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My name is Matthew Rock. When things took a turn for the worst and my degrees couldn't get me the job of high-class chef back home, I made the free dimensional leap to Equestria looking for better chances.

Fat lot of good that did me. I'm now stuck at the lower end of the restaurants, a re-vamped donut shop trying to act like the big leagues. The place is a dump as far as I'm concerned, but I guess I need the experience if I'm ever gonna get the attention or save enough money to make it big myself or open my own restaurant sometime.

Gotta spend a little time in hell before moving on up.

Rated Teen for language and some suggestive content. Comedy tag is there for some comedy and jokes, but otherwise it's a dramedy.

Why'd they take Donut Joe out of the character tags?

Chapters (4)

Hoity Toity wakes up in his lavish penthouse in Upper Manehattan and starts hearing voices in his head. However, turns out he isn't crazy. You see in an Alternate Universe an ultra bad ass human and king of Testosterone named Duke Nukem has just died from saving a bus full of orphans on the way to get heart transplants. It turns out his soul ends up in Equestria in the mind of Hoity Toity probably the most prissy and uppity stallion on the planet. He wakes up one day and little subtle changes start happening.

Join us as we meet the odd couple. A prissy and proper stallion and a macho sadistic narcissistic pervert share one mind. Will Duke change Hoity and help him get the attention of a certain fashion photographer or will Hoity teach Duke some things about himself and grow a little in the process.

Warning this has some strong language and Duke will spout off some homophobic slurs and f-bombs. So, if your easily offended this may not be for you.

Chapters (4)

In the human world, children's television includes such wonderful programs as My Little Pony, Dexter's Lab, The Powerpuff Girls, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Invader Zim, Samurai Jack, Bill Nye: The Science Guy, and so on. Unfortunately for foals, the best that Equestrian television professionals can manage is Gooby Floopy Pancakes and a variety of filler programs. Although My Little Pony has garnered a large cult following for its excellent storylines and characters, but Gooby Floopy Pancakes is... a different story. This is a prequel to my other fic 'My Little Humie: Fanfiction is Social'.

Chapters (1)

At the end of Rarity's fashion show, Applejack faces a difficult choice she has to make, as her vote is going to decide the winner. She had put Rarity, judges and, most of all, the participants through a lot that day. Honesty or not, she can't afford to hurt any of them anymore. Having considered that, she discovers the other Element... the one that is as close to Honesty as can be.


This story is just my depiction of the scene that has been left behind the curtain and is 100% canon-friendly!

Chapters (1)

Doctor Frasier Mane is a psychiatrist living in Canterlot with his ex-cop father Martin and live-in maid, Daphne. He has a radio show, the Dr. Frasier Mane Show, in which he dispenses advice to the mentally-troubled denizens of Canterlot.

He and his brother Niles attempt to maintain a good relationship among the Canterlot upper-class, and hilarity ensues.

Chapters (1)

Hoity Toity is a stallion of few words, save for those that he uses to criticize his workers with. He designs custom outfits for his models, keeps a trained eye on them and holds his emotions rightfully hidden. He's seen his fair share of beauty, of stallions and mares constantly competing to strive to the limit of their pretty looks and youthful faces. Control is key if he wants to thrive in the business that he's ensnared in. "Never fall for the models that you design for", as the saying goes. It's his mantra, the only philosophy that keeps his lonely heart far away from his work.

((M/M Shipping
Edited by Bronymaster))

Chapters (4)

Vinyl Scratch has been homeless for a few months and has finally obtained a fake ID. In a city built for the vices of those twenty one and older this could possibly be her way out of the unforgiving streets and constantly empty belly that she has been used to. The only problem is she has to remain not only undetected, but also resist being swallowed up by the many vices that live in such a place. Only two questions really remain for Vinyl Scratch: Will her plan Fly? Or will she cash out like so many others have before?

Chapters (2)

Nightmare Moon's banishment is coming to a close. After centuries she will be allowed to leave. She eagerly awaits the four stars destined to free her. When they arrive, she is in for a surprise.

Chapters (1)

a fic about Rainbow Dash meeting her father again after a few years with Pinkie Pie there to help. Spamfics are best fics!

Chapters (1)

Spoilers in comments!

Rarity wasn't so sure of her life walking into this little night club on the East Side of Canterlot. But one stallion changes her unstable composure into one of pure desperation. Will she do anything, to achieve that long sought after dream of being the most respected and known designer in this bustling city?

This started off as a quick "one-shot" story one night while I was drinking some Fat Tire.
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