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People say that light is good and dark is bad.

The truth is far simpler... and far subtler.

The light reveals.

The dark....


A short little story for All Hallow's Eve. Let Nightmares reveal what the dayborn will leave.

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*Takes place several weeks after Friendship Games. Inspired by SciTwi Shimmer-Book 2: It's Time To Leave*

Twilight has always been the quiet one. The one who usually keeps things to themselves but lately, her control over Midnight has gotten worse and not knowing what to do, she resorts to talking to the one person she knows. The only question is how will she do that when the one person she's suppose to trust is the one she fears?


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Spoilers for Season 7 Finale
Do not read if you don't want to know (roughly) what happens.

The Pony of Shadows is back and one of the first things he does is use his dark magic to take over one of the ponies who freed him from his 1000 year long imprisonment.

The reason I know what will happen is because episodes 23 - 26 have come out (at least) on 'kimcartoon.me'

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For some death is a doorway, and ironically, a new beginning entirely. Equestria's a world riddled with strange magics, and for Nightmare Moon, a saving grace, along with a few strange others. Now as she attempts to readjust to life here in Equestria, she must also find a way to support the only family she has left, and struggle with her new conviction to be a good pony. But what are these strange emotions of both hope and determination she is now feeling?

Perhaps she finally understands what her sisters meant, so long ago.

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Daydream discovers something about her best friend -Midnight- as she takes a few small peeks into the popular girl's diary.

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Midnight finds Daydream's Shapeshifting Block and they decide to play with it.

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Twilight Sparkle has an excellent idea.

And that excellent idea is taking LSD.

My entry into the Changing Seasons contest.

Edited by Aragon, Posh, Kamikakushi, and Themaskedferret.

Preread by Waterpear and Brasta Septim

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Twilight has an imaginary girlfriend!
Well, she has girlfriend that only existst in her head, but those are close enough.
But could you imagine if her friends found out? Wouldn't that be a pickle.
Guess she'll have to keep things quiet.
If only the voice in her head would remember that.

Set before Camp Everfree and completely disregards what happens in it, because I started writing it before then and forgot to upload it. Direct all praise to chuck-vic-norris who somehow manages to turn my the typo-filled mess into something somewhat tolerable.

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This story is a sequel to Crystal Empire (Reboot)

Trixie and Boris Sharpshot has returned for revenge on Twilight Sparkle and Ben Valorheart. And this time, they have a powerful relic that enhanced their powers and magic. Can our heroes defeat their rivals?

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The sequel to Miraculous Ladybug vs the Forces of Evil.

It has been two months since Hawk Moth and Ludo have been defeated, and peace has returned to Paris as Marinette and Adrien continue their lives as students and defenders of Paris. But the two of them will get another surprise, in the form of Twilight Sparkle and her friends from Equestria, on vacation after defeating Chrysalis yet again. But when old enemies return and a hero succumbs to the darkness within her, can a former bully find the strength within herself to save the day and write herself a happy ending? (Rated T just to be safe.)

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