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Gordon Ramsey comes to Equestria to host an episode of Master Chef there. When Strawberry Sunrise still talks smack about apples, Applejack finally had enough and challenges her to a cook off on Master Chef to see once and for all which is the surperior fruit. Apples or Strawberries? The gudges will be Twilight, Rarity, Hoity Toity, Pinkie Pie, Mr. and Mrs Cake, and of coarse, one of the most famous chefs, Gordon Ramsey himself. When the two put a bet on it, Applejack realizes that she might lose Sweet Apple Acres if she loses? Will she be able to defeat Strawberry Sunrise in the Master Chef showdown or will she fold under the pressure?

I do not own the cover, Master Chef, or My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to A Baby Zebra's Apple Turnover

The events of this story take place during and after the episode; "Suited for success."

On the day Rarity showed off her fashion designs to Hoity Toity he suddenly turns into a foal. Not only that it seems that his entire line of foal clothing went missing in Manehatten. Now he has to go to the big city and win a foal fashion show and figure out how to turn back into a stallion.

Editor; Superpinkbrony12

Chapters (11)

At the end of Rarity's fashion show, Applejack faces a difficult choice she has to make, as her vote is going to decide the winner. She had put Rarity, judges and, most of all, the participants through a lot that day. Honesty or not, she can't afford to hurt any of them anymore. Having considered that, she discovers the other Element... the one that is as close to Honesty as can be.


This story is just my depiction of the scene that has been left behind the curtain and is 100% canon-friendly!

Chapters (1)

Warning: The following story contains M/M shipping. If you don't like it, you know where the exit button is.

Also the picture is a real painting that I did several months ago.

On the way home from a stressful day for dinner on a rainy night, Fancy Pants and Fleur de Lis were riding in a cab when suddenly as they were passing the poorer part of Canterlot, someone threw a painting out of frustration into a garbage can below. Curious, the unicorn got out of the cab and pulled it out of the rain to find an painting done with impressive skill. As time goes by, his curiosity about the artist who paint it lead him to a stallion down on both himself and his luck by the name of Acrylic Brush.

A huge thank you to Isk for helping me proofread this story. And to Milo Chalks for finishing the last remaining chapters.

Chapters (35)

My name is Matthew Rock. When things took a turn for the worst and my degrees couldn't get me the job of high-class chef back home, I made the free dimensional leap to Equestria looking for better chances.

Fat lot of good that did me. I'm now stuck at the lower end of the restaurants, a re-vamped donut shop trying to act like the big leagues. The place is a dump as far as I'm concerned, but I guess I need the experience if I'm ever gonna get the attention or save enough money to make it big myself or open my own restaurant sometime.

Gotta spend a little time in hell before moving on up.

Rated Teen for language and some suggestive content. Comedy tag is there for some comedy and jokes, but otherwise it's a dramedy.

Why'd they take Donut Joe out of the character tags?

Chapters (4)

Rarity was a little filly when she was inspired by a lone designer to become who we know her as today, but after years of admiring him, she is pained greatly by his judgement.

Chapters (1)

Stella Vera is a crystal pony with a love for fashion. She's going to travel to Ponyville to have an expert opinion about her designs, and she's also planning to go to Canterlot. But when her reviews are negative, she visits an old friend to create the perfect dress. Can she wow Hoity Toity and be noticed throughout the fashion community?

Chapters (2)

During spring break, Sweetie Belle gets the opportunity to go to Manehattan with Rarity while she works with fashion guru Hoity Toity. At the same time, Silver Spoon is with her uncle who just happens to Hoity Toity! Forced to be with each other for the whole week, the fillies realize that they have a lot in common.

Note: *This is NOT a SilverBelle shipping story. While I respect other bronies shippings, I rather keep the two as friends and only friends.*

Chapters (5)

Vinyl Scratch has been homeless for a few months and has finally obtained a fake ID. In a city built for the vices of those twenty one and older this could possibly be her way out of the unforgiving streets and constantly empty belly that she has been used to. The only problem is she has to remain not only undetected, but also resist being swallowed up by the many vices that live in such a place. Only two questions really remain for Vinyl Scratch: Will her plan Fly? Or will she cash out like so many others have before?

Chapters (2)

Ah, Nightmare Night. A holiday where happy little foals get to dress up as pirates and witches and whatever else tickles their fancy while roaming around getting delectable candies. The kids have fun, the adults think it's cute.

Yet under the giggles and playful cries... there are screams. The stories told to amuse the kids aren't all made up, the monsters they pretend to be don't live only in the imagination, and not everyone is out for the same kind of 'fun.' Dark things creep in Equestria's unnoticed corners, and Nightmare Night is their time to play. Tonight we shall watch them at their games. These are the tales of Nightmare Night that parents don't share with their children.

A compendium of creepypasta stories. The collection will grow every October... or whenever I get some dark inspiration. For this year, entries will be added every Friday until Halloween.

A big thanks goes to Cerulean Voice for taking time out of his busy schedule to edit Wonderful, Aurora and Sweet to Eat, and to RainbowBob for pre-reading.

A huge and happy 'thank you' also to Kvernikovskiy, originator of Researcher Twilight, for the commissioned cover art.

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