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Pyrrhic Victory was one of the chief commanders in Celestia's army during the Griffon Wars, pre-NMM era. Well, he was until he tried to sack Canterlot. He was sealed in a magical garden, to which the souls of five of he most loyal Generals were bound. the Gardens of Aegis.
Now, he's escaped, and trying to regain his memory, struggle with his arrogant side-personality, and avoid getting his brain eaten by gardeners.
Where did his life go wrong?

Chapters (2)

Two months after the events of Yellowstone, Wild Magic from Equestria has run rampant throughout the rest of the world, resurrecting ancient horrors from around the globe. Mysterious and terrible monsters of myth threaten to exterminate both mankind and ponydom! With the blessing of Princess Celestia, Twilight and her friends reunite with Agent Hawk and his team to combat this new terror before it destroys the world!

Chapters (10)

Princess Celestia as been challanged to a showdown by her former student, now princess, Twilight Sparkle.

Army's have risen, plans set in motion. In the end it will all come down to which princess is the better strategist with the fate of Equestria hanging in the balance.

Now with a Dramatic Reading.

Chapters (1)

Vinyl Scratch leaves to seek her fortunes in Manehattan, leaving her marefriend Octavia behind in Canterlot. She promises to return when she can support them both but the emotionally damaged Octavia can't cope with being alone. She tries to find solace in writing Vinyl, but struggles to be honest about her ever worsening depression and alcoholism. Meanwhile Vinyl begins to realize her own shortcomings and must try to become the ideal marefriend through letter correspondents.

Chapters (6)

What happens when you take a brilliant, bitter, and angst filled brony and put him together with a bunch of happy ponies that want to be his friends? Short answer; me with a bad attitude trying desperately to find some way out of this cheery pastel hell that is Equestria. Want the long answer? Then just click the stupid button, hold on, and get ready for an adventure that I really wish I wasn't a part of... oh and please enjoy. (That way at least one of us does.)

Chapters (23)

Rainbow Dash is athletic. She's awesome, funny, strong, fast, and pretty damn cute as well. With the physical test for the Wonderbolt hopefuls coming in just a few weeks, there is nothing that can bring her down.

Until she stops by the doctor's office and receives the news that she's gained a little weight since her last check-up.

Determined not to let Scootaloo down, Rainbow Dash goes to extreme measures to get herself back in shape and into the Wonderbolt's good graces once and for all. By any means necessary.

Any means...

Chapters (1)

Some lessons are too big for one letter. Others are so important that they need to be shared with ponies everywhere. When these two come together, Twilight Sparkle tries something new.

She writes a book.

Everypony remembers exactly what they were doing when they first found out about the griffin invasion. Many saw it as a growing shadow that threatened to overtake all of Equestria. To those in the towns and cities that would become the front lines, it was a terror made real. With Canterlot in flames and Princess Celestia injured, many wondered how anypony could make everything right again. I was among them.

But we did it. Together.

These are my experiences and lessons learned during The Great Griffin Invasion, and it’s not just my story. War is a dark affair, but we can always learn something from the worst of times. In fact, we have to. The lessons are too costly to let them go to waste. And maybe, with a little help from this book, we won’t ever forget.

-Princess Twilight Sparkle

(Valor is Magic is a story of war and values set between seasons two and three of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. As of the end of season three, the events of this story do not justify an AU tag.)

Chapters (15)

All couples have a story of their first night toghther - this is Mr and Mrs Cake's story of that night

(Each chapter is posted twice - once form Mrs.Cake's POV, and once fromm Mr.Cakes POV)

Edited by Otaku250

Chapters (6)

March 1946. With Germany close to victory and the allied forces close to defeat, a young German soldier finds a lost ghost filly. Can he help her and protect her from harm?

Chapters (12)

I had finally gotten my costume ready to go for the comic con convention that was going on in my hometown, and it was nearly perfect. I ended up finding the last part of my costume at a merchants shop at the convention. Before I knew what happened, I was teleported to the land of equestria, and I looked exactly like my favorite Pokemon, Dewott. Now it's my job to help the citizens of equestria, even if they don't want it.

Also, I did not draw my cover art, I found it on google, I will not take credit for it. I own nothing here except for the story
Finally, my character will be able to use more than four moves. I plan to make it so that he starts out with a few moves and ends up learning all of the other moves that he normally would as well as moves for samurott

Chapters (11)
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