December 19th - 27th, 1944.
Ardennes Forest Region, Belgium.

Germany's Führer was desperate for any positive results to stop both the Allies and Soviets from the West and East, respectively; now, thinking they may break the Allied advance to the Rhine, the Germans try to fight back and retake control of the whole situation. However, it will not turn out well for both sides.

The initial German assault takes the Allies by surprise, especially the 101st Airborne, who are in serious trouble after being surrounded in the Belgian city of Bastogne. The German objective is to take Bastogne, weaken the Allies and reach a key port for military logistics; however, the already worn-out paratrooper division has much to give to stop the German attack and send them back to their country.

Re-write of the story of the same name. This time, there'll be only one P.O.V and a different introduction, but with a similar plot. And, please, be gentle with this story; first, read and then judge it.

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Sparkling Symphony, a young alicorn colt witnessed the gruesome death of Bellamena Marie Pie and his mother, Snowy Mountain. He plans to avenge his mother, Snowy Mountain and Bellamena.

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My Little Pony Realization is now open to Beta testers, a full installation of the TV series as an MMORPG, designed for players to fully integrate themselves into the magical world of Equestria. There is no objective but your own. Fight. Level. Survive.

However, the exclusive experience is cut short on the last day as the world begins to break at the seams, caging the thousands of players inside of Equestria where there are no second chances once your life is null. Is this a glitch or is someone pulling the strings? The only way out is to fight and conquer the Four Vaults, but with hundreds of ways to die, is that even possible? For one scarlet player, she'll refuse to die until she sees the end of this game.

A remake of MLP: Actualization Online.

Warning: 'Strong Language', and references to 'Sex'.

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This story is a sequel to Only The Beginning

King has come to terms with his life. He is not welcome in the life he thought he had. With the absence of his honor guards, he would have to be careful. He has yet to know if Celestia had mentioned him yet. A part of him hope that she hasn't.

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(Code Vein crossover)

We had defeated Mido, put Silva out of his misery, and I took on the burdens of the Relics and the Gaol of the Mists. The Queen, Cruz, would remain at peace, unable to harm anyone again. How- why am I here? Wherever here is? Why am I a small humanoid horse?

Human/ Revenant turned newborn colt.
Takes place before season 1.

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This story is a sequel to A Father's Concern

Two years after Terramar joined the Navy, conflict came over. A terrorism country called the Black Sun attacked a Hippogriffia Destroyer, after some warnings, Hippogrffia officially declared war on the Black Sun. Terramar goy on his first combat mission, but after gaining his first splashes on some enemy fighters, he began to doubt himself about whether those kills are necessary. Can he figure out the reason to kill? Or will his first blood haunts him?

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At Auradon Prep, a band of 7 magical girls(the mane 7) ( and Flash )
join Mal, Evie and co. They must fight The Legion of Doom with the mane 6, fight Audrey and restore peace in the multiverses or... they will all die. It’s up to Sunset Shimmer and Mal to save everyone, and the universe... before the time runs out.

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Follow the story of six friends, Zetsubo, Hisshi, Deddo, Aisuru, Owari and Shinpi
they're all living in a submarine named "Eclipse" together with a tub that has mysterious powers.
What does this have to do with pony? read to at least half way through and you'll find out!

Especial thanks to my friend Salza4president, for pre-reading and doing some small modifications
Especial thanks to my friend Noizzer as well, for also pre-reading it and making an EP based around it
link : https://noizzer.bandcamp.com/album/sonar-eclipse-ep

Im apologising in advance for grammatical errors, even tho i had help from my friends, our english is not perfect

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When a horrible tragedy befalls one of her friends, Sunset learns that the answers to both mysteries and romance can come from the strangest of places.


(I couldn't find a picture of what I actually needed to use as my cover art, so I'm going with something that's not too far off the mark.)

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After Spider-Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Twillight Sparkle
accidentally break up the tablet of order and chaos of their respective dimensions
Madan Web and Princess Celestia warn them of its importance and how dangerous it can be.

Knowing that, they will join forces to recover the remains of the tablets,
to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands ...

Official gallery of the history:

https://www.deviantart.com/genarou91/gallery/75866647/spider-man-worlds-collide]Spider-Man: Worlds Colide Gallery

Official Soundtrack


Official Opening


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