Sombra is just minding his own business, when suddenly his old pal Flurry Heart is at his door, and her parents are nowhere to be seen… . Considering the fact that they both know the answer, they’ve just accepted it for now, and decided; “eh… . What’s the harm… ?” Oh how they couldn’t be more right… .

Will Sombra be able to keep Flurry Heart out of trouble till her parents return? Or will they both experience far worse than a late pickup time… ? Only one way to find out… .

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Pharynx is getting tired of all the silly games and activities that the Changeling hive now does. He's starting to feel like they are completely abandoning their warrior ways in favor of being all cutesy and adorable like the ponies. And he won't have it! Which is why he wants to test his little brother Thorax and see if he's really the king he things he is now that he's implementing all these changes. If he fails the tests then Pharynx will surely convince him to convert back to the old ways! How hard could this be?

Gift for Tsitra360

Contains Micro/Macro

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Shortly after General Kalani and his sentient droid soldiers managed a desperate escape from Agamar and fled the system, the super tactical droid soon made the decision to try and re-build the separatist alliance, this time not influenced and dominated by the sith or the corrupt business leaders, instead serving it's true purpose, a bastion of freedom and liberty, free of corruption and suffering. Kalani, now dead-set on his goal, set course for the planet Bracca, having located a scrapyard filled with confederate vessels, and after arriving, activating a large dormant army of droids and the ship they were aboard, Kalani ordered his newly activated droids to set course for a new world to hide from the empire and build their forces... And upon finding this world, Kalani observed the natives, and determined that this world, would be the first building block, to rebuilding the Confederacy.

This story is heavily inspired by Logic and Friendship. Roger! Roger!, as well as Ponies and Lasers and Clankers, Oh My!

I do not own MLP or Star Wars.

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In the middle of the Canterlu Region, a young girl named Sunset Shimmer is starting her first days as a Pokémon Trainer, with her partner Pokémon, Litten. As she explores the Canterlu Region, she will meet new friends, make some rivals, and even battle an organization known as Team Nova Galactic, led by one of Cyrus's old lieutenants, Venus, whose goal is to use the power of the mighty Ultra-Beasts for their own dark agenda.

Sunset will face any challenge in order to eventually become a Pokémon Master.

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This story is a sequel to My Life as a Sonic OC Season 2

Hello, my name is Lillian Rose. But you probably know that by now. My friends, my husband and I continue enjoying our lives in Equestria. Things are going to get more crazy from here on.


This story will cover season 3

MLP belongs to Hasbro
Sonic belongs to Sega
Nyx belongs to Pen Stroke
OCs belong to me (Not counting Aphmau and friends since I originally did not create them)
Lillian and Jeff belong to Scorch234
Bluu the Diamond Dog belongs to AstralFlare42
The chakat species belongs to Goldfur
Fairy Tail belongs to Hiro Mashima
Tokyo Mew Mew belongs to Mia Ikumi (may she rest in peace)
Brand New Animal belongs to Studio Trigger
Cardcaptors belongs to CLAMP
Warrior Cats belong to Erin Hunter
Cat Returns belongs to Studio Ghibli
Holo and Myuri belong to Isuna Hasekura
Minecraft belongs to Mojang
Lion Guard belongs to Disney
Rio belongs to Blue Sky Studios
Spyro and allies belong to Activision

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Princess Celestia has a talk with her newest student.

A parody of iwoaforever's The God Empress of Ponykind

Chapters (1)

In the magical land of Equestria, six ponies and their allies experience the Magic of Friendship!

Rated T- for the offensive language you have been warned

Tags (Due to the limit of having three): Sonic, Ben 10, Yu-gi-Oh Arc V, Pokemon

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Ever since humans and ponies make an contact, the earth was never the same. Ponies there, ponies here. Ponies everywhere. Sounds good enough, right? Well, there is always that one dude who dislikes the good things...

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A practice spell for a report to Princess Celestia goes wrong, and Twilight finds herself in the possession of two foals. However these foals happen to be two of her closest friends. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy.

(Contains Age Regression and Diaper usage).

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The Year was 1014 and the Great war had took a change..

With weapons of destruction continuing to advance along with help of both loyal
and defected Human scientist to advance it all. These weapons are what will and would be
the start of the onslaught era of the war.

from the cities of Manhattan UAS to the villages of ponyville

from Hives of vesalpolis to the Industrial lands of Novaya Moskova

and from the Great City of Crystals to the Grand City of New London

from a Peaceful city of Unity to the Conflict of Horjtland

This is the story of 8 heroes in these towns in the great war
of a operation both Humanity, Ponies, Gryphons and changelings and deer called..

The Red Sands of Olenia....


Chapters (5)