Twilight Sparkle was really hoping for a normal day without any kind of deadly threats. Then a 100-foot-tall, seemingly emotionless human cowboy doll claiming to be from a famous animated movie shows up, attacking the town and demanding taxes. Which isn’t normal.

Warning: This story contains nonsense. Also, it takes place between Season 7 and Season 8.

Cover art by my best friend who also pre-read it.

Inspired by a gmod role play by Mr. Gibbs and Brock.

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This story is a sequel to The Magic Inside

Camp Everfree is here, and a certain couple couldn't be more excited.

Coppermane was thrilled to attend camp with all his friends, but mostly to spend time with his princess in a different setting. Fluttershy couldn't wait to be out in nature with her prince, and show him the true beauty of the world around them.

But when the magic around them starts to get out of control, Fluttershy and Coppermane may encounter their biggest relationship obstacle yet.

Sex tag is for some suggestive content at the end.

Coppermane & Fluttershy Series: 5.0

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Long ago far off in the heavens there was a distant planet called Kolton. Home to a race of Equine like beings whose prowess in science and technology allowed them to create an advanced civilization such as no pony had seen before or since.

When a series of violent tremors and eruptions heralded the planet's doom one couple placed their young foal in a rocket and launched him into space toward a far distant planet whose yellow sun would give him powers and abilities beyond those of any stallion or mare.

Faster than a Sonic Rainboom! More Powerful than an Ursa Major! Able to leap tall mountain peaks in a single bound! The Colt of Steel from the planet Kolton, Comet!

This story is based on the Adventures of Superman and Comet the Superhorse. Both are registered trademarks of DC comics.

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"Have you heard the latest news? They say, captain Cebrastian is heading to Hoofre! He has some... business here!"
A straw-colored earth-pony colt raised his ears and listened carefully. His monotonous life of a fishing earth-pony was so dull, that he was ready to escape with anypony, even be it a Zebrican pirate. Tales about captain Cebrastian and his daring zebras were fantastic and it sounded too good to be true that this great pirate did an honor to plain port of Hoofre and decided to pay them a visit...

Translation from the Russian language. Made by author.
So, the author is Russian, any comments and help is appreciated.

Chapters (3)

This story is a sequel to EoH Evolution: Recovery

For every battle the Elements of Heroism have found themselves in, they have always come out of it stronger. Some of them ascending into godhood. However, a new enemy is approaching. One that has been waiting ever since the death of Shining Dawn at the hands of Burst Stream, and one that wishes to capitalize on the recent loss of him. Long has he waited for his chance, and now he is the only son of Aether. And he will now bring about "justice".

Chapters (28)

Canterlot High School is having a talent show, and the Rainbooms are eager to join in. However, things get complicated when the human world version of Sunset Shimmer suddenly makes an appearance. After much confusion and several mix-ups, she finally meets her counterpart and her friends. Unlike her counterpart, however, she's shy and reserved. The girls try to befriend her, but this Sunset doesn't seem to be too interested in friendship. She is, however, very interested in the rumors of magic surrounding Canterlot High, and seems to be hiding something magic related herself. And when magical mishaps begin to occur, the Equestria Girls begin to suspect that this new Sunset may be behind them. Is it possible that she's evil and power hungry the way her counterpart once was, or is there something else at work?

Chapters (10)

Holy mother of Luna this got Featured! 12/9 and 12/23 of 2018 and now on my birthday on 1/2 of 2019!! That is so amazing, thank you all so much!!

Source Code Identified......
Playback Audio Feed......Operation: World Jump 2463197......Subsection; Mission Parameters......

.........Um, hello, my name is Doctor Daniel Phillips, and I am the lead scientist overseeing the Gateway Project, one of the most cutting-edge technologies in existence today. With it, we can open wormholes to worlds far beyond the reach of conventional space travel, and even into other dimensions if we can work out the right frequency. As of late we have discovered over a dozen habitable worlds that have been slated for colonization, but as of yet no signs of intelligent life. Yet I hold out hope that one day we might find such a world, however remote, and put our best foot forward in opening relations with our new galactic neighbors. Yet not all of the planets we find are poppies and roses, so instead of sending in humans to explore them, we have these little babies.

Oh, right, you can't see me because this is an audio-only feed. My mistake. Well, I guess I'll just have to explain it to you. These cybernetic wolves, known in our group as the Mech Hounds, are outfitted with the most advanced computers in the world, along with some of the most cutting-edge robotics and weapons money can buy. Now right at the moment we only have a dozen of these little critters, but don't let that fool you. Each of these little babies carries enough firepower to level a small town, although it would take them a couple days to do so if they were working alone. They also have the programing to work out almost any situation in a matter of seconds, although they still have many of the logic problems that most computers face when confronted with something that does not fit within the established parameters of their programming. Yet, regardless of their possible shortcomings, they do the heavy lifting upon initial exploration where humans cannot, dealing with threats as they see fit in order to assess the habitability of a planet for human use. I could tell you more, but that would be breaking protocol.

So, without further ado, I'll turn you over to our logistics specialist, who will be happy to tell you all about how these little babies are going to change the world, or rather, worlds, that humanity has come to call home.................

End Audio Recording........

This is a story that delves into the boundary between life and machine, where AI is something that has only been dreamed of, even with the most advanced computers available. Then again, these machines have never encountered magic before, so who knows what might happen. I guess you'll just have to read the book to find out for yourself.

Chapters (20)

A Teenager wonders why he even continues on with life. Everyone he once knew hates him, only because he likes My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Both day in and day out he was lashed verbally and physically by those he once trusted.

My Little Pony helped him through those hard times. But it could never repair the trust issues he had. Even if it was with someone... or something he knew the true nature of.

But one day at a convention, everything changed. Maybe for the better. Maybe...

He can't remember his name, can't remember certain events, and only knows three nicknames that fit him the most. Each with different meaning.

"The Defender", "The Wanderer", and " The Deceiver"

But only few know what he prefers to go by, "The Courier"

Chapters (4)

While knocking back some drinks at his favourite club, Thunderhoof, an Equestrian Army veteran, sees a graceful cellist on the scene: Octavia. He instantly falls prey to her... Amazing grace. He is about to discover that Octavia is hiding dark secrets, and she is about to discover that Thundehoof is trying to hide some equally dark, if not darker secrets.

Thanks once again to my friend Antiquarian, whose story inspired mine, and also its proofreader.

Edit: As of 24/05/2019, Antiquarian is no longer proofreading this story.

Edit 2: As of 02/06/2019, Book_wyrm is proofreading this story.

Chapters (12)

Upon finding a cradle on her doorstep Then-Teacher Miss Celestia decides to see if anyone in the City of Canterlot has abandoned the child. When no one claims it for the month that she had promised to her sister the two of them choose to raise the child on their own, not knowing that said infant isn't from their world.

Without a name that they can understand, Celestia chooses to call the child Solaris and raise him to be a fine scholar, but Solaris' nature comes into conflict with how he is raised and this causes issues for the new family. Will they be able to fix these issues by the time he reaches adulthood, or will Solaris become just another thug in the alleys of Canterlot City?

Chapters (13)
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