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Phillip Smith had just gotten to go to his first convention as Riku from Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance and you know what happens? He gets sent there by a shady man who sold him a cursed box full of KH keychains. He should've suspected something, but the prospect of building his KH collection was just too enticing, and only for 50 bucks too!!!

Now he's in Equestria, stuck as the character he cosplayed as and losing his keychains on the way down, Phillip, now calling himself by the character's name, will need to survive what he thought would be a dream come true all the while making sure he doesn't make a glutton of himself; or at least, not make himself more of one.

Chapters (3)

Luna and Celestia leave the safety of their home in the city of Jannah to seek out a prophecy of power and destiny far to the west, at the end of the world, that only Celestia remembers.

And Luna is sick of the whole business. It has been a long, long journey.

Chapters (1)

So you know that Lightning Dust was kicked out of the Academy, but do you know what went into it? This provides potential insight based off of accounts of the incident.

Part of what I consider an unofficial deleted scene of Ponyville [may become a series], we find out in the periods of time between the obstacle course and Rainbow Dash's redemption. From complaint to canning, it covers what was reported.
Keep in mind that this is a fanon story, and while it borrows elements from the show, it was not created as part of the show. Even though this is one whole story, it is split up into three "chapters" in order to flow with the canon timeline of the episode.
Also, any editing would be appreciated, this is my first attempt at the fanfiction world

Chapters (3)

We all know the world around us cannot be truly as it seems. There will always be both negative and positive outputs to everything. The two princesses knew to check and balance these two outputs and have ruled a gentle hoof over the land. But as a discovery was made...a little adventure began to reveal they are not alone in the peaceful world the Equestrians live on. (Reason why I put anthro tag because most character OCs are anthro...aka furry. If you don't like furry characters then don't read this.)

Chapters (5)

Twilight gets a letter from Princess Luna for a spell. But when she attempts to execute the spell on her country friend Aj, something very unexpected and unusual happens to her after this spell spirals into a horrible accident! Now Twilight has to hurry before it's to late!

Chapters (8)

Suri Polomare's been given a diary to record her thoughts of life in Manehattan. Her dreams and aspirations.The fundamental qualities needed in a fashion designer.

These are her stories.

Has no relation what's so ever to whatever you may think it has relation too, 'kay?

Art by nero-narmeril (But inspired by Suri Polomare)

Chapters (2)

the eqg movie to jawmax we're all alicorn's one shot alt ending. the princesses of harmony arive at the crystal empire for there first royal summet. during the night how the elements of harmony are taken by three unknown ponies. twilight and her friends must go to this new world and find there elements but it turns out strange monsters are on the loose thankfully thise 6 mulite colored warriors are here to help but can the mane 6 and these 6 warriors stop this new evil or will equestria and this world be destroyed.

Chapters (2)

It's a mad scramble as Pinkie Pie interferes with a bit of Cutie Mark Crusader learning and is changed into a moth! She's got to be tracked down to be changed back!

A request by Dusty the Royal Janitor for winning a caption contest. A light, fluffy piece that will hopefully bring some smiles to faces.

The name, by the way, is a reference to an old sketch on Sesame Street called the 'Teeny-Tiny Super Guy'. No infringement intended.

Chapters (1)

*Yu-Gi-Oh! Crossover*

Duel monsters. The now-popular card game started out as a chaotic idea by the Spirit of Chaos, Discord, himself— then changed into Equestria's most powerful weapon after two alicorn princesses and the everyday ponies liked this idea. Griffons, changelings, and even dragons adapted to this game. Playing for entertainment, decisions, and of course combat.

The Princesses and Element Bearers protected Equestria from Changelings, Tyrants, and a magic sucking centaur by playing this game.

Now they are at peace, but new evil will soon arrive.

Chapters (3)

This story is a sequel to Revelations: The Dark Void

Five long years ago, according to Twilight's math, she entered a plane called the Dark Void, a place meant only for the deceased. Each day, she scoured through the multiple books of her dream library, trying her hardest to find anything related to this realm of existence.

Sadly, none of her books have any mention of the place, so she begins to feel that escape is ultimately impossible. Accepting that she is stuck there, she goes to sleep and attempts to dream herself away from this world that she put herself in. For days on end she just sleeps her days away, hoping that one of her dreams will allow her to be free from this realm.

Only some of the dreams show a hint of sunlight; brilliance from somewhere out in the Dark Void.

Chapters (9)
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