Spike finally decides to write a book and gives Twilight his manuscript for inspection. What could go wrong, right?

Written through the power of procrastination over the course of a week.

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Word of Mario’s heroic deeds reached Equestria, now he is headed to Equestria for a vacation via invite but King Olly takes over Equestria by folding it into his own origami vision, now Mario teams up with Olivia and Spike to save Equestria. Will they be able to save Equestria or will Equestria be refolded? Find out on My Little Origami King.

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This story is a sequel to A weapon in Equestria

Here's the original fic: A Weapon In Equestria

Ok so you all know about the displaced stories on the fimfiction website right? Well turns out there true who new right? Well i didn't because I thought that the people who went missing were just kidnapped not sent to another universe. But I'm getting off track, anyways I went to comic-con dressed as my oc which is a hybrid of several different monsters from games and movies that i liked. I met someone dressed as The Kreeper from the jeepers kreepers movies. I bought a obsidian tablet with ancient writing on it and he wanted me to put my own symbol/mark on it. So i did not knowing what it would do and I was sent to Equestria with the obsidian tablet and I was turned into a infent of my oc and was hatched in fluttershy's cottage and it turns out that the obsidian tablet tells the destiny of the monsters of this world of equestria and my destiny apparently is to fight the bad monsters...yay.

[Displaced fic]

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Rainbow Dash has always acted on instinct and it's always helped with her stunts but what happens when she uses it for something else, something that she may not be willing to consider, something that she finds terrifying: love?

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A pseudo-sequel to Pony-Me.

Please note that this story is an AU that splits off of the main Pony-Me™ canon, and thus isn't a true sequel.

This story is no longer canon to the universe of Pony-Me.

Twilight Sparkle isn't exactly herself anymore... or at least, wasn't exactly herself anymore.

The past two weeks had seen her torn from Equestria, thrust into a new world with a new body she didn't even have control over, and worst of all, stripped of her own free will... at least, until now.

Lisa Garnet isn't exactly having a good time.

The past two weeks have sent her spiraling into her past, from rediscovering old friends, to finding the man who'd raised her from childhood. The worst of it? She doesn't even have a physical body anymore.

An AU of the original Pony-Me, splitting off after the chapter "Split Lives". Join the Discord if you'd like to discuss the story!

NOTE: With the main story finally over and this particular AU no longer being viable, I will now be recategorizing this story from semi-permanent hiatus to cancelled. Sorry.

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Set in an alternate universe, Rarity was corrupted by a vicious Chrysalis when she was very little. Many years later, Rarity as a grown mare was still corrupted to the point that she wanted to marry a prince. Fortunately, an alicorn and a kind-hearted dragon were able to make some changes for the better.

This is my thirteenth overall story, and the first to be an Alternate Universe story, so it is NOT linked with the other stories I wrote before. Also, somethings can be different from the MLP:FIM universe.

This story is based on this video:

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Cozy Glow's mother and father return from a long trip just before Twilight's coronation, and are understandably unhappy at being parents to a statue. Where have they been all this time, though? And how did their daughter turn out the way she did?

A complete redo of a fic I briefly started before deleting, this time featuring extra character development, a more coherent plot and less irritating narration. I hope this is a marked improvement on the original, because I really like this idea and want to explore it more.

Featured from 6/9/20 to 8/9/20

Picture credit MelSpyRose on Deviant Art

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This story is a sequel to Swooty Bell Adventures Part 3: Mr.McMeany Strikes Back

She is returning.

Swooty Bell is slowly dying from her injuries at the robotic spider leg of Mr.McMeany. The stage has been set for a galaxy wide massacre, and the greatest evil Swooty Bell has ever faced shall be the engine of that destruction. All hope has been lost.

And then they heard the voice, and everything changed.

The end has come! The final battle for Swooty Bell and her friends is near!

(Please note that Spelling and grammar mistakes are intentional, for this is the universe of Swooty Bell!)

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King Thorax loved his little changelings.

Ever since he plotted a coup to keep his old queen Chrysalis from invading Canterlot during the biggest wedding in pony history, he took care of them by following the same principle Celestia and Luna set for their subjects. However, not everything is all nice and peachy. Facing down eventual extinction, he calls in the Element Bearers and their sisters to help.

These are their stories...

Story requested by Chazkopa, image author is linked to the picture

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Due to her reckless antics and tomboyish behavior, Rainbow Dash has generally been thought of as one that had no real interest in the matters of love and dating. However, she gets challenged by Spike one day when he tells his friends that he would never be able to fall in love with her. Given Rainbow's competitive nature, a new challenge between the two of them begins.

She tries to steal Spike's heart and if he falls in love, he loses!

Between awkward dates, friendly interference, a jealous Rarity, an over-protective Twilight and a betting pool stretching all across Equestria, who knows what ending awaits them!

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