The Mane Six have all died in tragic ways, and Celestia needs a new Mane Six so she holds a contest.

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This story is a sequel to Equestria Ninja Girls and the Crimson Thief

NOTE: This is after the events of Carmen Sandiego and after persona 5 video game. The ninja turtles are not my property, neither MLP nor P5 and the universe of the Equestria Ninja Girls are from Wildcard25. I hope you let me continue the story .

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Mysterious circumstances have caused Spike to fall into a deep sleep. After Zecora was unable to help, Twilight turned to Luna, who offered to lead herself and Twilight deep into the dragon's subconscious, in the hopes of finding out what's wrong before it's too late.
A Persona 4 crossover, written for the Smaugust prompt #19: "Demon"

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Scootaloo, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle were hanging out in their clubhouse when a strange miasma rolls in. It's mere presence brings in strange creatures known as shadows that seek to destroy all that is good but why did the fog roll in and where did the creatures come from.

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I wanted a normal day of having fun at a con. Obviously that's not gonna happen. So now i'm stuck in Equestria as a custom-typed Absol. This can only go well.

My own take on the whole Displaced whatever the hell. Tempted to open up for crossovers, but not guaranteed.

Edit: tweaking the tags slightly to better envelope what this story will become.

Also, somepony mentioned something about pairings. If you REALLY want to know in advance, let me know and I'll just PM you, not sticking it on the front page cause why spoil?

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They never met in real life. Yes, they chatted online, but meeting... it was almost a pipe dream.

Someone took exception to that line of thinking.

However, some wires got crossed. Now they're both in a very different version of Equestria. An Equestria where the mares regularly go after the few males that aren't already in a herd.

In a world that runs on Visual Novel and Anime tropes, with power fantasies and destinies forced upon them, how will the transformed couple forge their own path to live as they see fit?

A collab between Sanguine Dream and Dragonfire2lm. This is our take on a RGRE fic. It's going to be different than the standard. More chapters will be posted when we can work on them together.

Chapters and/or Shorts will be posted weekly. Shorts can also be posted at random whenever.

Additional tags: Romance

Sex for sexual themes/talk/jokes. Profanity for the obvious.

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A wicked curse has fallen upon the students of Canterlot High. Born from the rage of false accusations, can Rarity lead the charge to set things right? Can the power awakened inside her help? Only one way to find out. PERSONA!

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Chaos Angels.

14 Beings who have said to posses powers beyond gods.

Each one representing a Virtue or Vice.

Yet, not a single info, other than this, is known.

Until one of them crashes near Ponyvile!

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This story is a sequel to Conversion Zebra

Conversion Bureau story, a Abyssian New Kitten and Pegasus New Foal have a chat about the content of his very popular 'Your favorite hero takes down tyrant Celestia.' Just a friendly chat between an author and a friend of his. The world is still ending, parts of it has already ending, but hey, life goes on, and people still need to be entertained!


Persona Copyright Atlas
You get the picture.

Edited by DoContra

Cover art by Orin331

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Four months ago in the town of Ponyville, the eight-year-old Diamond Tiara disappeared after an argument with her mother. Now she has returned...nine years older. Now she must steal the hearts of those she sees as evil and save the world...again. As if doing it once wasn't hard enough now she has to do it alone. Well, once a Phantom Thief always a Phantom Thief.

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