It's been 20 years that Cozy Glow has been encased in stone. She has had plenty of time to herself to think about the things she's done. Is she going to better herself from them?

...The answer is a big fat NO! Why would she ever wish to redeem herself? She could've had everything and in days it was stripped away from her, stuck permanently rooted in cold, hard stone. And through the last few decades, she been all by herself, and has been perfectly capable of plotting her gruesome revenge... Luckily for her, she has a good idea of how to get out of this eternal prison, with or without her 'buddies.'

[A short story of Cozy Glow escaping her imprisonment. Story takes place in my MLP Next Gen.]

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UpIsNotJump. Famous for his 'This Is Why' series where he reviews all types of knowledge and facts, along with video games. And now, he has wound up somewhere new. Where exactly? Equestria.
What follows is the Main 6 being confused by his antics, as he causes chaos, and accidentally sets everything on fire. Soon, the british man of chaos shall bring both good buys and bad guys to their knees, as he curses the sun, draws his blade, drinks his coffee, and explains why My Little Pony is a nightmare.


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I got dragged to Equestria by pure accident due to an experiment gone 'wrong', roughly forty years before Nightmare Moons' arrival.
No matter what I do, as a pony-changeling hybrid, something will change with Equestria. I just hope I don't doom the country before Nightmare Moon even arrives... Or worse.

This is the first story I ever tried to write professionally, so there WILL be errors, for that, I apologize in advance.
I'm editing and proofreading it on my own because I literally suck when it comes to using this site competently.
Lastly, I am a slow writer due to IRL getting in the way but I will try my hardest to settle the story down whether it's popular or not.

Fair warning, there may be spoilers in the comments.

Thank you to Little Tigress for the fantastic cover art.

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A human joins the Summer Sun Celebration in Ponyville during Nightmare Moon's return. He thinks he's going to regret it. He's probably right.

A three part silly short, reboot of the "Hands" universe but doesn't require prior knowledge of that fic. Just for fun.

EDIT: Featured from 12/15/2019 to 12/21/2019.

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This is a story of a group of friends, brought together in ways that none of them expected and how they saw much of the history that happened when they were around.
NONE of this is cannon, of course, but more of a different point of view from those that were there and feel like how the historians got it WRONG.

The tags are labeled as such for future chapters.

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A distress call issues from a mansion in the snow-capped peaks of the Crystal Mountains. One of the six young residents is reporting evidence of a changeling among them. The Royal Guard rallies to their remote location with all haste, but they are days away—they have charged Detective Pesco and his apprentice Bluebird with investigating the scene in advance.

There's nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide. Identity is a delicate thing, and the changeling's isn't the only one on the brink of unraveling.

A novel-length mystery (social deduction, closed room, limited suspect pool) with an emphasis on character drama. Entirely original cast split among canonical and semicanonical MLP species: ponies, griffons, reindeer, zebra—and among them, the changeling.

Assumed to take place prior/alternative to the changeling reformation in season 6.

Cover art (one and two) by Rocket Lawnchair.

Many thanks for the catches and suggestions from my beta readers, including: wonderkid125, Miller Minus, mikemeiers, Secret Moon, Majora.

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My name is Zach. I am a hobbyist hacker, modder, gamer, and closet brony. I recently started a job working with the local police to solve crimes involving computers and/or the internet. I was excited to get my first case: ten people gone missing without a trace after a multi-day blizzard. Unfortunately, it was a bit of a cold-case, and I was only called in as a last-ditch effort to find something.

But oh, did I find something.

Now I'm trapped in another world, in the body of my favorite mythical Pokémon, with absolutely no clue where I am, how I got here, or where my computer is. That last one's the most important! At least I can get to know my new body and awesome powers. Wait... is that a pony?!

Set in the Eeveeverse with permission from Symphonicdysonince. You don't necessarily have to read the original to understand this story, but it is highly recommended.

This story is a work in progress. It may be edited and changed in any way at any time.

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King Sombra has just taken Canterlot, Twilight and her friends have been scattered, and The Royal sisters have been imprisoned. Sombra thought he had destroyed any possibility of resistance, clearly, he didn't Think twice about it. And whenever TheRussianbadger is given a task, you'd better believe he'll accomplish it, no matter how insane it seems or how extreme his methods...

A one shot parody based off of theRussianbadger and his cohorts shenanigans.

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Twilight is VERRRY much not a morning mare. In fact, she doesn't have the energy to start the day unless she has at least two or three pots of the miracle elixir called coffee. One day, without really thinking about it, she casts a spell on her beloved coffee machine. Unaware of this, she goes about her day with her friends.

After a few days, she starts to notice strange sounds coming from the machine. It sounds like... a child's voice?

(Image is placeholder and will be changed at a later date)

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This story is a sequel to Scars

*Note, the suicide/self harm tag is only there just to be safe. I can't say any more without spoiling a huge part of the story.

*Note #2, This story is prewritten and will be uploaded bi-weekly.

After returning to Twilight's castle, Tempest is eager to find her place among ponykind. However, most ponies still only see her as the villainous commander of the Storm King. Despite Twilight's best efforts, Tempest just doesn't feel like she belongs with the rest of Equestria.

Takes place the day after Scars. If you haven't read that story, I implore you to please read it first. A lot of what happens in the first couple chapters of this story are going to reflect on that story, and you won't really understand what's going on too well or why Tempest's mindset is the way that it is throughout this story unless you read that story first.

Edited by my buddy AJ, as always.

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