This story takes place three weeks after Of Lilies and Chestnuts

Hearth's Warming, the ponykind celebration of unity is right around the corner. Every moment is a chance to spread winter cheer as Canterlot far and wide, and Chestnut, Fleur, and Fancy Pants intend to make their first holiday as a family the best it can be.

Easier said than done, especially when you are a known socialite with a recent party foul on your tab. Or a freshly made mother learning the ropes. Or a Prench for once trying to figure out how to approach this strictly Equestrian holiday.

Merry Hearth’s Warming, Fleur. Merry Hearth’s Warming.

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After foiling Wallflower Blush's scheme, Sunset decides to spend some downtime with Starlight in the human world. They catch up for a while, but soon discover that they have something unique in common: The Trixie from their universe helped save the day at least once. Grateful for this trait, Starlight decides that both Trixies should meet up, since they're heroes and all.

And then the inevitable happens: Both Trixies meet up with each other and immediately decide to have a competition to figure out which Trixie is the Greatest and Most Powerful.

Things only escalate from there.

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Featherweight is arrested for foalnographic pictures, but the case isn't as simple as it looks: they're pictures he took of himself when he was a colt.

Now Twilight Sparkle must decide whether to intervene in the interest of justice.

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This story is a sequel to A Fragile Nightmare

Luna-Moon has been reformed by the Elements of Harmony, with both Luna and Nightmare Moon now sharing the same physical form but their individual mindsets. Now, they have to adjust to life as ruling with Celestia, can they adapt or will they remain in the shadows?

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Babs Seed finds herself suddenly immersed in a world filled with gods and monsters that she has no idea how to deal with, so she screws everything up, with a little help from your favourite heroes like Seaweed Brain and Wise Girl!

Of course, this is a story focused on yours truly, Babs Seed, so I'm not sure how much of Percy or Annabeth will be in here but they're in here, so read it!

I don't know what I'm doing with this or if I'll update it occasionally, but I wanted to get this out there. There are only so many Percy Jackson crossovers, I think I'll try my best with this one. I seriously doubt it'll be any good, but we'll see.

I guess it might depend on what the reception for this is. I also have another thing going on with the Kane Chronicles I plan on posting here, but this first. What do you think?

This'll be set in the universe Rick Riordan has set up, with all the series and characters you might think of. (PJO, HOO, Kane Chronicles, Magnus Chase, Trials of Apollo, etc.)

Also, this Babs Seed is based on the wiki assumption that she is about the same age as Applejack in EqG.

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After learning of an ancient dueling ritual she'd missed out on while trapped in the moon, Princess Luna becomes determined to try a round of pistols at dawn herself.

Now if she could only find somepony willing to duel her.

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Princess Twilight has seen some strange things in the past few years. She made the best friends a mare could have, she had some amazing adventures, became an alicorn princess, saved the world a few times, and got a palace to call her very own. Yet for all that, the strangest has yet to come.

There are new strangers in Ponyville. That's not too odd, but they're not ponies. They're human! But they're not like any human Twilight saw on the other side of the Mirror. Their magic isn't like anything she's ever seen, either. She'd love to learn more, but there's a problem. These humans could give Fluttershy lessons in keeping out of sight.

Dealing with snooping aliens was not exactly what Twilight had planned to put on top of her royal agenda.

I started writing this back before Season Five. It's not a new idea, not hardly, but no matter how many first contact stories I sifted through, always it was from the alien perspective. The pony perspective would come to the fore only rarely, and usually only with sizable external influences.

This story takes the idea of an alien observation team but is entirely from the locals' standpoint. What do you do when there's an alien science outpost next door?

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Now, giving everyone a joyous and exciting party favour always sounds like a good idea, until you realise that there’s probably going to be a mess afterwards. And with Pinkie, that was definitely no exception. So, after her time as the trend-setter of CHS, she and her friends do a bit of tidying up.

Part of my EG Continuity

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Billions of years ago, an underground bunker was created to protect Humanity from their destruction, but only one made it in before Oblivion claimed him. Now the AI that he awoke remains, one that has faithfully kept the promise he made to his father, waiting for someone, or something, to find him.

Note: This story's from the point of view of the AI (3rd person limited). As such, if he doesn't think that a detail is important it's probably not going to be mentioned. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

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I own nothing except the robots!

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In the process of living a full life, the joy of having friends doesn't come from their large numbers. Instead, it is found in the depth of the emotional bond between two individuals. A bond that persists through trials and hardships that serves only to nurture and grow the person that is the other. It is a bond that can only be established between true friends.

Yet, it is also a bond Wallflower Blush believes she will never experience


Vel had always been interested in Wallflower Blush. She, among other people, stood out the most in his eyes. And it wasn't just her straightforward attitude nor her simple yet charming appearance which motivated him to approach her but something else entirely. Somewhere deep inside he felt a connection with her, a connection which he couldn't explain no matter how much time he spent thinking over it. Even before he had introduced himself he felt like he knew her.

And it felt like she knew him

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