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While reshelving her castle library to accommodate some new books sent from Canterlot and recovered from the Castle of the Two Sisters, Twilight happens upon a mysterious one that sends her and her friends to another world. Now in young human bodies with remarkable powers, they must help prevent the end of this new world with the aid of one who is believed to be its greatest hero; Percy Jackson.

Predictably only the first of fifteen stories where the Mane 6 end up following the exploits laid out in Uncle Rick's Camp Half-Blood Chronicles (with a few personal liberties taken every now and then).

Please comment and enjoy.

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Sunset Shimmer is a regular pony-human. She has her friends, her school, and everything she could have wanted.
See that description up there? Yeah that was before the Manhattan field trip. She is no longer regular, she doesn't have her school, and she doesn't have everything she could want. The good news it that she still has her friends, along with some new faces.
Even better, she has a brand new Dad and family to join. Come see what life is like for her after she joins Camp Half-Blood.

This Story is a continuation of a story that already exists and was made by ThePoneDrome all credit goes to him/her!

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This story is a sequel to Descendants: My once upon a time 2

It's the summer hols and Percy and Annabeth have just come back from their adventure in the Hesperides. Percy starts at Goode High School, but a monster arises. Will Sunset show him, although she is a monster, that she is a worthy member?

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