The mind is an odd thing, sometimes capable of changing a person's entire worldview with the shift of only a few key details. However, sometimes these shifts are far more widespread than they should be.

Celestia has noticed such a thing, and she is slightly worried. Thankfully, she has no shortage of old friends, and one of them offers a possible solution to her problems.

She's just left wondering one thing:

Who exactly are these "Phantom Thieves"?

Contains spoilers for Persona 5

Chapters (11)

I wanted a normal day of having fun at a con. Obviously that's not gonna happen. So now i'm stuck in Equestria as a custom-typed Absol. This can only go well.

My own take on the whole Displaced whatever the hell. Tempted to open up for crossovers, but not guaranteed.

Edit: tweaking the tags slightly to better envelope what this story will become.

Also, somepony mentioned something about pairings. If you REALLY want to know in advance, let me know and I'll just PM you, not sticking it on the front page cause why spoil?

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Idea by Haseo55.

After trying to stop a man forcing himself on a woman, the police arrived at the worst possible time and arrested you instead of the real crook. Now you have a criminal record and got expelled from your school because of it, your parents shipped you off to Canterlot to live with a family friend and attend the only school that will accept you: Crystal Prep Academy. Once you arrived, you learned the only reason their principal, Abacus Cinch, accepted you was to reform you and reintegrate you as a member of society, something that Canterlot High didn't do.

But as your first day began, strange things started occurring; psychotic breakdowns, mental shutdowns, and a disturbing new world that has a link to it all. Soon you and your new friends at CPA will discover that you all have the power to stop this madness and solve the mystery of who's behind it all.

The power of Persona.

Author's Notes:
Tags will be updated as the story continues.

The original idea is from Haseo55 after reading a forum post on Persona: The Group.

EDIT: New cover art provided by TheLannistersBanjoBard.

Chapters (4)

They never met in real life. Yes, they chatted online, but meeting... it was almost a pipe dream.

Someone took exception to that line of thinking.

However, some wires got crossed. Now they're both in a very different version of Equestria. An Equestria where the mares regularly go after the few males that aren't already in a herd.

In a world that runs on Visual Novel and Anime tropes, with power fantasies and destinies forced upon them, how will the transformed couple forge their own path to live as they see fit?

A collab between Sanguine Dream and Dragonfire2lm. This is our take on a RGRE fic. It's going to be different than the standard. More chapters will be posted when we can work on them together.

Chapters and/or Shorts will be posted on Monday. Shorts can also be posted at random whenever.

Additional tags: Romance

Sex for sexual themes/talk/jokes. Profanity for the obvious.

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Persona 5 / MLP Crossover.

Her Majesty Princess Celestia, the Prideful self-styled Goddess of the Sun and mother of all sins who crossed the thin line between righteousness and self-righteousness.

You are the ruler who hides her hunger for power behind lies and facetious benevolence while condemning an entire race to extinction.

We have decided to make you confess all your crimes with your own mouth.

We will take your distorted desires without fail.


The Phantom Thieves of Hearts.

When a huge chunk of Equestria appeared floating above Japan surrounded by a bright golden barrier, everybody panicked until Celestia appeared before them with promises of friendship and peace…

But then things changed.

The Barrier soon started growing, engulfing everything on its path and killing every human it touched while leaving behind everything else, albeit “Purified”.

Even Celestia changed, and what once were promises of camaraderie and brotherhood, became veiled threats:

“The Barrier cannot be stopped, we are sorry.”

“We cannot control it, but you can still be saved! Convert! Become a pony! Become one of us and the Barrier and the Magic of Equestria will no longer hurt you!”

But while some believed the words of this gentle mare, others felt mistrust and fought back, turning the offer of Conversion into an obligation:

Convert or Die.

All while still begging Humans to accept, even when Conversion showed dire downsides to the humans undergoing it.

But there is no longer time, if the humans can’t decide, the Ponies will decide for them: Conversion! Conversion at all cost!

And from the shadows of despair, a last spark of hope emerged!

A group of young forgotten heroes, called back in action by the Staff of the Velvet Room to enact the Greatest theft in history!

It’s time for the Phantom Thieves to return, and steal the purest hearts of them all before those too fall into Distortion!

Equestria will never see it coming.

Chapters (14)

A factory worker with no future and a bored dimension hopping vampiric troll. Two beings who would have never met by anything but a sheer 1000000 to 1 chance.
The chances of said vampiric troll taking an interest were just as low.

Yet somehow, despite all odds, I caught the attention of Kischur Zelretch Shweinorg, the master of the kaleidoscope magic. And rather than troll me, he decided to help me. He gave me a chance to start over, and I couldn't be more grateful.

Though he could have told me what was in these coffins!

Chapters (5)

Things weren't supposed to be this way, all they wanted was to make there last time together at Comic Con memorable before leaving for college, but then they met the man who would later turn them into Frieza from Dragonball Super and Kotone Shiomi from Persona 3. Now Jack and Audrey are desperate to return home and are willing to do whatever means necessary to get there. Join these two best friends on a Journey that will change their lives forever.

Chapters (8)

Being convicted of a crime she did not commit, Sunset Shimmer finds herself living with a family friend in Canterlot. Having to go through a year-long probation, she suddenly finds herself on a new path. When those with wicked desires cause trouble in her new home, Sunset and her new friends must dedicate themselves to putting a stop to the deception and hypocrisy all around them.

"We're here to take your heart!"

Chapters (3)

My name is Terrence Thurston. I had just gotten fired from my job yesterday and wasn't really sure what to do about it. Was gonna go to a job fair I read about online...

...but then some dude with huge bug eyes, a wickedly long nose, and a creepy-ass grin decided to open a Ye Olde Tavern outside my bedroom door. Why is everything in there blue? Beats the hell outta me.

I have NO idea what the hell is going on... but I'm surprisingly okay with it.

Can't say the same for the purple unicorn, though.

This is basically an original Persona story of my own making using an OC of my own making. Takes place before Twilight heads to Ponyville for the first time.

Cover art done by ankou.

Chapters (6)

A wicked curse has fallen upon the students of Canterlot High. Born from the rage of false accusations, can Rarity lead the charge to set things right? Can the power awakened inside her help? Only one way to find out. PERSONA!

Chapters (1)
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