Without any explanation, a depressed-looking Rainbow Dash tells her friends that she'll be quitting the band. Worried about their friend's disturbing behaviour, the mane 7 try to figure out the problem although Dash doesn't want anyone interfering. Will she say what is troubling her?

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Pocket Change is a petty thief. It started off with cheap magic tricks, but once he got good at them, he started putting his skills to practical use. He's the son of a single mother who's seldom present in his life, so he's mostly left to fend for himself. He attends CHS in hopes of graduating and finally becoming independent. However, it would seem that he would make the mistake of robbing the wrong people at the wrong time more than he would have liked.

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This story is a sequel to Up Through the Roots

"State your name, please."

"Sunset Shimmer."



"Real age?"

*sigh* "24."

"Do you know why we called you here today?"

"Because more Equestrian magic's on the loose."

"That is correct."

"Alright, I'll see what I can do. Where is it?"

"Everywhere, Miss Shimmer."

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Daring Do! The two of them go on a quest to retrieve the Golden Book, and unravel its mysteries.

A huge, Jupiter-sized thank you to Rainbowfan45 for ideas.
And another Jupiter thanks to Fate Weaver for Moonshine.

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In the Equestia criminal justice system, the creatures are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: The police who investigate crime, and the district attorneys, who prosecutes the offenders. These are their stories.

Swift Justice runs a very professional courtroom. His eyes glare at the offenders in the defendant seat with just the right amount of intimidation, and he has no qualms about telling them to sit down and shut up if they dare to speak out of turn. His judgement is swift and unavoidable, matching each crime with exactly the right amount of harshness it deserves.

However, in spite of all that-

One could hardly call this a "normal" courtroom.

There are days when even Swift Justice is completely floored by the very unusual cases presented to him. But then again, should he really be so shocked, considering who Ponyville's Law Officer is?

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After hearing a haunting melody for weeks on end, Rainbow Dash flys far east from Equestria, making a journey she has to make.

Written for the May 2021 Original Pairing Contest

Proofread by yo mumma, lolol lmao eyy gotem

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The world ended.

That, at least, is what it sounded like. Screaming, howling, and then deathly silence.

A month later, Cheerilee and Scootaloo emerge from their shelter in search of food. As they search among the dead bodies of their friends, only one question comes to mind:

Where are the unicorns?

Cover art by MirAmore on Twitter


Written for the Quills and Sofas Cheerilee contest.

Featured on May 18th, 2021!

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A human suffering from a mysterious recurring nightmare is rescued one night by Princess Luna, and plucked from her world into the magical lands of equestria. The catch? Equestria's magic is slowly transforming her into a pony, and there's no safe way home! Our protagonist must learn to adapt to her new life and make new friends, deal with an increasingly manic Twilight, and maybe even improve as a person with this second chance she’s been given.

And Twilight Sparkle seems to be kind of on edge lately... I wonder why?

Ah, no worries, it’s probably nothing! And besides, life is best enjoyed at its own pace, right?

A HiE story that I am determined will not feature magical destiny or world-ending threats, and updates weekly!
Update 06/06/21: the first chapter has been proofread by 0_0 who fixed a ton of mistakes in it!

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(This is half-based on the Japanese Mythology)

Have you ever wondered who gave Celestia her ability to rise the Sun? Who gave Luna her dream walking ability? Long ago, way before Celestia's reign, her parents; King Cosmos and Queen Galaxia had made contact with those whom they called themselves 'Kami', and they each had magnifcent powers and unreadable potential. The Alicorns made a deal with the Kami, they would give some of their magic away for useful purposes while the Kami would shelter them as well as protection.

Then everything changed when the Eight-Headed Snake, Yamata no Orochi attacked the new land, both King Cosmos and Queen Galaxia were killed in the battle, the Kami were badly injured as well. Finally, Susanoo himself destroyed Yamata and sealed him away. The connection between the ponies and the Kami remained broken since then. However, the Kami granted the passed rulers' children parts of their power...

Thousands of years passed, the new land now known as Equestria were once again, sank into danger. Yamata no Orochi was reanimated by an unknown force and stole the Sun Goddess, Amaterasu's Flames from the center of the Sun; her greatest weapon. Yamata and his minions had now escaped into Equestria, with their limitation being there, Amaterasu send her assistance, a Demi-god she adopted many years ago, known as Black Fox, to retake the Flames of the Sun...

But the question is, can the Demi-god, and Equestria's newest Element welders, be the opponent of the God of destruction itself?

(A Japanese Mythology crossover, first time doing it. ;)

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Wildemount, an ancient land torn apart by war and lorded over by two great powers, the Dwendallian Empire and the Kryn Dynasty. With many people caught up in the machinations of the two nations, there are plenty of stories to be told around this storied land. But as the War of Ash and Light looms on the horizon, things are not going to be easy for them.

From around Wildemount, a group of unlikely heroes come together in the town of Talonstadht near the ruins of the destroyed nation of Draconia. Their stories may yet change the face of Wildemount however, if they can work together at least.

Now its their turn to roll.

This story re-imagines the Mane Six and others as characters in the Dungeons and Dragons setting of Wildemount. Also a bit of a crossover with the popular webseries Critical Role, but knowledge of that is not necessary.

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