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The shops are closed, and Sweetie Belle doesn't have a present for Rarity yet! But Pinkie Pie is here to save the day...

(Originally written for Obselescence's Jinglemas Secret Santa compilation. Cover features vectors from Vector-Brony, Dipi11, and Racefox.)

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Trixie wakes up to discover she has unwillingly possessed the body of one of Equestria's most popular princesses, but Twilight wakes up to discover she has unwillingly possessed the body of one of Equestria's least popular stage magicians. It goes as well as you'd expect but somehow works out in the end.

Cowritten by my friend DHM, thanks man! (I'd link him here but he doesn't have a Fimfiction account as of now.)

Cover image sources:
Twilight Vector
Twilight's Castle Backdrop
Trixie Vector
Ponyville Backdrop

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A queen shares a small portion of her life as she thinks back on her choices and is faced with an unexpected visit.

Who would have thought that getting into a conflict with those stupid yaks would lead to this?

Edited by: Sixkiller5
Cover art by: Inuhoshi to Darkpen

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An unexpected encounter brings grief from Sunset's past, before the mirror portal. We discover a little more about her family. Things get complicated and angsty. The other girls have to rescue Sunset from one of the most messed-up scenarios they've encountered, courtesy of alternate worlds.
Hopefully they can find a happy-ish ending, just in time for the holidays.

Chapters (2)

Twilight loves books and feels it's high-time she tried writing one. A problem arises when she realizes she has no idea what to write about. Thankfully Spike and Starlight are there to throw in their two bits.

Naturally, Twilight is grateful for the help... but then they actually start pitching ideas.

Things proceed to go downhill from there.

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Pinkamena Diane Pie had worked at Hasbro for seven years, ever since Brian Goldner himself personally ripped the fabric of dimensions and turned the whole of Equestria into a TV show.

That is, before she got fired.

Story commissioned by Wacky.

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Rarity struggles through finding the best perspective on her situation and comes up with profound insights as she watches the wind blow across the parking lot from inside a run-down cafe. Twilight’s insights are slightly less profound, but that may just be the sleep deprivation talking.

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One dark and ominous night, Nightmare Moon surrenders herself to the princesses.

No one is exactly sure why. They only know that she ended up in the psych ward with little recollection of the event and seething hatred for the very pony who ruined her life. They only know that her mental illnesses keep consuming her. They only know that she is dangerous, and she doesn't know it.

Nightmare Moon herself is angry and mad; but she swears its not the crazy kind of mad. She has an explanation. But what other explanation is there when your mind feeds off of your feelings? And when will she finally relent and let herself get help?

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Author's Note: this story is set in the Life is A Tempest continuity.

Pinkie Pie has been Pen Pals with her new friend Princess SkyStar for the past year and is super excited her favorite Hippogryph/Seapony friend is finally able to come for a visit! But what happens when their friendship turns into something more!? Well I can tell you one thing, Rainbow Dash sure as buck isn't too happy about it!

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