Somewhere in the deep, dark foundations of the Crystal Castle, Princess Cadance finds herself a perfect mother.

First place winner of the August 2018 MLP Writeoff event, "All The Time in the World," in its original draft. This version tweaks and expands the closer.

Now with a Spanish version by the gracious Spaniard-Kiwi!

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In the far-off Frozen North, a mysterious, long-lost empire reasserts its hold over Equestrian magic. Tasked with securing it for the betterment of Equestria, Princess Cadance will be forced to overcome not one, but two of its overthrown monarchs.

Part of FanOfMostEverything's Imposing Sovereigns II contest. Set immediately prior to Season 3, no relationships to any previous Cadance tale outside the show / comic / chapterbook canon. Special thanks to horizon and my beloved spouse for their pre-reading help.

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Sombra and Radiant Hope ventured through every crevice of Equestria to gather the missing pieces of Princess Amore. One day, Sombra discovered the final piece and the return of their loving Princess was nigh.

But what waits for Amore in a world that no longer feels like her own. What purpose could she serve when all of it has been relinquished? And what could she possibly do when she does not understand who exactly she is?

Progress: 02/20

Next: Chapter 3, The Royal

Art Cover commissioned by Doodle-Mark

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This story is a sequel to Meet The Sparkles

Twilight and her Advanced Projects team face Discord. And he may have finally met his match. Yet the Lord of Chaos has an ace to play: he knows Twilight's new friends better than they realize. And also how to get rid of them... by showing her it's for the best, really...

For more of this series, see: Who Needs Enemies -- Part II

And also check out the entire series, beginning with Not Exactly Friends.

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This story is a sequel to MLDC Origins: The Guardian of The Green

"I was once the greatest of knights in the kingdom, I served our Queen Amore faithfully and without question. I had the love of a woman, who was my friend through childhood. I also had the privilege to learn of magic under the great Starswirl. However, I destroyed all of it, in succumbing to the darkness, used as a weapon to hurt those I loved!"

"As punishment, I was cursed, to forever live, and to forever be bound to a demon...this is how it all began."

"Gone, gone, the form of man...! Arise the demon, Etrigan!

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In its earliest years, the Crystal Empire was no stranger to threats. Chief among these was the umbrum, a race of ancient shadow-beasts that stalked the arctic wastes. Seemingly born of pure malice, they took great pleasure in tormenting the crystal ponies—destroying their homes and breaking their spirits for fun. And as the Empire grew in both size and prominence, these attacks only became more abundant.

Princess Amore did everything in her power to keep the umbrum at bay. And by using her magic in combination with the Crystal Heart, she was largely successful. But against such overwhelming and unrelenting darkness, even she was pushed to her limits. And the umbrum were growing more cunning by the day. Eventually, something had to give.

Now faced with the darkest days the Crystal Empire has yet seen, Princess Amore will be put to the ultimate test. Against a hatred as old as the wind, can the love of a single pony really make a difference?

Written for FanOfMostEverything's contest: Imposing Sovereigns II. My chosen prompt was "Princess Amore/War."

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This is an Interquel of both Seven Days in Sunny June Books IV and I
STRONGLY recommend this should be skipped until you read Chapter 19 of 7DSJ Book IV.

Back home in Arkansas for Spring Break, for once Pinkie's happy to leave Canterlot behind, especially in light of the recent events.

But sometimes you can't escape truth.

And worse, sometimes it comes after you.

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Many years after the fall of the Equus Empire, the Virtue of Hope has helped to establish the Crystal Empire. It is a city she protects with all her power, and with all her love.

One night as she sits in the company Amore, the pony who will one day succeed her as Queen of the Crystal Empire, she is asked by the young unicorn about their shared heritage. Amore, like Hope, had once lived behind the hallowed and shining walls of Roan. Hope, though saddened by the prospect of recalling the city she once ruled over, tells Amore of their homeland.

And of its fall.


A back-story and world building story for the Equus Empire that Witching Hour and myself are slowly building up.

Amore belongs to Hasbro.

Hope, Strength, Life, Compassion, Love are creations of myself and Witching Hour, as are the Alicorn Shiro and the Drake Jinsong, the Construct Doctor, and the City of Roan.

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Sombra, Prince of the Crystal Empire and the adoptive son of Queen Amore, returns home after a long and hard fought war against the ancient Black Dragons and is eager to continue the budding romance that has started to flower between him and the radiant Princess Celestia of the southern kingdom of Equestria.

However, when he returns home he is swept up by a prophecy given to him by the Crystal Heart. A prophecy that foretells the doom of all he loves at the hooves of the Umbra. And so Sombra sets off once more into the wastes to confront this foe, determined to save his Empire and the mare he loves before it's too late.

Little does he know, he's playing right into fate's hooves.

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This story is about two different creatures of two different kingdoms.
There is a kingdom were it only rains day and night. The king of this land is a creature of Pure chaos. He only know's darkness and sadness his whole life, until he meets a beautiful pegasus mare with a yellow buttercream coat and a pink mane. She was the fourth princess of a kingdom were the sun always shines bright and happy. In this kingdom only the Royal family had the power to control the sun with their voices. Fluttershy was meant to be the rain kings bride. Can two people who are so different in their own way love each other ?

I got the idea from Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii ( anime ).
The credit for the cover goes to C-puff.
This is the first time im writing a story so please if you see any mistakes please tell me.

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