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There’s a fisting event happening coming to Ponyville. Spike is excited to attend, Twilight is terrified for his innocence.

Edited by Dreams of Ponies and B_25

"Sex" tag included for reasons.

Featured 11/21/2017~

Chapters (1)

Recursive fanfic of vdrake77’s “The Changeling of the Guard.” Following the trend started by “Idol Hooves at a Canterlot Wedding” by Airy Words. This is “Idol Hooves After a Canterlot Wedding,” in which Idol Hooves is out of town during the Changeling invasion, gets back about a week later, and then proceeds to freak everyone out with his reaction to the news.

Chapters (1)

Twilight was willing to forgive Tempest and move on. But Tempest felt she needed to face consequences for her actions against Equestria and asked the princesses to pass judgement. But her sentence wasn't anything she could have expected, and where it takes her even less so.

Shipping: Twilight x Tempest

WARNING: May contain some spoilers as to The MLP Movie. Nothing major, but just a heads up for people that are trying to avoid *anything* spoilery.

Chapters (1)

The newly reformed changelings have been given a mission by their visionary and benevelont King Thorax: they must snuggle all the ponies in Equestria. Most ponies take to this with gusto. Someponies are more... difficult than others.

Edited by: Dreams of Ponies

An Entry for CategoricalGrant's CuddleFic Contest

Chapters (1)

Diplomacy amongst nations should be done by highly skilled and intelligent people that have had significant training. In fact, any kind of public spokesperson should be overly qualified before they step out into a spotlight.

Lyra is not particularly skilled. She also has absolutely no training. But, unfortunately for Equestria, that isn't going to stop her.

Artists is Hidden-Cat if anyone wanted to know.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Study of Generosity

Rarity asking Spike for a favor is nothing new. What is new is that favor being a ruse to get him on a date with a certain filly. But Spike knows better than to resist, and maybe a night with Scootaloo won't be so bad.

When Scootaloo asks Spike to clarify things, however, he decides to be honest. While trying to define what Rarity means to him, perhaps he'll find out what this date means to the both of them.

Part 3 of the Generosity series.

Cover art by FuyusFox. Tried to get permission, but never received an answer.

Chapters (1)

For years, Twilight Sparkle has kept track of how little both Princess Celestia and Luna eat.

A small slice of cake here. A single cup of tea there. So what really keeps the Princesses going from day to day?

And is Twilight Sparkle truly prepared to unearth such facts?

Artwork by davidsfire.

Chapters (1)

A strange creature appears in Equestria... in Celestia's moping room private study! Words are exchanged, and... oh dear, no, no little pony! Anything but that! Creature, you're not going to just stand there and let a pony cry?!

An entry for CategoricalGrant's cuddlefic contest.

I heard about it 5 days before the due date when I read one of the other entries that had been featured, and was still d'awwing when a muse snuck up behind me and whacked me over the head with an idea. I'm not sure what it was made out of...the judges will have to decide on that.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Hope for the Future

Twilight finds herself in charge of Canterlot for a week, so her mentor can finally take that vacation with her sister she's been waiting so many centuries for. But the nobles are being difficult, the staff has questions, and the griffon ambassador is being tetchy.

And now some strange creature has appeared. Is Equestria being invaded?!

Just a silly sequel to Hope for the Future since so many liked it, a few people asked, and I finally had an idea.

Chapters (1)
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