It's been six months since Rarity and Rainbow Dash were married. It's been six months since Rarity and Sweetie Belle's parents passed away. 

It's been six months since Rarity and Rainbow Dash took in Sweetie Belle. 

Will Hearth's Warming make or break their fragile new family?

Cover art: https://raridashdoodles.tumblr.com/post/181035514979/hearths-warming, by the incomparable RariDashDoodles.

Not related to any of my other stories.

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In the middle of the blizzard in the Canterlot Mountains, a lonely mare is found by a dragon. What seems like a coincidence has in fact far deeper meaning as the meeting unravels the stories of passion, friendship, loneliness, lust and caring, all tied up to the group of friends we all know too well.

The young unicorn does not realize that she plays an important part in story far longer and greater than just her own life. She is an unknowing key to the tale of hot romance and cold tears

But as she dives deeper, she becomes curious. Is the situation that she found herself in really just a misfortune ?

Who is her companion ? Why didn't he reveal her name ? And why she has the strangest of feelings: that she knows him from somewhere ?

Follow the passionate, random and dramatic love story of Spike, Rarity and Gabby. Watch as their feelings change the fate of them and ones they love.

Tag "Sex" is used because of the sensual nature of chapter 13. However, the scene is not graphic and vulgar, rather poetic, so that's why I rate it T.

New chapters will be added with regularity, as my life allows, one per one or two weeks. There are 8 chapters left till the end of the story.

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This story is a sequel to A Plus One in Haywaii

Hearth's Warming is when ponies spend time with their loved ones. This also applies to Feather Bangs as he gets to spend this holiday with not one, but three of his marefriends. They decide to go to Ponyville for a little holiday trip. At first, Feather was having a good time with his marefriends. That was until he meets a shy mare who really needed a friend to lift her spirit during the holiday season.

This is my third installment to my Feather Bangs' Trilogy!
1st Story - One Date at a Time
2nd Story - A Plus One in Haywaii

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It has been six years since Princess Twilight Sparkle ascended to the throne of Equestria. There has been continuous peace and prosperity ever since. The only down side? Rarity cannot get away from the press and media who follow them around.

Even in remote holiday destinations she is recognised. Only now she has an idea. A potentially weird and risky idea which involves a certain mirror portal. This tale really focuses on the relationships of these holidaying ponies, and the effects having a doppelganger can have on someone from a parallel world.

Author note 1: This is a story written using UK English dictionary.

Author note 2: Prologue is optional.

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A Side-Story to The Misadventures of a Fox.

Sometimes a romance progresses normally. Sometimes a relationship is healthy.
This. This is not one of those times.
Gilda has a heart to heart conversation with her old friend Dash about what not to do.

This is basically one long conversation. Simply a Griffon calling out a Pegasus on her actions.

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There was a question... and Spike wanted the answer. The curiosity of it was gnawing at his little dragon brain like gerbils in a vat of candy corn. In desperation, he turns to Cadence for help, and she's more than happy to assist.

After all, it's just a simple question. What's the worst that could happen?

(Takes place prior to Season 1. Rated for scattered innuendo.)

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It was just supposed to be a little game, part of the very first slumber party held in Twilight's new castle. Neither Twilight nor her friends expected to learn life-changing things about each other. And none of them could have anticipated who among them had the most experience when it came to sex...

(Unless you read the comments. Spoilers!)

Reading by Max Kongo!

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To our knowledge, Earth is a pretty ordinary planet. Despite the craziness that goes on in our world, gravity keeps us on the ground, air lets us breathe, and food and water keep us going. On this ordinary planet, on an ordinary night in an ordinary house lives an ordinary person. On that night, that person makes a hypothetical choice before bed.
    That ordinary person just so happens to be you; and that choice might not be as hypothetical as you might think.

(Just your typical second person story starring a person named Anonymous. Rated T for language and jokes about dangly bits. Thanks to my friend for the cover art.)

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A lonely Princess Celestia asks an equally lonely Anonymous out.

Short, cute and fluffy Anon x Celestia story. Contains (among other things) cuddling, power metal, cosmology, terrible pacing and South Park.

Rated T for swearing and some mild sexual stuff.

Now with dramatic reading from StraightToThePointStudio.

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