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The ancient and powerful Accipion Empire has conquered every nation on Equus... except one. Despite their apparent weakness, the magic of friendship has protected ponies for many years. Emperor Gaius Renault thought his kind would rule forever, that they would have ample opportunity to conquer their ancient foe.

Nature had other ideas. Beneath their claws was a force of unimaginable power, a volcano whose eruption will devastate the empire and smother their crops for years afterward. Even his most optimistic advisors agree that there is only one choice: evacuation.

Equestria might be friendly, but they are no fools. They send a pony, Starlight Glimmer, to see that the terms of the evacuation are followed, and to help the griffins integrate during their time as refugees in Equestria. But blood runs thick, and old rivalries can't just be forgotten.

The longer Starlight Glimmer watches, the more she is convinced she is witnessing the end of both nations.

Updates Mondays (though it will update for the next three days as it has just launched)

This story was commissioned on my Patreon by Vilken666. Thank you so much for making this story possible!

Coverart but Zutcha, who maintains his perfect record. Prereading by Two Bit and Sparktail (sometimes).

Chapters (2)

A long time ago, longer than any of us can remember, a mare brought us in. We were lost, hopeless, confused. But this mare, Mother, the mare who brings us hope, love, and equality, gave us a new life.

One where, we are all equal. Nopony is higher than another. Nopony is better than another. We are all friends, we are family, sisters and brothers.

We are all friends and family.

My Teacher and friend, tells me I am 'different'. I am 'special'. As though she knows more about me than I do.

My Teacher is full of mysteries, she is not like the others. She must be what she calls, 'important'.

And, why is it, that I sometimes long for something other than equality, if something like that exists.

I wish I could be somewhere out of Her watching eye.

Chapters (1)

Twilight is reminded yet again how little she knows about dragons and it's up to her and her friends to figure out a way to help Spike. At least she has Ember as a friend to help her understand whats going on and guide her to a possible solution.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to A Boyfriend Without a Girlfriend

One afternoon, while making tea for herself, Twilight and Spike, Starlight discovers an unexpected fourth resident of the Friendship Castle. Somepony who, once discovered, leads to some rather embarrassing questions for Twilight.

Chapters (1)

Two people meet at a convention and end up in equestria as Gokai silver and Kurama the Nine Tailed fox with a new world all around will they survive or be destroied.

Chapters (1)

Starlight used to be a horrible pony. Enslaving an entire town as its dictator? Preventing the Sonic Rainboom from ever happening? Nearly destroying Equestria as we know it? Very few things come close. But there's one thing Starlight is certain of: she's still the same magically-gifted, intelligent pony, and she hasn't lost sight of herself in that regard.

So then why does Twilight believe that Starlight was acting irrationally up until the point of the latter's redemption? You may agree with that assessment, but not Starlight, she even takes offence to this kind of allegation. She wasn't somehow "less rational" when she was a villain. Right?

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to My Little Mages: The New World Map

It has been the better part of a year since Twilight et al faced Starlight, and while much has happened, it has been for the most part a peaceful year. However, after believing she sighted Starlight at a guest lecture she was presenting, Twilight is unsure if everything is as peaceful as she thought. Her fears are revealed to be well founded as she and Spike return to the Castle of Friendship to find Starlight at the Aura Map table. After casting a spell and discarding the scroll it was written on, Starlight vanishes in portal she evoked. And after Spike touched the scroll, Twilight and Spike are sent to day that Rainbow Dash preformed her first Sonic Rainboom, only to witness it being stopped.

Now flung into a preset drastically different from their time, Twilight and Spike must find away to set the time stream on it's proper course. But Starlight has not made it easy to counter this.

Can Twilight correct the course of history?
Can she save Mystica and the rest of the world from ruin?
Or will Starlight have her complete revenge on Twilight, no matter the cost?

A My Little Mages retelling of The Cutie Remarking
Cover art by Didj (go support his work)

Chapters (1)

Spike has always been very helpful to his friends, The mane six. But now that he is older and nearly stands as tall as his pony friends, they still consider him to be a baby dragon, and it begins to frustrate the young dragon. But during a visit to the Dragon Lands, Spike gets into a confrontation with his Dragon rival Garble which causes Twilight to interfere and make him feel that he can't take care of himself and that makes him even more angry and upset. But then during his birthday, he loses his temper showing his hidden dragon rage which scares all the other ponies including his friends. Then Spike decides to leave ponyville and go on a journey to find out who he truly is and what kind of power does he possess. But his friends discover that he has disappeared and they immediately go on a search party to look for him. But then they get overtaken by Garble and his group of thug dragons and captures them and overthrows Princess Ember. When Spike discovers what Garble has done with his friends, he knows what his true purpose is and what he must do.

Chapters (2)

What happens when two hungry unicorns enter the castle dining room at the same time? Magic Duel! (House rules.)

Two minifics combined for your pleasure.
It's Your Turn: Twilight Sparkle vs Starlight Glimmer
Reformed Evildoers Club: Starlight Glimmer vs Tempest Shadow (Movie Spoilers!)

It’s Your Turn was originally published in a Writeoff.me competition. Reformed Evildoers Club was written intentionally to be really short, for me to show contrition for all the novellas I’ve written when I really intended to write a short stor,and to provide enough verbiage so I could publish both together for you to read on FimFiction!

Chapters (2)

Bigger cover image!

When Equestria and the entire Universe is at risk of being erased from existence, Twilight Sparkle will have to go out and recruit ten members for a team to compete in the Tournament of Power for a chance to survive!

Chapters (2)
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