The Exmoori: a mythic race of ancient warrior ponies who, according to legend, once ruled Equestria not by use of magic but by unspeakable technological creations. All legitimate archaeologists, of course, are aware of the fact that the Exmoor ponies are nothing more than a hoax or fairy tale.

Other entities, however, believe they were very much real.

A pair of mysterious albino Pegasi arrive at the ancestral home of Doctor Caballeron, bringing with them images of a carving in the ancient language of the Exmoori- -and promising him riches beyond his wildest dreams if he can bring them the artifact it mentions.

Simultaneously, a young and discredited academic arrives in Southern Equestria, bearing an ill-gotten fragment of the same text. He presents it to none other than Daring Do, who sets out to prove his theories true- -and to recover an artifact of profound and unknowable danger.

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Welcome to a piece of existence in which a valiant knight rises from his imprisonment against the powers that be in order to bring about true freedom to a land of talking, singing, and dancing ponies!

Now with more Whedon in every bite.

My second attempt at a fic and something I actually intend to write. A Displaced story line with elements from Artix Entertainment, Joss Whedon's Angel, and Most importantly...MLP!! I own none of the aforementioned works of fiction. Please don't sue!!

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This story is a sequel to Welcome to Thestralia

Having left her childhood home of Australia Thestralia behind, Lyra (along with her mother, friend, and "father"), was determined to do her best at Princess Celestia's school.

This story will follow Lyra Heartstrings, Joyce Robertson, and Tufts "Tjinimin" as they journey to and live in Canterlot. They are bound to meet new friends along the way.

Story begins approximately seven years before the start of S1E1.

Art used (and cropped) with permission from Plainoasis.

Some keywords to help people find this: slice of life sol canterlot school bat pony flying fox comedy monty python jokes

All my work is released under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND

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Viper pit is a Scorpony a tiny quadruped earth pony with a scorpion tail.(drapion to be more accurately) and she has reached the age where she will leave her pack and go to make a new one. On her journey she will make friends foalnap potential mates and so much more.

Cover art by moonlightmare 10/10 would recommend

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Hi, you can call me Zidane, you know the main character of Final Fantasy 9, anyway I was not always Zidane...you all heard the story's of a guy buying something from a vender, but that did not happaned to me. Oh no! I had to have the bright idea to do what Zidane does best and stole it from him and now I am here on Equis with a real working tail and little to no idea of my past beyond what happened.

Don't hate me, I am just testing the water with this. MLPxFinal Fantasy Dissidia
Edited by Azure5555'
Hit Popular Story's on 08/22/16- On the first day published

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Based on the upcoming DeviantArt comic series, EntiQuest.

"...what holds us back isn't our restraints--but us.."
Equestria has fallen, leaving it's citizens fighting for their lives, and Twilight Sparkle both mentally and physically scarred. The world must have ended, she'd thought.
But after teaming up with an old foe and a familiar face, perhaps there can always still be hope?

I don't own Danny Phantom, My Little Pony, Gravity Falls, or any of the video game and/or cartoon characters or references in this fanfic or comic-- only the ocs.

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Sometimes we commit mistakes and, as they say, the best thing you can do is to learn from them. Sometimes, those same mistakes can change your life, too.
Twilight Sparkle will realize this when, after a series of unfortunate events, she ends up trapped on the other side of the mirror.

Original work in Spanish here
Proofreaded by Jay Tarrant
Cover art by Weiliy

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This story is a sequel to The Moon and her Star

Twilight and her mother, Luna, return from the moon a year early and though Celestia is suspicious at first she eventually welcomes her sister back and her new niece with open hooves. However, not everyone is so welcoming. Twilight and Luna's relationship is tested time and time again as disaster after disaster stricks Equestria. Will their bond be able to survive, or will it shatter like glass?

Art by littlewashu45

Edit: Made #1 featured on 7/24/18

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This story is a sequel to Blood in the sand

A few weeks after the events of Blood in the Sand, Dinky enjoys every minute with the Eternal Knights. But Earth has another adventure for her. In a world unfamiliar to her. An Earth changed. A new adventure.

An alien threat unites the world and something unnatural seeks after the little newcomer.

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