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After a spell misfires, Twilight and Big Macintosh find themselves trapped in a world like none they've ever seen before. Together, they will face adventure, hardship, loss and longing, as their shared experience brings them closer together.

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Princess Celestia is bored. Nopony loves her, everypony seems to have somepony else that really likes them but she doesn't. But she decides that if she is going to find true love, she had to go out and search for it! So, she gives the throne to Luna for the day and goes out to find her one true special somepony.

A story I wrote just because. Seriously, there is no purpose other than to maybe get my brain flowing so I could work on my story Broken Blossom. if you take any part of this seriously or say that I'm just trying to make a knockoff of Teh Spiderses, you have missed the point.

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Join Armada Hot Shot and Equestria's greatest jam warrior, Hugh Jelly, as they journey across space and maybe time in search of action, adventure, and jaAm! Recommended for Transformers fans, but anyone who appreciates Spiderses-style trollfics will likely get a kick out of these. Inspired by the original comic mutation written by Blueshift.

Full audiobook read by me!

Part 2 read by Bradel! He tried. :(

Hot Shot and Hugh Jelly in JaAm Adventures: Hot Shot is am was car robot form abd he lovs jAam so gont o Qeustira to met HUG JELY & haes jamventuar (Last place winner, September 2012 /fic/ writeoff and first story to claim the coveted Wooden Spoon award. :D)

Cool, You're Aftarburnr: Stramscrem libes awak ant nigt & thik ambot as cerptin Autunobotu. wat can hims dod??3? (Warning: unreadable. See author's notes for translation. Translation still as dumb as original. Contains no ponies.)

You's da jaAm Fours: avdenture ins cobtinue!!Hugh Jely must dedfeet giant evvil form spase with help of SPESHUL GESST HEROSE that are mabye from last storiy?

Tell Owl: Our Won: Its is nice day of day in Equestriville and ponies Hugh Jelly has a nice wife adn fambly living and they do stuff

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