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When Chrysalis wakes up in Zephyr Heights, her confusion knows no bounds. How did she get here? Who are these two pegasi? And why was she in bed with them?

An entry for the Generation 5 Bingo Writing Contest


Much thanks to the Brilliant Arkadios, the awesome AuroraDawn, and everyone else on the Discord servers that listened to me rant about things.

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In an effort to mend the bonds of friendship between the three races, Pipp Petals sets up an interracial meet-and-greet in Zephyr Heights with the assistance of her new friend Sunny Starscout. An earth pony and a pegasus from two entirely different walks of life find out that they've got a lot more to talk about than they would've thought...

My entry for the Generation 5 Bingo Contest! (A judge's choice winner!)

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Whenever a phone rings, it's only natural to want to answer it.

...So why doesn't she?

Entry in the Generation 5 Bingo Writing Contest

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