Rainbow dash has been a great friend to a few people but she been sent to another quest to protect people once again but also herself

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Once upon a time, far away there was a magical land named Equestria. In it, there lived five mares named the ‘Guardians of Equestria. They protect ponykind and are loyal defenders of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, the rulers of Equestria .
Applejack, represents the Element of honesty. Fluttershy, is the Element of kindness. Rainbow Dash, Element of loyalty. Rarity, Element of generosity. And Pinkie Pie, Element of Laughter.
Together with the princesses, they have kept Equestria at peace for years.

However one faithful day, the Guardians are stripped from their status for no apparent reason and have been removed of honoring the Elements.
Rumors spread. Ponies believe that the Guardians have done something atrocious to be removed of such importance. They now have almost the entire population chasing their tails for a crime they did not know they committed. They manage to escape and leave Equestria, as it is not safe for them anymore; They are on a journey to the Crystal Empire, a kingdom where a third princess lives, one of their closest and dearest friends. There, they are safe from the dangers in Equestria. On the way they encounter a pony who has never been permitted outside of her village but wishes to explore the world. the pony, Radiant Night decides to join the guardians on their travel to the Crystal Empire. However, Radiant Night soon finds out that perhaps meeting the guardians wasn't out of luck, and there's more to the story than she thinks...

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Beyond Equestria, many things stir. The gods wage a war for the Cosmic Throne, worlds burn with the shifting tides, and The Faithful seek their god-king. And, thanks a creature in pony-skin, the cosmos have come knocking.

A series of related oneshots in an Alternated Universe. All can be read as a stand alone.

Chapter 1: Worried Wilting: "I Am (Not) Cozy Glow."(First Person)

PS Since these are all oneshots that are themselves complete, I'm listing this as Completed

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Nearly a thousand years have passed since Princess Twilight Sparkle first ascended to the throne, and, for all intents and purposes, Equestria has been experiencing a golden age of peace and prosperity. And yet, as the eve of the thousandth year of her ascension slowly approaches, something stirs amidst the shadows.

Hidden within the darkest confines of the kingdom a group of ponies gathers in secret, far away from the prying eyes of the Alicorn Princesses, as they silently prepare for what is to come. A secret order formed millennia ago with a singular purpose, to fulfill the sacred commandments of their beloved Mistress.

And now, the moment they patiently waited for, the moment for their schemes to unfold and their plans to blossom is nearly at hoof, for the hour of reckoning is finally upon them.

Their singular objective: to fulfill the Holy One’s sacred vision.

Their target: Twilight Sparkle, the Princess of Friendship herself.

And nothing and no one shall stop them from fulfilling their Holy Task, no matter what.

…The end result is far less worrisome than most would expect.

Just a fun little one-shot inspired by all the Doom-talk in regards to the end of the show.

Featured! 05/23/2019; 05/24/2019; 05/25/2019

Ps. Beware, Spoilers in the comments.

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Stardust was just like any other thestral, he woke up, he went about his day to day life, and he went to sleep, never breaking from the norm until that fateful day… the day he was ripped from his own reality and thrust into an alien world, made a pawn in a centuries old feud between an ancient king and powers that threaten to destroy the very universe. Saddled with a role he never asked for, Stardust embarks on an Odyssey, a journey whose outcome will determine the very fate of the world itself.

This is a bit of an experimental story for me, the first time I'm really working with a first person perspective in an entirely new universe. There's no set release schedule for this one, and it won't be replacing any of my "Departures" releases, It's just a fun little project to work on when I need to get some creative energy out.

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Christmas is approaching at CHS, but the mood has been soured by a mysterious MyStable user spreading secrets. Can Sunset figure out who the culprit is before the school descends into pandemonium?

A callback/heavy re-write of my original Anon-a-Miss story. AU tag for the fact it is non-canon to my EqG timeline.

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Maretropolis... Home to ponykind and to many other creatures from across the world. It's also home to a special group of heroes called the power ponies that keep this place safe.

Though, if you think for a second that I'm one of those 'special' creatures that can be a hero, then you are clearly mistaken. For me, I would only wish that I were one. Instead, I'm a journalist working at a newspaper with an overly vibrant boss and co-workers that are just as joyful to work there.

But before I go further... let me introduce myself. My name is Gabby. I work for The Maretropolis Times newspaper, even though my dream is to be a hero one day. At first, I thought the kind of work that I was doing was that of a dead end job. But one day, my boss gives me an assignment that might possibly turn things around for me.

Uncover the truth behind a hero known as Gunvolt, the Azure Striker.

Co-Writer: FrostTheWolf
Featured on Popular Stories 5/19/19 Thanks guys!

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Ever since the banishment of Nightmare Moon, the Equestrian Military lost its greatest and most influential supporter, Princess Luna. Becuase of this it has slowly grown defunct over the hundreds of years, with the Nobility insisting that it wasn't needed anymore. Eventually leaving the Royal Guard as the only non-divine functional defense force of Equestria.

In recent years, with the the return of Princess Luna and the creation of the Ministry of Defence, the military has been revitalized, rearmed, and refunded. Slowly returning to it's former glory...and position of power. Luna is happy to see the Military back on it's hooves, but the Nobility moves to limit the Military's influence and eventually disarm it once more as the Minister of Defence and the Military prepare to strike and make it even with the Nobility.

With rumors of discontent among the nobles, and whispers of seizing power within the Military. The Tetrarchy of Equestria are in a race against the notorious Prince Blueblood and the plotting Minister of Defence, Medical Atlas, as if they fail, Equestria might fall into chaos.

TL; DR - Basically HOI4 Kasierreich.

Tags may be updated in the future.

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Princess Luna was drunk last night. Very drunk. She knows she slept with a mare, but she can't remember who it was. She does remember Ocellus, however, and goes to her for help.

This was written for the May pairing contest.

Cover art is by Joakaha.

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