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I woke up in the hospital. I don’t recall how I got here. I don’t recognize the mare who says she’s family. I don’t even remember my own name.

So what kind of pony will I become?

Chapters (24)

WARNING!: Make no mistake, this is a padded pony fic and as such it will contain diapers, diaper useage, and AB/DL themes! If such material is outside your comfort zone, please click elsewhere and do NOT continue reading! You have been warned!

(Based on a prompt from the deleted Padded Ponies collab. Rated Teen for obvious reasons. Proofread by Smity1038 on Deviant Art, and proofread and edited by deadpansnarker on FiMFiction.)

Spoiled Rich has a reputation as a strict, overbearing mare who seeks to maintain control of every aspect of her life. A task that is complicated by the pressures of dealing with her headstrong daughter.

What few ponies actually know, is that Spoiled has some hidden secrets, secrets that would destroy her reputation if they were exposed. And when a strong storm moves through Ponyville one night, her husband will go to great lengths to not only maintain her secrets but also help conceal them.

But how does Filthy Rich see it all? And more importantly, how will he keep his daughter from finding out when she too is awoken by the storm?

Chapters (1)

Many have opposed Celestia and all of them have fallen, one way or another. Some she has slain. Others she redeemed. Her servants and friends have done great deeds in her name and her fame has spread throughout all of creation. She is the Sun in all of its glory.

And yet she finds that she cannot get a single child to believe she is even real.

Part of the Monophysite Quartet.
Ageless, Or Celestia Plays Dice With the Universe, Have You Considered My Servant, Twilight?, and The Esoteric Rites of Darkness (NSFW), all coming from a single story idea called "Monophysite" and exploring some perception/idea/theory about who or what Celestia is and how that effects her friends and loved ones.

Chapters (1)

After Diamond Tiara's first two experiences delivering big news to her parents, you'd think that'll be it. But, nope... she has yet another bombshell to drop, and this time Spoiled Rich isn't going to take it lying down.

Sequel to Diamond Tiara's Shock Announcement and Diamond Tiara's Second Shock Announcement: Better Luck This Time. It's probably best if you read those ones first, or you might be slightly lost.

Featured from 7/11/07 to 9/11/07. Thanks everyone!

Chapters (1)

Ah, Nightmare Night. A holiday where happy little foals get to dress up as pirates and witches and whatever else tickles their fancy while roaming around getting delectable candies. The kids have fun, the adults think it's cute.

Yet under the giggles and playful cries... there are screams. The stories told to amuse the kids aren't all made up, the monsters they pretend to be don't live only in the imagination, and not everyone is out for the same kind of 'fun.' Dark things creep in Equestria's unnoticed corners, and Nightmare Night is their time to play. Tonight we shall watch them at their games. These are the tales of Nightmare Night that parents don't share with their children.

A compendium of creepypasta stories. The collection will grow every October... or whenever I get some dark inspiration. For this year, entries will be added every Friday until Halloween.

A big thanks goes to Cerulean Voice for taking time out of his busy schedule to edit Wonderful, Aurora and Sweet to Eat, and to RainbowBob for pre-reading.

A huge and happy 'thank you' also to Kvernikovskiy, originator of Researcher Twilight, for the commissioned cover art.

Chapters (3)

Diamond Tiara just wanted to relax for the day, but then Apple Bloom had to show up in a dog outfit. Things quickly go downhill as the rest of the Crusaders decide to show up. How will Diamond Tiara get out of this mess?

Listen to the live reading by the Living Library team!: http://www.fimfiction.net/blog/344065/the-living-library-player-society-news

Chapters (1)

Sequel to Three Little Words.

Lily Longsocks is tricked deep into the woods, by a cold and heartless creature. It had already taken her friend, now it wanted a snack.

Yet before the feast can begin, the filly has a little warning.

Part of The My Horror Pony Season.1.

Feel free to join the channel if you enjoy this somber tale of woe.

Art by Tetugakuzonbiakugaki.

Chapters (1)

After an unfortunate accident, Spoiled Rich wakes up thinking she's her old self before her marriage to Filthy, and boy isn't she different. The whole town is shaken up in the process, and Diamond is about to uncover some long lost family secrets...

Chapters (1)

Based on the Spongebob Squarepants episode of the same name

After Diamond Tiara gets her big screen TV, she leaves the empty box for the CMC to play with. However, she finds out that the CMC are using their "imagination" to have amazing adventures in the box. To the rich filly's shock, they are actually real as she can hear the sounds coming from the box. Confused, Diamond Tiara is determined to see what is really going on. Is it just a prank by the CMC, or can imagination really make adventures come to life? Either way, she's gong to find out the truth, even if it makes her go insane.

This fic is a gift for RainbowBob. Welcome back buddy!

Edited by Jake The Army Guy

Chapters (1)
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