This story is a sequel to Flurry Heart Crusader

It’s been a long time since the Cutie Mark Crusaders met Flurry Heart. They wanted to show how much they miss her but they knew Twilight would still be Flurry’s aunt whenever she’s her babysitter. Then Scootaloo had an idea, something will make her and her friends more then tutors in the School Of Friendship. She wanted to do a ceremony to show her students about Flurry Heart but Twilight may have second thoughts.

Thanks to Daniyel099 for editing this.

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With no warning, Equestria finds itself in the middle of a crisis the likes of which it has never seen. Overnight, all four princesses have disappeared! That's real messed up!

Shining Armor has gone through these sorts of emergencies before, though. But with his wife and sister missing, he's not willing to sit on the sidelines and let Twilight's friends save the day without him. As circumstances begin piling up, Shining Armor finds himself in the middle of a plot that can only be solved by a few very talented secondary characters.

Unfortunately, Blueblood is one of them.

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Flurry Heart spent most of her foalhood listening to stories of favourite Aunt Twilight Sparkle's many accomplishments.

Now a young mare seeking her place in the world, Flurry has attempted to model herself in Twilight's image. One could even say that Flurry idolizes her aunt.

Twilight wishes she didn't.

It's time for a chat.

*Set 15 years after the end of Friendship is Magic*

Huge thank you to kalash93 and son_of_heaven176 for their tremendous work on editing and proofreading!

*Coverart is not owned by me, all credit goes to kiwi4578 on Derpibooru*

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This story is about Shining Armor and Cadence’s youngest daughter 
called Sugar Star (an oc I made)
Unlike her older sister Flurry Heart (from the original mlp series)
Sugar Star is a pegasus and not an alicorn

Because of this she feels very sad and insecure
She feels like the world is against her and as if she’s not a true princess
Yet she has a best friend called Gemma. They are friends till the end 
and are always there to support each other

But even if her parents, her friend and her older sister tell her
that it doesn’t matter if she’s a pegasus
She is still Jealous of her older Sister Flurry who is an alicorn and will be the crystal queen

The young Pegasus tries so many different ways to become an alicorn
but sadly nothing works..
Until one day someone offers her a deal.. 
This mysterious pony tells her that if she brings her a magical item
she will turn her into an alicorn.
Will she do it?

All of this happens yet still including issues and also very interesting but sad and very true life things like:

-Feeling worthless
-Feeling overwhelmed 
-Long kept secrets

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An elderly mare gets some visitors in her room one winter day. But all is not what it seems. It never is for her anymore.

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Sunburst can't leave the idea of a natural born alicorn alone. It's never happened before. There has to be something he isn't seeing, something that can make it make sense. He tries to get answers. Cadence, Flurry's mother, isn't happy about how he tries to get them. And when he reaches a conclusion, it will shake him to his core.

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Pumpkin Cake has never really cared what other ponies thought of her.

Yet recently it's all she can think about?

Everything thing in life is changing and she's afraid of being left behind.

Join little Pumpkin on Volume One of her many adventures!

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Oh, gee, it's been almost five years since Sombra kidnapped Flurry as a painful stab at Cadence and Shining Armor, she's a preteen now. What he didn't realize is that she started calling him dad. It's not too great, considering he never saw her as a daughter. It was only until he noticed that he literally treated her like one her entire life!

What's this evil tyrant going to do?

Source of art, as credit is due: https://www.deviantart.com/basykail/art/Fear-My-Little-Pony-599477760

DISCLAIMER: This is indeed an Alternate Universe in some right, so Sombra is the king of some kingdom, he just wants the Crystal Empire.

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Grogar has caused enough damage to upset Celestia and Luna for a lifetime. It is time to stop this FOREVER!

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A little colt shows up in Ponyville the day after Starlight's graduation. Life is only stirred up again when a bipedal creature from the Everfree Forest pays a visit. But somewhere beyond the horizon lies a host of shadows with sights on global destruction.

This story was originally a 2017 role play GM'ed by Commander Stryker. The story has been heavily edited and proofread with permission and supervision. Also participating were Tzarina 8472 and Captain Sea Dog.

Rated T for presence of firearms and military action later on.

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