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Fifteen years in the future, Flurry Heart is now a grown teenager and Princess of the Crystal Empire. Over the years she's been taught by her parents and Aunts powerful magical spells and the lessons of growing up.

In the present year Twilight and the others are awoken by a loud sound resonating in the castle. Looking to see what it was they saw a young Alicorn mare who claims to be Twilight's niece from the future. Their morning just went from normal to weird.

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This story is a sequel to Hopes and Follies

The fallout begins across Equestria as Trixie and Discord's actions become more widespread, forcing a response from the princesses.

Trixie works her way towards Las Pegasus, torn between her desires to be with Twilight and her fears of what their next encounter will truly involve. Does Twilight truly want more, or was she caught up in the spur of the moment?

Fluttershy's changes have forced Discord to try to hunt her down before the princesses do. Yet the former pegasus is lost between rational thought and primal instinct, creating terror across Equestria.

Somehow, Twilight needs to balance between her interest in the newest Alicorn, and her duty to her fellow princesses. To Equestria.

Amidst the myriad of hopes and follies that make up one's actions, can there truly be a happy ending for everyone?

Only one way to find out.

Special thanks to Crowscrow and Ponyponipon3 For pre-reading and ideas. About time I finally got around to this second arc. :facehoof:

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"Life is suffering." - Buddha

Decades after leaving Ponyville, Spike is consort to Dragon Lord Ember, and father to her children. Settled into his role as her diplomat, relations with Equestria have never been better. His life as a proper dragon is going well.
Until one day he receives a letter, a summons he can not refuse.

Written for the Make Spike Suffer contest.

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A vacant High-School rooftop. A brilliant sunset. Two young lovers close together. In such a moment, what else can such people do, but dance?

Part of my EG Continuity

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It's a simple thing, really. Celestia and Luna would normally do it, but the palace has been rather busy of late. So all Twilight has to do is go to Baltimare and officially launch three ships, because launching ships is one of the official duties of a Princess. What could be simpler?

After Twilight instinctively chooses the wrong definition of 'ship' and desperately asks a friend for help? Just about anything.

(Now with author Patreon page.)

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Sunset Shimmer has been acting sort of strange recently—enough that Twilight Sparkle has started to notice. And even though the rest of the girls doubt anything’s wrong, Twilight is determined to find out what’s up.

Content warning: Depression. Drug use and abuse. You know the drill?

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A Displaced Story

War. Destruction. Legions of the Undead. Death.

These are the things that the Terrible Lord Ains Ooal Gown brought to Equestria. His terrible reign brought the land of Equestria to near destruction.

Hope. Safety. Life.

These are the things the Hero Momonga brought to the land of Equestria. He and his allies fought the Undead armies Ains Ooal Gown brought to Equestria, fighting for the survival of Equestria and the rest of the world. With his aid, Equestria was nearly saved.

This is their story. Their Legend.

(Story takes place in Equestria, but all the characters are human. Not Anthro, Human. Also, this is one story of four, two of which will be posted on Bronyparasite's side once ready.)

Story is cowritten with Brony Parasite.

Overlord is owned by whoever made it, MLP is owned by HASBRO, copyright bs copyright bs.

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The Gourd Fest is a three-day-spanning changeling ritual a drone holds for a special individual in times of tremendous happiness and great prosperity. With how everything has changed in such a wonderful direction for them after Queen Chrysalis' defeat, they've decided to promote the tradition to a full-on festival the entire kingdom can be a part of. Upon one midsummer day, Thorax, king of the changelings, gleefully invites Starlight Glimmer and a few of her friends to attend the first, fast-approaching Fest with him and the hive. Tagging along with them with only the biggest of smiles on her face is Twilight Sparkle.

Twilight, ever the avid and agog learner, is positively eager to study and write about the customs of changelings during this joyous celebration up close. Thorax, ever the obliging character, is more than happy to show them to her first-hoof. And as fate would have it, a simple and amiable lesson taught in changeling culture won't be all either of them come out with by the time the Gourd Fest comes to its conclusion...

Note: I have no earthly idea why I like the Twilax ship so much, but I like it just about as much as the Sporax one. Also, the rating and tags may change over time, depending on where I go with it (hint - it's probably going to go the 'M' route).

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