Alicorns. Every pony in Equestria knows who they are, but when the alicorn of magic, Apophis goes missing, it's up to Celestia and Luna's cousin to find him. There are just two problems: One, he has no idea where Apophis is, and two, he's the alicorn of death. This will not end well.

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Fluttershy was getting ready for her annual Tuesday tea parties. While getting ready, a question slips into her mind. And it just so happens that the Lord Of Chaos was a part of it.

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Seeing potential in Tempest Shadow and Discord's budding friendship, Twilight Sparkle assigns them the task of helping the Storm King's old soldiers reintegrate into society. But the appearance of a vicious creature in one of their southern towns threatens to destroy their newfound freedom, and so far from Equestria, it's up to Tempest and Discord to defeat it.

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Happy was just living his everyday life at home when IT happened. He was terrified. Now, he has to experience what he never wanted to see.

You follow Happy Moon on his journey through the Equestrian Wasteland as he both new friends and new enemies.

Note 1: This . So I would love to know how I can make it better, but please do so politely. I recommend having at least basic knowledge of the plots of the game "Fallout 4" and the story "Fallout: Equestria" to properly enjoy this story. Enjoy!

"Fallout: Equestria" by Kkat: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/119190/fallout-equestria

"Fallout 4" on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/377160/Fallout_4/

Note 2: I'm dropping a few references here and there. See if you can find them all!

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Sun and her friends are trying to raise money to go to Camp Everfree for the summer, but come a cross with Falling Star's human counterpart with a hard friendship problem and trouble controlling her new magic. There's also strange force going on at CHS. Can Sun and her friends help with the trouble going on?

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When Twilight Sparkle had the magical surge that cemented her place as Celestia's student, the amount of power she released not only hatched a baby Dragon, it brought forth something else. Something that shouldn't exist any more.
Something that has Celestia worried.

A fluffy puppy.

[Despite the gore tag it's rather light on that, and they have yet to make a lewd tag and there's a bit of that.]

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A dragon. A draconequus. And a.......a dude.

The Mane Six and Starlight Glimmer have suddenly gone missing. As a matter of fact, all the ponies are starting to disappear.

With monsters wreaking havoc, criminals on the loose, and ponies disappearing, Equestria is in desperate need of heroes.

Spike, Big Mac, and Discord, all answered the call as they travel all over Equestria, fight monsters, send criminals to jail, to find their missing friends.

Thanks to Rated-Ponystar for helping me with this story.

Rated Romance for some Fluttercord moments on Discord's part. 12/21: Due to Fimfiction.net’s new coding, this story is no longer tagged in the romance genre.

Rated Drama for Discord's antic.

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Discord has been telling Rarity about the various adventures that her friends are supposed to be going on, in 'other worlds' no less, though she politely listens to them so she doesn't hurt Discord's feelings. She never once believed that he was telling the truth, not with how outlandish some of his tales had been, but her mind changes when Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer return from their own adventure with powers beyond anything she had ever heard of before. Before long she decides to investigate the mirror herself, where she steps into an unfamiliar world that is unlike anything she has seen before... only it is a world that terrifies her.

Rarity awakens in a place called 'Things Betwixt', a limbo between worlds, where she discovers that she's in an unfamiliar body and in an unfamiliar world with a different set of rules than what she is used to. Along the way she discovers that she has been cursed in some manner, making her one of the cursed undead that roam the new world she has discovered, and that there might be some small hope of reversing her condition. She also discovers an companion who wishes the same thing and decides that, by working together, the two of them can free themselves from their curse and return to their normal lives.

She and her companion must survive the dangers of the world she has found herself in, complete the most insane quest she has ever heard of, and hopefully cure themselves of their curse... and hopefully she can find a way back home once their quest is over.

(Dark Souls 2/MLP Crossover)
(Part of the Universe 13 story series, though reading the other stories is not required)

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Equestria is at war. The land is plagued by an unending horde of timberwolves that pour out of the Everfree Forest. Cities have fallen, and it seems everypony is powerless to end the slaughter. The call has gone out for all ponies to rise up to defend Equestria. Scootaloo was one of the first to enlist. Can the timberwolves be stopped through military force? By the time they are, will Equestria even be recognizable?

This story contains action, violence, and a strongly implied threat of rape.

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Lyra passes out on her way home one night, but when she wakes up she finds herself in a strange realm of fire, ash, and creatures that she could only refer to as demons. Before she meets what she assumes is her end, she is saved by a group of bipedal creatures that take her to their master, someone named Illidan Stormrage. There she learns what the bipedal creatures are preparing for and is offered a choice; either join them or return to her home.

The problem, she discovers, is that there is another displaced pony wandering the land of Azeroth; so she has to choose between a rock and a hard place. She only hopes that she doesn't regret her choice after making it.

(World of Warcraft; Legion crossover with MLP)
(Part of the Universe 13 story series, though reading the other stories is not required)

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