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An homage to stories like The Substitute Demon, ALL GLORY TO THE OVERGOAT!!!, and 1000 Virgin Mares, 1 Frickin' Badass Dark Overdude, Infinite Facehoofing

One thousand years ago, the Princesses Celestia and Luna were blindsided by the return of the Masters of Equus. The cult of power-mad alicorns, thought to have been banished from Equestria forever, appeared in the middle of the Princesses' battle for supremacy, and caged them away. The rest of Equestria quickly fell to their might. Even the fearsome Discord was forced to his knees before them. All of Equestria was enslaved, and an era of misery began.

Now, one thousand years later, a lone unicorn mare has learned of a creature that might be able to overthrow the Masters. A creature immune to magic, overwhelming in size and strength, sealed away for centuries uncounted. A creature of ultimate evil: the Smooze.

Unfortunately for Starlight Glimmer, in trying to ensure the creature's obedience, she modified the summoning ritual a bit too far.

Because of her meddling, the soul of a recently-deceased human is pulled from Limbo, and given life, but not exactly a body. Now he has to help her save the world, or face obliteration.

Not much of a choice, is it?

Inspired by Pen Mightier and Bucking Nonsense, the legends who – to my knowledge – popularized the "human in villain's body becomes Equestria's savior" genre. May your inkwells never run dry.

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Discord has failed to break the friendship between the bearers of the Elements of Harmony. Desperate and with a rainbow of friendship blasting towards him, he teleports himself to a future where the Elements of Harmony are no more so that he could trade places with his future counterpart.

What he didn't know was that in this future, he has been reformed and the ponies there think he's somehow lost his memory and are determined to refriend him. Gag!

Meanwhile, the reformed Discord is teleported to the past, facing very hostile ponies and a world of Chaos his past counterpart had created. Chaos is a wonderful thing and he was all up for having some fun but what was the point if he had nopony to share it with?

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Hughbert Jellius and The Smooze have a whirlwind romance.

Written in a day for Jake the Army Guy's Horse Words Extravaganza. The prompt: obscure shipping.

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My own idea of where the Green Smooze came from. The last leg of the Paradise Ponies' fight against the witches. And how the heck the Smooze became a 'friend' of Discord's. And WHY is the Smooze green?!

I know this'll never be what happened in canon if they ever bother to show where the G4 Smooze came from, so I just went with what I felt made a good story. So just enjoy it! Optional Canon. Wrote this in a day.

<b> Please help keep the trope page up to date and from getting lonely please. I part of how I know I inspired readers. </b>

Mod Smooze Lyrics written by request of Kendell2.

Cover art by BB-K.


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A meteor that lands out in the fields of Sweet Apple Acres, brings forth a slimy little creature, whom Applebloom quickly befriends.

However, what starts out as a cute little pet, soon grows into a big, big problem for Applebloom, her family, and soon...Ponyville!

*Story contains Goo/Slime, Growth, Expansion, Destruction, and Emotion*

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Entry for the 2018 Sunset Shimmer "Journeys" Contest.

In a place where pegasi don't move the clouds and no princess walks beside the moon, a young researcher hides early gray beneath her fiery locks. The bags under her eyes are worn in; the friendship she once knew the product of a halcyon childhood. Loneliness makes strange bedfellows, and hers may be the strangest of all. Yet therein she has found a companion - one to whom the gift of her heart is real, and whom she can only protect by vowing never to see again.

Sunset Shimmer travels on a night train, fleeing with her unorthodox partner to their final destination. Only a few hours remain - can she truly let go of everything she has left?

Story Specific Cover Art by: legendaryspider

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"Dragonfall is DannyJ's ongoing, comment-driven story about a mercenary company deployed to the worst city in the entire world. It follows a sociopathic officer, a batpony named Agony, as he tries his best to manipulate every possible situation he encounters to his advantage, and sexually propositions more people and things than a healthy person would."


Part of the Borderworld.

A comment-driven story with progression decided by popular vote.

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Nightmare Night, the perfect time to cut loose and go wild! Or so Rainbow Dash thinks; Fluttershy, not so much. So when Rainbow pays her a tame, friendly visit, she stumbles upon a Discord tea party and - amid all the usual draconequus nonsense - wonders how he'd take to the holiday of horror.

Originally designed as a contestant for FlutterDash Contest #4: Nightmare Night, What a Fright!

Partially written for National Pony Writing Month 2017.

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Pinkie is dating The Smooze. Both of them love to party. Equestria can only sustain the constant onslaught of wubbing basslines and on-demand vuvuzela for so long. The girls have to do something.

Written as an entry for the May 2020 Original Pairing Contest Thingy. Go check it out!~

Content Warning: dumb

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