According to legend, a magical dias tuned to the Elements of Harmony rests in the fabled city of Griffinstone. If the six Bearers stand there during the Summer Solstice, it will summon the spirit of the Guardian of Magic, Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Sunny believes she and her friends are the new Bearers, but they're missing the Element of Honesty. It isn't Sunny, because she hasn't told her friends the real reason she wants to perform the ritual...

An entry in the G5 Bingo Contest, for the random prompts of Sweets, Sugar Moonlight, New Princess, Griffonstone, and Unicorns.

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Sugar Moonlight has been holding on to this mysterious black and silver collar for a long time. After hearing about Alphabittle's collection of . . .stuff, she decides to check with him to see if he knows anything about them. Then, when the large unicorn reveals a similar set of regalia in gold; ancient magic is activated which sends the pair on a bone chilling trip. Surely the chance to achieve their hearts' most innermost wish is worth it, right?

For the Generation 5 Bingo Writing Contest

-Does a favor for
-Sugar Moonlight
-Yaks, Celestia, and Luna


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Sugar Moonlight isn't just a pretty muzzle. She was the lead designer for the Canterlogic Impermeable Psychobarricade Skullcap™ (or "anti-mind-reading helmet" to everypony but the marketing team.)

You would think that Sunny Starscout would want nothing to do with her after restoring magic and reuniting the tribes, especially for some important mission out in the middle of nowhere. But even Sugar's never been able to figure out Sunny, and she's been trying for most of her life.

An entry in Shrink Laureate's G5 Bingo Contest and Bicyclette's Sci-Fi Contest. Tied for third place in the former and winner of the Ivory Cedar Committee Award for G5 Is Cool I Guess in the latter. Bingo prompt deliberately omitted from this description to avoid spoilers.

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Sugar Moonlight is jealous of Cloudpuff, for reasons best known to herself. However, her jealously brings to light a very real danger, one that will cause Maretime Bay to descend into chaos once it, and the efforts to contain it, are unleashed.

Written for the Generation 5 Bingo Contest.

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After giving modeling a shot and that falling quite short, Moonlight had decided that her Cutie Mark had claimed the wrong pony and called her search to an abrupt holt. She settled down at her ordinary smoothie store, around town. There she meets a pair who gives her something needed at a time of self doubt, such as this

This story takes place a few days or weeks (Whichever you want to think it is) after the events of the MLP A New Generation Movie

Cover Art by ItsKittyRosie
Credit to her for inspiring this fic:heart:

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