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Spike and Scootaloo seemed to come from different worlds.

Why did Spike feel they had something in common, from long ago?

For "Reunions: A Swapped Roles Contest."

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Snap Shutter and Mane Allgood visit their daughter and Holiday and Lofty. When they get there, they find Scootaloo reading a Daring Do book with Rainbow Dash. They get into an argument with Rainbow over whether or not Daring Do is a good depiction of an adventurer's life. Rainbow can't stand it and blurts out Daring's real, and is actually in town for a few days, doing book signings (as A.K Yearling, of course). Mane Allgood and Snap Shutter don't believe her, and Rainbow decides to prove it.

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When well-respected naturalist Mane Allgood returns to Ponyville, all she wanted to do was leave her work behind, relax and enjoy some quality time with her foals before starting her new job at Twilight's Academy. Her plans are dashed however, when she hears of a new species of ape found brutalized by poachers. Infuriated by the news, Allgood finds a new purpose in helping this creature get back onto her feet, all the while writing a new paper of course.

This new creature, however, might provide Allgood with something even more substantial than just a new animal to write about and care for.

Thanks to Jinzou and TCC56 for editing this story!

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