however your girlfriend has left you to move back to her hometown.

A year later you decided that you would come visit her secretly during the summer break. Despite the trip takes days to get there and back and giving up your summer break and your best friend comes along with you, but is the trip really worth it or it was all for nothing? And was she truly the girlfriend you're looking for all is she was there all along.

Chapters (1)

Twilight Sparkle was born with a very strange disease, one that doctors were never able to cure. Though it has made her powerful it has also painted a target on her head that a certain alicorn cannot ignore. Though it seems as though destiny has given her the short end of the stick in this life in the next life things might just turn around for her.

(Second half of the story has been sweeped 2/3 times for grammer and spelling so some odd balls might remain but it should be good for the most part and will be cleaned up in the next 24 hours.)

*edit, Featured within the hour! I think I know which story will get it's full series but please do check out this story's sister story to get a complete understanding!

Chapters (1)

Twilight Sparkle has the knowledge of a unicorn five years her elder and the power of one as well. As such, Princess Celestia's eye is on the young unicorn to fulfill an ancient prophecy to save her sister. If her past doesn't catch up with her first and a certain demonic centaur doesn't make a surprise appearance several years too early.

*edit, woo featured! [img]http://i.imgur.com/WBspIv0.png[/img]

Chapters (1)

After being viciously attacked and left for dead in her home in Ponyville Twilight finds herself in an unfamiliar forest. And what's worse, the local wildlife aren't friendly.

Tags will be added and/or removed as the story develops
Gore tag to be safe

Chapters (1)

Cryptic Sapphire is a ruin explorer with a bit of an unfortunate fate, however, she has recovered much of what has been buried in the past and has progressed society as a whole along with many other ruin explorers. The most famous ruin explorer would obviously be Daring Do. In a journey, Cryptic suffers many minor injuries in which become scars. What do these scars mean in the long term for Cryptic Sapphire? What do these scars mean for Equestria as a whole?

Chapters (1)

Spike has always been a fan of the Elemental Heroes ever since they began protecting his home from certain threats. When he heard that they have an opening he jumped at the opportunity, especially with the rumors of three heroes are about to be chosen by the tree of harmony. Sadly Heroes rejected Spike's application into being one of them. Avian explained to Spike is that another group already chose him to be a member and that said group is more powerful than the Heroes. When it is revealed that it was Dark Magician and his followers he immediately refused but they were adamant saying that he was the one that wanted to be their chosen hero. Spike once again refused saying "I am not a magic user...you want Starlight Glimmer or Shining Armor not me" But one event caused him to change his mind and accept the role that Destiny gave him. He was not gonna like it at all

Chapters (1)


A new wing of Equestrias military, created shortly after the first space colony, Horizon. Many graduates of military school dream of joining their ranks and so does Shetland.

But faced with difficulties even acquiring the job in the first place, and faced with her mother's disapproval, can she really succeed to obtain her dream... and the dangers that come with it?

Chapters (1)

Balance.. harmony and chaos live in a constant balancing act with each other, keeping themselves in check, at least until Starlight tried to rewrite time... now the balance is gone, and the keepers of the balance are not happy... so they send one to correct the wrong, and do whatever it will take to do so...

Chapters (3)

Thirty moons have passed since Twilight lost contact with her Canterlot High friends. When the portal reopened she eagerly rushed to visit them.

But the world she found herself in is nothing like the one she remembered. Each day is a constant battle for survival against the elements, twisted wildlife and an ever present madness that claws at the minds of those who survive. Worse still, her friends are missing and Twilight's only way home is lost.

Left with only one choice Twilight must set forth into the ruins of the city and brave the worst it has to offer in order to save her friends and to find her way home.

But Fallen Canterlot has many secrets and her presence has not gone unnoticed.

Special thanks to Legofan and thatguyvex for their help and support.

Chapters (1)

Together with a ragtag party of assorted characters, Twilight and the Mane Six must stop the Dark Lord of the Sith from destroying not only Equestria, but also every other world. Thrust into situations they've never dealt with, the Elements of Harmony will need to learn what it takes to survive, the effects of betrayal, the results of violence, the allure of love, and the strength of family. Through all the hatred, tragedy, disgust and happiness they go through, one virtue always shines through...Friendship is Magic

Chapters (2)
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