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Rarity returns to Manehattan to hang out and catch up with Coco Pommel but to also ask her to stop by for a visit sometime also a long the way they run into Suri Polomare again and also we get a short cameo from Babs Seed as well.

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Suri Polomare had every reason to be confident. A little theft here, a little deception there, and Fashion Week was as good as hers.

Too bad she didn't think about the long-pressured conscience of a certain timid assistant.

Inspired by the artwork of muffinshire.

Edit: So I've been told this story was featured. That's fantastic and I love you all for it. For srs.

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It's been a rough five months working for Suri Polomare. At first Coco thought she was just a bit demanding, but once Fashion Week came around her boss reveals how nasty she really is. When she hears about Suri's awful scheme to steal the trophy from Rarity, Coco snaps.

She snaps hard.

Now with a Youtube reading by TheCaptainSand - Scarlett Blade

Second Youtube reading by Visualpony Thenarrator

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When they were younger, Rarity and Cheerilee joined the Ponyville Knitters League: Rarity to keep her skills going, Cheerilee to find her cutie mark. Well, that and it's the done thing when you're an aspiring fashionista.

However, both have to question their attitudes when the President of the League announces a contest. After all, one should have a purpose already, and one is still looking for theirs.

Contestant for THE BARCAST WRITING CONTEST #2: Make Rarity Not Garbage with Guest Judge: Monochromatic.

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This is the story of how two con artists became the rulers of the world. This is the story of how the virtues of laughter, honesty, kindness, generosity, loyalty and magic were replaced by profit margins, tax evasions, shell companies, bribes, corruption and ambition.

It all began with a simple bet…

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This story is a sequel to Rumble's Cutie Problem

Sunset and the others have been trying to live at least somewhat peacefully after the events prior. However, it seems fate doesn't want to let up. Ponies are going missing in and around Ponyville and a new Inquisitor has been sent in to oversee the town's defenses.

As well, a griffin and his apprentice have set up roots in Ponyville as of late and there are growing suspicions abound on them. Are they at fault or is there something else going on?

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Alternate universe story where Sunset Shimmer, Trixie, Flim & Flam, Suri Polomare, Lightning Dust, and Gilda are the main characters. What could possibly go wrong? A lot, in fact.

After an adventure to find the Elements of Irony to defeat Nightmare Moon, Sunset finds herself stuck living in Ponyville. Absurd comedy awaits as she and her friends acquaintances have equally absurd misadventures where no one seems to learn anything.

Rated Teen for a few alcohol references.

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Suri Polomare's been given a diary to record her thoughts of life in Manehattan. Her dreams and aspirations.The fundamental qualities needed in a fashion designer.

These are her stories.

Has no relation what's so ever to whatever you may think it has relation too, 'kay?

Art by nero-narmeril (But inspired by Suri Polomare)

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Maud needs to round out her rock science major with a liberal arts minor. She's chiseled down her options to three subjects that she likes, (cooking, poetry, and fashion), but she'll need your help to choose between them and pass an entrance exam. Good luck.

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Little slight AU of the season 5 premiere episodes.
Suri, Gilda, and the Flim Flam brothers are caught in Our Town and made to see the magic of friendship by Starlight Glimmer and her followers, whether they like it or not. Don't worry, they'll be so grateful afterwards.

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Has nothing to do with the pony pov series.

Cover art provided by Jeatz-Axl

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