To the pathetic creature who decided to snoop in my belongings, I am Magneto. If you value your miserable life then you should put this down and calmly walk away. Perhaps, if you’re quick, I may show you some mercy for trespassing in my home. However, if you choose to ignore this warning then I won’t feel an ounce of remorse for filling you with lead.

(NOT part of the Displaced Universe. The Merchant is the catalyst but it's not Displaced. No Crossovers, Tokens, etc.)
(EQG style anthro. Roughly 4.3 on the anthro scale)
(Heavily inspired by Villanon by AponymousAuthor, reposted by silvetear on PonePaste. Check out the story.)

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A crossover with Titanfall about an unfortunate series of events for a rather unlucky pilot.

Featured on my birthday, 5/5/2021

Death - Obvious.
Profanity - Obvious.
Violence - Obvious.

Chapters (2)

Eleanor Wolfe has been a Pegasister since she was a little girl. Her favorite ponies have always been Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy. One night, she watches one of her favorite episodes, and Pinkie Pie extends her hoof through the television, beckoning Eleanor to take her hoof.

Curious and taken by Pinkie Pie's character, Eleanor takes the hoof and is transported into the world of Equestria, as a clone of Pinkie Pie.

Will Eleanor accept her fate as Pinkie Pie's twin, or will she be able to find a way home?

First Chapter takes place during 'Too Many Pinkie Pies'.

Cover Art belongs to PHP146.
Pony Designs belong to Taneysha.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro, DHX Studios and Lauren Faust.

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to Hearts Beat

Octavia and Flash Sentry have a lot in common.

One of those things is failed relationships.

Another is the hotel hallway they're currently trapped in.

This fic is a midquel to Hearts Beat, taking place entirely within the chapter "Vulnerable". It is highly recommended that you read Hearts Beat up through "Vulnerable" before starting this fiction - it will contain spoilers for Hearts Beat. That said, this is technically a stand-alone story, so feel free to check it out if spoilers don't scare you away

Chapters (2)

Tyler is your typical desk jockey; works at a desk all day, then plays games at a desk all night.

But when he accepts the duty of leading a small changeling hive in a dream, he finds himself woefully unprepared for the responsibilities thrust upon him.

Yeah, he did volunteer for it, but how was he supposed to know that some dreams are real?

Chapters (2)

Two weeks had passed since Moonlight had been defeated. Chrysalis passed this time to learn more about her new friends. Each of them were back to their normal lives, except for Sunlight, who left the city to explore the world and see what it have to offer. But soon, Moonlight come back from his recovery, ready to take his revenge on Sunlight and the others. Only this, time, he decide to find allies and start recruiting the human counterparts of well known villains from Equestria. Will our heroes be able to face this new danger? Who will win this clash? Only one way to be sure.

Chapters (10)

This story is a sequel to Sombra's Bat

Princess Celestia is worried. A threat to her and her kingdom has arisen and she has so far been unable to stop it. From her perspective, these ponies are creatures of darkness and she is fearful for both her loyal subjects and herself.

Moonlight is also worried. She has a family now - a close circle of friends, her mother and of course her lover Sombra - but Celestia will not leave them alone no matter how hard they try to keep the peace.

The darkness and light are locked in battle, and many kingdoms are at stake. However, Celestia has made it clear that this is about much more than just politics. No, this is very personal, and she has a score to settle. Moonlight will have to fight harder if she wants to keep those ponies close to her heart safe.

This is a sequel to Sombra's Bat, so if you haven't read that this won't make much sense. Check out the original if you're interested! :twilightsmile:

Chapters (2)

In a special story taking place befor The Fall of Detective jakkid166, our favorite detective (me) find himself in a sort of bad situation: He is DYING!

Faced with imminent unaliveness, Detective jakkid must find a way to make sure his friends is provided for before he passses... but what length will he go to to make that hapen? Possibly even a mile length?? Find out in Detective jakkid166 Breaks Bad!

Chapters (1)

This is a story of a group of friends, brought together in ways that none of them expected and how they saw much of the history that happened when they were around.
NONE of this is cannon, of course, but more of a different point of view from those that were there and feel like how the historians got it WRONG.

The tags are labeled as such for future chapters.

Chapters (1)

A new pony enters the world of Equestria. Who is this pony, and why exactly are certain events playing out all around him? OC story. My first Fimfic, so expect it to either be short or moving along quickly.

Chapters (2)
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