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Octavia and Vinyl Scratch couldn't be happier together, but the cellist's friends can't seem to see why. When Octavia has an important meeting, will the mare that's stolen her heart seal the deal for better, or for worse?

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Being the ever-helpful assistant that he is, Spike has made reservations at the Far-Afield Tavern for himself and his friends. Unbeknownst to him, however, fate had other ideas. So while Rarity is busy turning her hotel room into a sweatshop, Spike is sitting around in the tavern wondering where everypony is.

It eventually gets to the point when the restaurant cannot hold onto his reservations anymore. But just when he's about to head back to the hotel and write this off as a crummy day, he receives an invitation to join some famous ponies for dinner. Even more bizarre, the pony extending this invitation is someone he hasn't spoken to in ages (in fact, they barely talked at all). Normally, he'd be skeptical about this, but after a long day of hauling luggage and chasing birds, he figures it's best not to look this gift horse in the mouth. After all, business partners can be friends too, right? Right.

Inspired in part by xjuggernaughtx's fantastic fic, The Carrot Dog Fight.

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Once every couple of months Applejack takes a week away from the farm to deliver a large order of apples to Manehatten.

Coincidentally, Rarity is in Manehatten at the same time, showing off her new range of fashion accessories as part of Hoity Toities new summer line. At the opening night party she notices a very familiar looking pony among the crowd.
Could it really be Applejack? The Applejack who is so against "All that frilly froo froo stuff!"
Rarity is determined to find out.

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Beauty really is only skin deep in the world of fashion. One of Photo Finish's models goes missing. It's up to Private to find her and bring her home. But many obstacles are in Private's path, cunning deals, blackmail, and even a broken heart are all present here. Rarity is at Private's side in the hopes of solving this case...but something seems to be plauguing the Fashionata's mind...will Private be able to solve the case and find out the truth before somepony gets caught in this conspiracy?

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Normally, Rainbow Dash doesn’t care for entertaining uptight snobs whose only concerns are about themselves and the latest fashion-but, when Rarity promises the possibility of Wonderbolts tickets, all of that is liable to change.

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Hoity Toity is a stallion of few words, save for those that he uses to criticize his workers with. He designs custom outfits for his models, keeps a trained eye on them and holds his emotions rightfully hidden. He's seen his fair share of beauty, of stallions and mares constantly competing to strive to the limit of their pretty looks and youthful faces. Control is key if he wants to thrive in the business that he's ensnared in. "Never fall for the models that you design for", as the saying goes. It's his mantra, the only philosophy that keeps his lonely heart far away from his work.

((M/M Shipping
Edited by Bronymaster))

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Ah, Nightmare Night. A holiday where happy little foals get to dress up as pirates and witches and whatever else tickles their fancy while roaming around getting delectable candies. The kids have fun, the adults think it's cute.

Yet under the giggles and playful cries... there are screams. The stories told to amuse the kids aren't all made up, the monsters they pretend to be don't live only in the imagination, and not everyone is out for the same kind of 'fun.' Dark things creep in Equestria's unnoticed corners, and Nightmare Night is their time to play. Tonight we shall watch them at their games. These are the tales of Nightmare Night that parents don't share with their children.

A compendium of creepypasta stories. The collection will grow every October... or whenever I get some dark inspiration. For this year, entries will be added every Friday until Halloween.

A big thanks goes to Cerulean Voice for taking time out of his busy schedule to edit Wonderful, Aurora and Sweet to Eat, and to RainbowBob for pre-reading.

A huge and happy 'thank you' also to Kvernikovskiy, originator of Researcher Twilight, for the commissioned cover art.

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A story I wrote way back over the summer, slightly revised and brought over to Fimfiction. The basic idea was to take that moment in Suited For Success where Spike bursts in and says he convinced Hoity Toity to come see Rarity's show and expand upon it, exploring the implication that everyone's favorite baby dragon is a highly effective networker who's built up such a wide web of friends and acquaintances throughout Canterlot that he has enough clout to drag a big-shot fashion designer to a goofy little just-for-fun fashion show in the middle of nowhere. However, I found myself enjoying the characters and setting enough that it ended up being the start of a little fanon side-continuity I've taken to writing in, one where the action focuses on Canterlot and musicians have the spotlight.

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Spoilers in comments!

Rarity wasn't so sure of her life walking into this little night club on the East Side of Canterlot. But one stallion changes her unstable composure into one of pure desperation. Will she do anything, to achieve that long sought after dream of being the most respected and known designer in this bustling city?

This started off as a quick "one-shot" story one night while I was drinking some Fat Tire.
Now featured on Equestriadaily.com on 03/29/2013
Reviewed by The Equestrian Critics Society. Score: 10/10?

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Written as my response to the SALT prompt of the same name, it follows our now officially named friend on his journey to claim the throne. How wonderful~

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