Far, far away from the Equiss system, the queen of blades is readying the launch of her newest weapon. A ship designed to infest an entire planet in secret, readying it for the eventual zerg invasion and softening up even the hardest target, Korhal. Unfortunately for the queen of blades, the untested zerg biotechnology is more difficult to master then she thought and the infestation ship vanishes after launch.

Untold eons later Twilight Sparkle is preparing for her entrance exam for Celestia's school for gifted unicorns only to stop when she sees a star fall into her new treehouse. The young pony sets out in the middle of a storm, intent on seeing this fallen star for herself.

What she finds inside will change not only her destiny but the destiny of all on Equiss prime.

Make sure to check out the sister story to this one.
Trigger warning, parasites. Starcraft Crossover!
Updates twice a month!
The story so far!

Chapters (41)

The School of Friendship has new Teacher Assistants!

The Cutie Mark Crusaders have been welcomed into staff on a probationary basis in order to assist their sisters (and Rainbow Dash) with their classes. Today just happens to be the day for the School Trip to Canterlot Castle for a certain group.

When things go wrong and our characters are flung into the Void and come out in one of many worlds at war, what kind of challenges will they have to face? And if they survive... what will they bring back with them to Equestria?

Many thanks to Petrichord and GapJaxie for their feedback and assistance.

Chapters (14)

A woman named Marsara Semmeture goes to a store to get the final piece of her costume but gets sent to Equestria as a Zerg Broodmother.

I have been meaning to make this for a while now, and Bronyparasite got me to start making it as well as helping me by editing, so thanks a lot!

Unofficial tags: Displaced, StarCraft II spoilers.

Status: Undergoing massive editing.

Chapters (7)

After 522's death,Stedson Cog realizes how attached to the clones he really was. He no longer saw them as clones but as his own children. How far will he go as he prepares them for their future as soldiers.

This story is a side story to Born of Sin which was written by Unholyheaven

To understand this story,you have to first read The Koprulu Sector and Born of Sin.

Request to readers,this is my first pony story so please point out any mistakes I make. This goes doubly so for Starcraft fans.

Cover Art made by Rametep, check out his stuff here

Chapters (7)

An United Earth Directorate Viking pilot from Earth gets into a freak accident with his best friend the night of his friends funeral, he finds himself in a brand new world with and plenty of surprises and challenges.

This fic is undergoing a massive edit to take out some of the cringe, and to right this wonky universe I created. I apologize if some of you disagree with this decision, but it's been years since I started writing this and I'm just not happy with it. I do hope you all give the edit a chance, at the very least it means this fic will be getting new chapters 😃

Chapters (11)

A Knight Crusader from the Umojan Vatican answers the call to arms and leaves his homeworld to fight in the Vatican's ongoing crusade against the Khalai heretics. Before he left, his wife made him promise to return to her no matter what.

He did return... just not the way he had expected...

Side story to The Koprulu Sector which is a crossover with Starcraft. Feel free to read the lore to get a better understanding of the story.

Chapters (4)

Master Sargent Hammer has just arrived in Ponyville. Unfortunately for James it's his day off and all he wanted to do was spend time with his wife and daughter and he has to deal with her. Luckly two unlikely ponies from town find them and one takes great interest in Hammer and her tank.

Warning there is cursing in this story if you don't like then then don't read it

Hello everyone hee's my third entry into the Nexus-Verse and I have to say this one gave me the most trouble. Tracer's flowed like water, Malfurion's almost lost the forest's trail but managed to find it again quickly, but this one almost broke down and needed to be scraped! Well at least I managed to pull it together in the end. Please let me know what you think of it and like always. I hope you enjoy the story!

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Sweetie Drops was a former agent of the former Equestrian intelligence agency known as S.M.I.L.E. After the agency was destroyed and its agents murdered by their benefactor, Prince Blueblood, Sweetie went into hiding under the alias of Bon Bon, Ponyville's local candy maker.

Blueblood publicly denounced the agents as rebels against the princesses in a political move to advance his position among the nobility while the public was made to believe the lies made to tarnish the fallen agents' reputations.

Years after the incident, Sweetie could not forget the atrocities that Blueblood had committed and she felt an increasing desire to avenge her comrades.

Discord gives her that chance.

In exchange for participating in eight years of galactic wars, Sweetie will gain the means necessary to right the wrongs that Blueblood has committed.

Lyra will be there to support her every step of the way.

This story will cover Starcraft 1, Brood War, and all 3 campaigns of 2.

Chapters (116)

Tomorrow's the end of the world, and what do I do? Play some Starcraft cause I've got nothing better to do. Little did I know that someone had an idea to give me a new life.
"What are you doing Tanya?"
Writing in my journal Zagara, nothing special. So yeah...with a new friend we both happened to not only be sent to a new world but also with...certain new things.

So watch as I go from avid Starcraft 2 player to an actual leader as I go around and save the universe with help.

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to The Horrors Of War

Number of humans in Equestria: 6,124,923

Casualty rate due to Shadow threat: 14.85%

Threat of extinction: 87.93% and Rising

Chapters (9)
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