In the middle of the blizzard in the Canterlot Mountains, a lonely mare is found by a dragon. What seems like a coincidence has in fact far deeper meaning as the meeting unravels the stories of passion, friendship, loneliness, lust and caring, all tied up to the group of friends we all know too well.

The young unicorn does not realize that she plays an important part in story far longer and greater than just her own life. She is an unknowing key to the tale of hot romance and cold tears

But as she dives deeper, she becomes curious. Is the situation that she found herself in really just a misfortune ?

Who is her companion ? Why didn't he reveal her name ? And why she has the strangest of feelings: that she knows him from somewhere ?

Follow the passionate, random and dramatic love story of Spike, Rarity and Gabby. Watch as their feelings change the fate of them and ones they love.

Tag "Sex" is used because of the sensual nature of chapter 13. However, the scene is not graphic and vulgar, rather poetic, so that's why I rate it T.

New chapters will be added with regularity, as my life allows, one per one or two weeks. There are 8 chapters left till the end of the story.

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It's been six months since Rarity and Rainbow Dash were married. It's been six months since Rarity and Sweetie Belle's parents passed away. 

It's been six months since Rarity and Rainbow Dash took in Sweetie Belle. 

Will Hearth's Warming make or break their fragile new family?

Cover art: https://raridashdoodles.tumblr.com/post/181035514979/hearths-warming, by the incomparable RariDashDoodles.

Not related to any of my other stories.

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A Side-Story to The Misadventures of a Fox.

Sometimes a romance progresses normally. Sometimes a relationship is healthy.
This. This is not one of those times.
Gilda has a heart to heart conversation with her old friend Dash about what not to do.

This is basically one long conversation. Simply a Griffon calling out a Pegasus on her actions.

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This story is a sequel to A Plus One in Haywaii

Hearth's Warming is when ponies spend time with their loved ones. This also applies to Feather Bangs as he gets to spend this holiday with not one, but three of his marefriends. They decide to go to Ponyville for a little holiday trip. At first, Feather was having a good time with his marefriends. That was until he meets a shy mare who really needed a friend to lift her spirit during the holiday season.

This is my third installment to my Feather Bangs' Trilogy!
1st Story - One Date at a Time
2nd Story - A Plus One in Haywaii

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This story is a sequel to Strictly Come (Flash)Dancing

Christmas is approaching, and everybody is feeling festive. What could be more festive than the reindeer?

Of course, nobody meant for Jimmy to actually provide them himself...

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After many years of service in the Equestrian Navy, Corporal Striker decides to retire from the military and pursue a different career. Thankfully, after the invention of the motorboat, Striker decides to build his own racing speedboat and enter a boat racing event. And after many months of sweat and toil, he finished his masterpiece; the Sportspony S class boat, Razorback.

After winning the Hovercraft Formula Championship in a hovercraft he borrowed from his friend, Lt. Colonel Akula, and entering the Classic Motorboat League, Striker now stands as a 10-time champion of the League, and is now married and has two kids, and he is expecting a third. And after defending his title for a tenth time, he announces his retirement from professional motorboat racing.

But after returning home, a letter slides under the front door, containing an invite to participate in the Hydro Thunder racing series.

This underground clan of adventurous racing renegades don’t let anything get in the way of their racing. No temple river is too sacred. No cave is too dark. No unexplored waterway is too dangerous. No guidelines. No restrictions. No manners. No regard for the law. These ponies, changelings and griffons are dead serious and have only one goal: Do anything to cross the finish line first.

It's a world Striker lands in, and he will find out just how far some competitors will go to take the Hydro Champion crown, and he will need all his skills to survive...


NOTE: The first Hydro Thunder crossover story on FimFiction. :eeyup:, I'm a changeling of many firsts!

For those of you who don't know what Hydro Thunder is (I don't blame you if you do), it is an arcade speedboat racing game by Midway, released in March 1999, later ported to the Dreamcast a few months later and the N64 and PS1 February the next year.

The gameplay of Hydro Thunder consists of racing high-tech speedboats through treacherous environments, from the cold seas of the Arctic Circle, to a post-apocalyptic, flooded version of New York City (New York Disaster).

There are plenty of websites to download the game for the PC, if you want to experience the original game for yourself.


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Four young male adults in Manehattan navigate sexuality, romance, work, academia, and the magic of friendship.

  • In "The Anatomy Lesson", Gilbert the griffon tries to get a date, learns more than he wanted to about dragons, and makes some friends.
  • In "Sexy Bugs", the four guys visit a new changeling dance club.
  • In "Nerd Fights", Crag the dragon and Whisperwing the pegasus tussle with their greatest enemy: scholarly publishing.
  • In "The Ravenous Beast of the Wilderness", Gilbert tries really hard not to mess up a date.
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In a world of saints and sinners, Rarity fights for her soul as she confesses her sins to the local priestess.

Proofread by GaraTheAuthor.

Take a look into the Kaleidoscope.

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Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy have been together for quite some time. One night in particular, they decide to take their relationship to the next level. The following day, the two wake up...

Featured 11/30/2019! Squee!

Click here to see all my stories!

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Smolder recalls to the rest of her friends the story of how she got detention from former Head Mare Twilight for two weeks. It is a hilarious tale involving disappointment, misunderstandings, startling revelations, no regrets, and an egg that started it all.

Edit: Ok, finally has a cover image. I had another one picked out that I liked better, but FiMFic would NOT accept it, no matter what. This one works too I think

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