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It's been seven years since Equestria's surrender in the disastrous Crystal Wars. Celestia has been banished to the sun for a thousand years, and Emperor Sombra rules from his iron throne in Canterlot. His hold on Equestria is tight, but on the far fringes of the his Empire, lawlessness still thrives.

After the defeat, Crystal War veteran Rainbow Dash is trying to make her way in this dark new world. Operating her small airship The Alicorn, she and her rag-tag crewmates will take any job, legal or not, to keep food on the table and fuel in the tanks. Sombra may have won the war, but he can't take the sky.

Chapters (3)

Soldiers don't just stand there, blindly following orders and throwing their lives away. Sure, some of them do, but they aren't the ones who come back. The ones who come back have spent hours, days in the trenches, waiting for that brief moment of terrible and bloody action. And thinking.

You have a lot of time to think, in a hole in the ground waiting to kill or be killed.

There aren't any trenches in the Crystal War. Sombra throws his soldiers in wave after wave at the enemy, and the bodies of those soldiers only rest when there is nothing left to fight and their master is briefly perplexed about where all the squishy targets went. The Equestrians aren't much better, retreating to tents and clouds and once in a glorious while, maybe a cave. But even without the trench, there is time to think.

And when you might die tomorrow, you don't think in silence. You talk. You ask questions.

They aren't all easy questions.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Rarity Pays For Burritos

Pinkie Pie is spending the evening with her friends, leaving Maud by herself (aside from Boulder, of course). At Pinkie's urging, Maud agrees to try the burrito restaurant downtown. While there, her mind wanders as she begins to ponder the meaning of her existence… that of course being rocks.

This story is, naturally, part of The Burritoverse.

Chapters (1)

There is nopony who would call Evening Star a true friend. That's just the way it is, and the way it always has been—and she won't let herself fret over it. She's fine. She has her books, and really, what more does she need, anyway?

Except that Evening Star isn't sure it has always been this way. Of course, that's how she remembers it—but another part of her, a part buried down nearly too deep to reach, remembers being somepony else. She remembers being Twilight Sparkle.

That would be one thing on its own, but now she's not certain that Twilight Sparkle was just somepony. She feels drawn to the castle on the edge of the town, but it's not vacant—the princess lives there, of all ponies, only she's not so sure that she isn't supposed to be the princess.

But if that's the case, she wonders: what exactly is the thing living in the castle?

Chapters (3)

Pebble Pie and Pinkie Pie, both preparing for their dates, ponder, perchance, the plight of the pleasantly, pleasingly plump pony pudge problem. The pink ponk pontificates profoundly, perplexing Pebble Pie.

An entry in the Weedverse.

Chapters (2)

This is an anthology of my flash-fiction stories. Each story is exactly 150 words long. Some of them were written for the monthly Flashfic contest.

Each chapter is a one-shot story. Story context is provided before each story (e.g. story tags and origin).

Chapters (8)

For over a millennium, Equestria has seen (mostly) peace, with the barest of militaries, seen as "unnecessary" due to the prolonged period of harmony and friendship that took root within the country. However, that is quickly changing. With Stalliongrad having broken free from Equestria years prior, and the Changeling hives newly reunited under Queen Chrysalis, the age of peace is coming to a quick- and bloody- end.

Set in the Equestria at War universe.

Cover Art belongs to the awesome MadHotaru

Chapters (3)

Pinkie Pie represents the element of laughter, but she wasn't always so cheerful. She got depressed often, especially as a filly. Even now, she would go through unpredictable periods of extreme sadness. But she doesn't because of a certain mare. No pony besides Maud knows how often Pinkie Pie would fail to harness her element if it wasn't for her. She provides Pinkie Pie with occasional doses of happiness disguised in the form of homemade cupcakes. The only downside is where she gets her main ingredient.

Comments are always appreciated, and I'll try my best to respond back. Enjoy!

Chapters (1)

The conference gathers to present an important discovery: Conclusive evidence on the existence of humans, a whole skeleton of one. But it turns out to carry a deadly curse. A frightening apparition emerges from it, to chase away those who dare to disturb its slumber.

But is the Anthro-Phantom even real? Is there somepony behind it? Why? And most of all, whom?

Lyra Heartstrings takes it upon herself to answer those questions.

Chapters (7)

Starlight’s life has had its up and downs, mostly downs, though there has always been one particular thing she loved doing.

Flying a kite.

You might be asking yourself ‘why would one of the most powerful Unicorns in Equestria fly kites for a hobby?’ and... I couldn’t tell you, honestly. She just kinda does, alright? It’s her thing.

So what happens when, one day, she decides to take off and relax with her friends? What happens if those friends are Maud and Pinkie Pie? What happens when Pinkie Pie has to fly a kite?

Time to find out.

Chapters (1)
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