After being hospitalised and put into a coma after suffering severe injuries, Pinkie Pie has been showing no signs of waking up. Fire Rain, feeling lost without her best friend to keep her company, decides to stay with her, and she reminisces about all of the good memories she's shared with Pinkie. She has no clue if she can hear her, but she hopes there's some part of her subconscious that hears her voice and pulls her out of her coma.

Chapters (1)

Aria Blaze, a new student of CHS was having troubles on the first day because it's the first time in her life that she will not be with her friends from Everton University. She had bumped into someone by accident and help the person to gather their things, their hands touched in the middle as both of them were about to grab the paper. The person she had bumped to is one of the popular girls in the school, Fluttershy. Aria learned that Fluttershy is the captain of the volleyball team (inspired by one of the scenes in do it for the ponygram) She decided to become a cheerleader so that she could show her support to her crush.

Special thanks to my buddy DavisSentoV5 for collaborating with me so that we can bring this story to FIMfiction!

Chapters (1)

For nearly as long as he can remember, Golden Delicious has been very selfless, helping others whenever they needed it. He's never wanted to bother then with any of his problems.
That, of course, causes its own problems. And one day it all comes to a head when it all just becomes a little bit too much.

The Kilalaverse, and all characters and setpeices original to it belong solely to Kilala/Kinana Mai

Chapters (3)

It's okay if you don't know Dragalia Lost. This story introduces this franchise. Go ahead and give it a read! :pinkiehappy:

It was always clear that the human dimension of Equestria was very distinct to its pony dimension. There was not a lot of magic energy save for a few places, infrastructures are different, and, well... It doesn't seem so magical...

Until they spotted a former enemy. Giving chase, Rarity, Sweetie Belle, Big McIntosh, and Flash Sentry got lost in a forest, leading them to a mysterious castle that can't be seen by any human means and inhabited by a Mysterious Owner! The girls and guys are about to learn a long-forgotten history... An era where Dragons co-existed with Humans!

A Crossover between Equestria Girls and Dragalia Lost.
Copyrights and credit go to Hasbro, Nintendo and Cygames respectively.

Chapters (9)

Even the tiniest change can alter the future in ways you can't imagine.

The battle with Lord Tirek did not end the way it was supposed to. The centaur was still sent back to Tartarus as he should have been and Equestria and all of its' ponies were saved, but thanks to one final act of defiance, Twilight vanished without a trace not long afterwards.

One month after her disappearance, Twilight has returned to Equestria, but not in a state anypony was expecting her to. Now they're all filled with questions about what has happened to her, but what tale does she have to share with them? What is she willing and unwilling to tell them?

Can a battered phoenix still rise from the ashes?

Chapters (32)

This story is a sequel to Six Friends, One Lemon

Sunset and Lemon have a nice date in the park, except it's overshadowed by one huge problem. Sunset is planning to return to Equestria and regretfully has to break up with her girlfriend. Lemon is aware of that, but is there a way to save their relationship or is it about to find its end?

My entry for the third Sunset Shipping Contest: Endings.
Not to mention the finale of the SSC-LemonShimmer-trilogy. And potentially the only SSC-trilogy.

Many thanks to DrakeyC for pre-reading.

9/12/19: SFW-Feature Box!

Chapters (2)

First things first, I don't own My Little Pony, assassin's Creed, Fallout, or the elder scrolls, or any other IP's I might reference.

This is the first fanfic I've ever written, as a matter of fact, it's my first story in any way, so criticise to your heart's content, tell me how to improve.

This is the map of Ponyville I'll use in the story

EDIT: I am in imbecile and forgot to put THIS here (It's the timeline I'll be basing my chapters of, might not follow to the letter though)

After a freak midair accident, a lone brony finds himself in Equestria with a pip-boy and new found knowledge about parkour. But he wasn't the only one to go through. How will they deal with the shock, and most importantly, how will they deal with the change of their new powers.

Edit: had to add the little red tag of suicide just in case because of a reference in chap. 15. I just want to be careful

Chapters (22)

This story is a sequel to The Cake Twins and a Baby Pie

Princess Celestia and Luna were turned to foals after Twilight made a deal with Discord. Now she has to watch the two rambunctious foals for a month while trying to also keep their insanse magic from destroying Canterlot! All the while Discord secretly records the entire ordeal for a very special somepony...

Editor: Superpinkbrony12

Cover Artist: Skitter Celestia,Luna

Chapters (2)

In the distant future of Age 780, the Earth is in an era of darkness.

Two cyborgs, known as Androids #17 and #18 were wrecking havoc upon humanity.

All of Earth's mightiest heroes attempted to defeat these monsters, and utterly failed.

But what if... What if Gohan managed to do it? What if he gained the strength to defeat Androids #17 and #18?

What if he also did the thing we screamed at the TV for him to do with Trunks?

What if he actually tried to achieve his life goal of becoming a scholar...?

(On a related note, You're all wondering... Why the future? Isn't that Trunks you cheeky bastard?...You'll see.)

Inspired by these two gems of music.



Chapters (39)

This story is a sequel to XCOM: Ranger

With the fate of her friends on Earth hanging in the balance, Twilight has to hunt myths to figure out a way to cure Sunset and save Templar Laetitia.

Taking Daring Do as her guide—and accompanied by a ragtag team of griffons, a Skirmisher-turned-breezie, and Rainbow Dash—Twilight must travel across the lands at war with the Storm King, to reach Ancient Fleece, find a lost city, and obtain the legendary sword of King Disc Ovis: The Algae Photis.

Cover art created for this story by the talented: LateCustomer

Before you read: This is a side-story to XCOM: Ranger.

I will provide all possible information needed for those that do not have the time—or inclination—to read the other story to still be able understand this one. It's a LOT of info, however, and I'm not just going to dump it all in one go. The backstory will emerge as the story progresses.

Chapters (15)
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