This story is a sequel to The Little Pony legend: The Guardians of Harmony

Ever since she met Iris and Akari, Chi the Wisp has always been the big sis of the Guardians and being the element of loyalty, she is always willing to place herself before her friends whether its solving a mystery or sacrificing her life.

But as graduation fast approaches and a very important day for her, she begins to doubt her loyalty to her friends. Her questions and doubts must be put on hold though when a new threat emerges from the shadows and guardians must stop these new foes from completing they're mysterious but deadly mission. All while a new foe begins to rise from the shadows.

Welcome to a next chapter of the Little Pony Legend saga.

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After being reformed, Starlight Glimmer is determined to start fresh. First, with reconnecting with her old friend Sunburst by joining him to visit his father at The Crystal Empire, and aid Twilight and Korra with the Crystalling of the new baby alicorn.

Afterwards, join Starlight as she takes on the wicked Queen Chrysalis and her army of changelings and finally realize that her past truly doesn’t defy her future.

Originally posted in 2017

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This story is a sequel to The Little Pony legend: The Guardians of Harmony

Join Iris and the rest of the gang as they embark on a new adventure in The Little Pony Legend: Encore!

A year has passed since the defeat of the Storm King and the Guardians have graduated from high school. To celebrate and say goodbye to friends, the team decides to kick off the summer with a talent festival. But as the festivities are about to begin, a mysterious new foe appears and sends the kids to a new world. a musical world. Now they must play the Maestro's game in order to escape his twisted realm but they have to do it fast or else they'll be trapped in there forever. Can they break free in time?

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An ancient entity has awaken as it spreads its malice across the world and threaten a new age of darkness.

Princess Avatar Korra and a dark, reluctant pariah named Kage (My OC) must join forces to embark on a quest to stop the destruction and save the world.

Note: This is an AU of Little Pony Legend.

Disclaimer: Little Pony Legend is a Fanfiction series by MaggieHeartsLove. All credit goes to her.

My Little Pony is owned by Hasbro, Inc. and The Legend of Korra is owned by Nickelodeon.

Kage is an OC created and owned by me.

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Due to Anon-A-Miss, Sunset Shimmer flees from CHS, but when she ends up being stranded, she seemingly finds salvation when she boards a train at a mysterious station in the woods. Now, along with new friends and fellow passengers from across the Multi-verse, she travels along the train, where the possibilities are as infinite as the train itself, trying to find a way to get off the train and return home, while discovering things about herself she never knew.

Big Multi-crossover.

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Join the mischievous Discord was he recalls all of the fun and memorable moments between The Mane Six and Team Avatar before and after The Great Change.

Originally posted in 2016. Unedited original chapters

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