Have you ever just been having a regular day, then suddenly, BAM, you're dead? Well, no, of course you haven't. But what do you expect to happen after you die? If the answer was getting shoved into an overly pink copy of a pony princess, you'd be lying. Worse yet, she made me an alicorn just like her, which causes a whole new set of problems.

Unfortunately, she is adamant that I stay and become her twin sister. I had other plans and ditched her the moment I could. Ponies, princesses, and twin sisters? This was just some Disney-esque fantasy story! I was on the run, hiding from guard patrols, but none of it mattered in the end. Her mother, Cadance, is an absolutely crazy, powerful pony with an even more powerful maternal instinct. So when it came down to her word against mine, she was really hard to convince, and she wasn't taking no for an answer.

(AKA, Super wholesome, fluffy, found family. And me having fun tugging on heartstrings.)
(Cover image by: me)

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Gear Shift gets brushed. Gear Shift does not want to be brushed. Nobody cares.

A gift for Gear Shift from the TCP Discord server. For putting up with all of our BS in good humor, love you Geab!

Art by Facade

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This story is a sequel to Coffee Pony

Nightbrewer is a inconspicuous pony surrounded by humans, running a small coffee shop, despite living in a society that doesn't accept coffee. But when a human suddenly demands for a cup, he is surprised, and, in the process of getting to know him, finds out just how much this human needs his help.

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Spike didn't ask to be saved, not like this.

Written as an entry for the Cyberpunk Equestria Contest.

Cover Art provided by the wonderful kleia.

06/01/23 - 06/02/23: Featured.

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So, I got blasted by some mages in my world, and now I'm in a completely new one. I'm something called a 'kirin', and I've lost my opposable thumbs. Surprisingly, it wasn't a polymorph spell either! My magic has gone completely wack. I burned down a forest. And apparently I'm the first ever Kirin to have alicorn magic, which sounds awesome right? Well, not when you're constantly combusting into flames! I never wanted this! And for some reason these ponies keep treating me so nicely. Even after I keep screwing everything up. How hard is it to act like normal for once in my life?

What? There's nothing wrong with me! Please don't send me back...

Cover art by: Ziper Ace
Featured on: 2023 - 4/13, 4/17, 4/22 and quite a few more... Thanks everyone!

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This story is a sequel to Forbidden Melodies

Two centuries have passed since Nightmare Moon's banishment, yet everypony's fear for nightfall still paralyzed Equestrians in every corner of the realm. Princess Celestia tasked her young student, Glissando, to venture into the world and soothe the hearts of her subjects before terror consumes them.

Now, five years later, Glissando has returned home as a grand maestro with his answer: a song to reshape the very foundations of the world and banish the darkness forever.

Proofread by ShutterflyYay
Special Thanks to: Manaphy
Cover art Strict by Mechagen
Updated: 10/15/21

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This story is a sequel to The Stereotypical Necromancer

Hello there and welcome, my favorite and most dedicated readers, to my celebration of The Stereotypical Necromancer's two year anniversary! Two years ago today, I began writing my overlong and worn-out recollections of a pitiful colt's reoccurring traumas!

I've been deliberating on what the best way to celebrate would be for a few anticipatory months now, and as today drew nearer, I hit upon a neat little idea. An idea I'd already had a little while ago, that I had put in my pocket for a rainy day.

Today is that rainy day! Today, I'll be presenting some of the discarded drafts I saved in the process of writing chapter 40! You can't ever escape it: chapter 40 will haunt us all until we die! :pinkiecrazy:

Nowadays, each disparate part of chapter 40 has been individually named, so any newer readers probably won't quite understand the pain we all feel. Anyone that's been around for a while will remember how tedious it all was, though. And now, whether you suffered through it yourself or not, you'll get to relive that experience! Lucky you!

I'm more glad than anything that chapter 40 is over, but there was a lot of intriguing stuff I cut in the interest of time, ironically enough. Some of these drafts are over a year old, and I don't even remember what they're about. It's gonna be a long, mortifying trip down memory lane.

I'll have some of the more notable drafts in single chapters, while consolidating some of the more disparate scraps into a collection. I'll also be sharing my thoughts and opinions on the content and why I might have cut it in the AN. It'll be fun to share a little bit of the background process of writing with you!

The naming format for chapters should be obvious enough, but inside the chapters, the top paragraph will noticeably be entirely italicized. If present, these beginning paragraphs should mark the published instance of what preceded the cut, so you can ctrl+f and find where we're picking up from, if you want. For your convenience!

Now, some of these drafts may contain ideas that may eventually make their way to actual chapters, and in those cases, I won't censor them. This is the anniversary, and I think anyone who's dedicated enough to care and to read these drafts in the first place will deserve to get a sneak peek into some ideas for the future. :twilightsmile:

And finally, I just want to give an additional thanks to all of you who read my garbage. Writing is the main source of stress in my life, but I've never had anything give me such a sense of profound purpose before. Seeing how others receive my works is my greatest source of joy in life, and I don't know what I'd do if I weren't writing.

Whether you've been here for a year or a day, you truly mean the world to me.

Let's look at some drafts.

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Takes place in an alternate universe where Celestia and Luna used the Elements of Harmony to slay King Sombra.

Celestia and Luna are no more. The sun and moon have collided, and the heavens torn asunder in the aftermath of their final battle. The Elements of Harmony are missing, presumed forever lost. The fiends of Tartarus are on a rampage, and no one can stop them. And to make things perfect, the ruler of the nation of Boardor has decided to invade.
Desperate, Clover the Clever's last living student gathers together 108 virgin mares, in order to perform a ritual that will revive King Sombra. They succeed... kinda.
A human, in King Sombra's body, suddenly finds himself in an Equestria in a downward spiral with a bunch of technicolor ponies begging him to save them. Convinced that he's either dreaming, stoned, or insane, he tries to go along with it as best he can, although the voice in his head, a very angry voice with a hunger for conquest, crystals, slavery, and stairs, isn't doing much to instill confidence in his own sanity...

New Cover Art By Shadow Bolt!

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Kirins have lived for centuries in the grove within the Peaks of Perils. They have their own legends and heroes.
One of their tale, starting a thousand year before the friendship adventures of Twilight Sparkle, is the "Thorn of the Frozen Star", where we learned how a kirin, named Ivory Frost, saved the grove from the threat posed by an ice wyrm, Zuriak.

Written the story on impulse, and proposed to original author. Original settings, characters and composition of Frozen Night : you can listen the Album of the Thorn of the Frozen Star on youtube.

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Red thinks that her laugh sounds friendly. Blue thinks she should stop laughing while shooting others.


A weird short in which I try and write gunfights and conversations.

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