Iron Will's new resturant was meant to be a clean break after the debacle of his motivational speech program, but there's a few problems. It takes a lot of work to run a business like that and his employees and another one that's worse...rats.

Zephyr's a moron who can barley do his job right and his sister's too soft in her approach to pest control, she coddles them and wants to be humane to them. Not his idea at all when it comes to handling pests.

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Fluttershy has been running her grand animal hospital for a few years now. But she has also found her calling in travelling Equestria to give motivational speeches on how to give The Gentle No. Iron Will has been the lynch pin to her success, managing her tour, giving her the support she needed to be successful. It has been a wonderful professional relationship. But what about Discord? Is he okay with Fluttershy spending so much time with her tour manager?

Set in the Universe of The Amulet of Shades, this will be a stand-alone story. You don't need to read Amulet to enjoy this one. So.. enjoy!

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This story is a sequel to Election in Ponyville

In the last election, Amethyst Star accomplished what was once thought impossible by becoming the first unicorn mayor. Things have changed since then and despite the good economy, her chances of being re-elected are not guaranteed.

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What happens when you insult Fluttershy in front of a hot headed minotaur? You know what they say. Mess with the bull you get the horns.

The pic I used was drawn and owned by johnjoseco on Deviantart.

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In the later recordings of Equestria follows the story of how Iron Will (one of the last Minotaur in Equestria) changed the makings of history. After firing his trusted goats, he now seeks to trade at the center of Equestria: Canterlot!

Unfortunately, plans change as Iron Will is chased by the Canterlot Royal Guard, fleeing into the Badlands without end, and unlocking the seal to an ancient enemy. After Iron Will realizes that the enemy are Minotaur that were sealed a thousand years ago, a choice is lain into his hands. What path does he chose? What hope does he have?

Cover Art by: mrbojorquez7 from Instagram and YouTube

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Whenever Twilight was signing autographs, including the last one being Star Tracker, she went to find her family only to see them having fun watching the northern stars. She cries of course. But, instead of standing there, she runs back to her room, crying just like she did in Once upon a zeppelin. Then, someone comes to comfort her in the unlikely source of friendship that others would say "chaotic."

P.S., I mean she cried just like she did.

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This story is a sequel to Alien: Twilights Final Chapter

The search for a better life after slaughter!! The Alien events that took place in orbit are scars but distant memories for those who survived the infection. Sunset Shimmer, Iron Will, Moon Dusts, Cadence, and Coco Pommel. However this better life is not something everypony gets, even when they deserve it more than the rest.

Twilight Sparkle, a mare who sacrificed herself to bring an end to White Lightning and Weyland Yutani. However was that really the end of the mare? Life has already proved that there is a way to survive something so deadly. Why can't the same apply for Twilight Sparkle? The story of her continues in this unexpected sequel to the Alien Twilight Series.


Alien: Twilight Signing Out
Alien: Twilight MIA
Alien: Twilight's Final Chapter

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Alien: Twilight Signing Out, Captain’s Control Room, Iron Will took a brave step in order for everypony else to make it out alive from the horror that was going on aboard the station. It was believed that this great captain was dead from the battle against an Alien Organism who was named Gash by a Filly aboard the station. The final blow was a fiery explosion that was supposed to take out both Iron Will and the Xenomorph at once.

We know now however that the great Iron Will survived and ever since it was a frequently asked question. How does one survive something so brutal and then live to help fight again aboard an entirely different station? It is time you get your answer, in this short story it will be explained. How did Iron Will survive Valuntas Station?

Please read the Alien Twilight Series before reading this, this is a short story to answer a big question of the trilogy I made on FimFiction. Thank You!

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This story is a sequel to Horse La Horse Season 1

Who would have thunk knocking Celestia unconscious and allowing her to get caught by the worst Villains on the planet would have repercussions? Now Anonymous must right his wrongs and atone for his crimes, WITH HIS FISTS!
Follow him, Iron Will and Sunset Shimmer as they make their way through a Very Violent Villainous Competition, and work together to come out on top before the Mega Forces of Evil take over and transform Equestria into a hellish nightmare.

Cover art by Eighth, thanks Eighth!

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This story is a sequel to Post Negative Comments Only

He's been reassigned so many times as to have a file thicker than his armor. There are ponies who doubt his ability to cross a room without creating a disaster, and he's one of them. Banishment to the Moon is in fact too good for him. He's the single least suitable member in the history of the Crystal Guard, and history had better be prepared to take on eternity if it's ever going to see him surpassed. Because Flash Sentry starts every morning with a silent declaration of I'll get fired today and goes to sleep on I'll be fired tomorrow.

Or maybe that's more of a prayer.

(Part of the Triptych Continuum, which has its own TVTropes page and FIMFiction group: new members and trope edits are welcome. This story takes place after the events of Post Negative Comments Only, so reading that one first is highly recommended.)

Now with author Patreon page.

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