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the eqg movie to jawmax we're all alicorn's one shot alt ending. the princesses of harmony arive at the crystal empire for there first royal summet. during the night how the elements of harmony are taken by three unknown ponies. twilight and her friends must go to this new world and find there elements but it turns out strange monsters are on the loose thankfully thise 6 mulite colored warriors are here to help but can the mane 6 and these 6 warriors stop this new evil or will equestria and this world be destroyed.

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to Revelations: The Dark Void

Five long years ago, according to Twilight's math, she entered a plane called the Dark Void, a place meant only for the deceased. Each day, she scoured through the multiple books of her dream library, trying her hardest to find anything related to this realm of existence.

Sadly, none of her books have any mention of the place, so she begins to feel that escape is ultimately impossible. Accepting that she is stuck there, she goes to sleep and attempts to dream herself away from this world that she put herself in. For days on end she just sleeps her days away, hoping that one of her dreams will allow her to be free from this realm.

Only some of the dreams show a hint of sunlight; brilliance from somewhere out in the Dark Void.

Chapters (9)

Two months after the events of Yellowstone, Wild Magic from Equestria has run rampant throughout the rest of the world, resurrecting ancient horrors from around the globe. Mysterious and terrible monsters of myth threaten to exterminate both mankind and ponydom! With the blessing of Princess Celestia, Twilight and her friends reunite with Agent Hawk and his team to combat this new terror before it destroys the world!

Chapters (10)

Vinyl Scratch leaves to seek her fortunes in Manehattan, leaving her marefriend Octavia behind in Canterlot. She promises to return when she can support them both but the emotionally damaged Octavia can't cope with being alone. She tries to find solace in writing Vinyl, but struggles to be honest about her ever worsening depression and alcoholism. Meanwhile Vinyl begins to realize her own shortcomings and must try to become the ideal marefriend through letter correspondents.

Chapters (6)

Rainbow Dash is athletic. She's awesome, funny, strong, fast, and pretty damn cute as well. With the physical test for the Wonderbolt hopefuls coming in just a few weeks, there is nothing that can bring her down.

Until she stops by the doctor's office and receives the news that she's gained a little weight since her last check-up.

Determined not to let Scootaloo down, Rainbow Dash goes to extreme measures to get herself back in shape and into the Wonderbolt's good graces once and for all. By any means necessary.

Any means...

Chapters (1)

Some lessons are too big for one letter. Others are so important that they need to be shared with ponies everywhere. When these two come together, Twilight Sparkle tries something new.

She writes a book.

Everypony remembers exactly what they were doing when they first found out about the griffin invasion. Many saw it as a growing shadow that threatened to overtake all of Equestria. To those in the towns and cities that would become the front lines, it was a terror made real. With Canterlot in flames and Princess Celestia injured, many wondered how anypony could make everything right again. I was among them.

But we did it. Together.

These are my experiences and lessons learned during The Great Griffin Invasion, and it’s not just my story. War is a dark affair, but we can always learn something from the worst of times. In fact, we have to. The lessons are too costly to let them go to waste. And maybe, with a little help from this book, we won’t ever forget.

-Princess Twilight Sparkle

(Valor is Magic is a story of war and values set between seasons two and three of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. As of the end of season three, the events of this story do not justify an AU tag.)

Chapters (15)

Lots of stories, lots of little stories, big stories, thin stories, all kinds of stories! This is simply a collection of all my ideas that never make it to a full page, or simply aren't long enough to stand on their own.

Every idea of the anthology is a separate story of their own right, and may not be connected unless stated otherwise. New ones will be added whenever.

Chapters (10)

They say a giant spider dwells in the heart of the Everfree. Old Crazy-legs, the last of his kind, mad, deranged, and worst of all, a thespian. Much to his delight, an old enemy flies into his web. He does, after all, have a score to settle.

Chapters (1)

The truth isn't always easy or pleasant. Something Twilight Sparkle has to learn. After she fixed her friends cutie marks with help of the element she has to learn that lesson.

//This short story is based on a theory I had a while back. Don't take it to serious, but I think some things make more sense this way.

Chapters (1)

Young Night Light meets a new stallion at his school in the last months of his final year, named Shiny Rock.They develop a great friendship, but soon discover something more...

An OC Story by Starweardo

Chapters (9)
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