Flurry Heart spent most of her foalhood listening to stories of favourite Aunt Twilight Sparkle's many accomplishments.

Now a young mare seeking her place in the world, Flurry has attempted to model herself in Twilight's image. One could even say that Flurry idolizes her aunt.

Twilight wishes she didn't.

It's time for a chat.

*Set 15 years after the end of Friendship is Magic*

Huge thank you to kalash93 and son_of_heaven176 for their tremendous work on editing and proofreading!

*Coverart is not owned by me, all credit goes to kiwi4578 on Derpibooru*

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This story is a sequel to Courtesans

Princess Cadence adopted a changeling, and now little Cheval is Flurry Heart's younger sister. As old enemies resurface, their sisterly love may be all that can save the Crystal Empire.

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With no warning, Equestria finds itself in the middle of a crisis the likes of which it has never seen. Overnight, all four princesses have disappeared! That's real messed up!

Shining Armor has gone through these sorts of emergencies before, though. But with his wife and sister missing, he's not willing to sit on the sidelines and let Twilight's friends save the day without him. As circumstances begin piling up, Shining Armor finds himself in the middle of a plot that can only be solved by a few very talented secondary characters.

Unfortunately, Blueblood is one of them.

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Flurry Heart and Pumpkin Cake are friends, untill they become rivals when the school gets a cute new student, watch them try to get his attention and spend time with him.

In this story, Spike Pound Flurry Heart and Pumpkin are the same age.

Also this is a test story to see if Spike x Pumpkin can work if they were the same age, and the same for Spike x Flurry Heart

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A changeling has managed to achieve a prized position. They are the nanny of an alicorn, Flurry Heart to be specific. This close to such a loving little foal and her loving mother, surely nothing could go wrong!

Written for a loyal backer on my patreon!

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Due to sudden changes in Twilight's schedule, Starlight Glimmer and Trixie end up babysitting Flurry Heart for a day. Everything is fine.

Well, except maybe a thing or two.

Preread by Door Belle, hawthornbunny, and Bootsy Slickmane

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When Luna finds a new prophecy from Starswirl, she and Celestia think it may have already happened, so they forget about it. They were wrong.

When they discover a comet is heading for Equestria and will cause all kinds of damage, they do their best to find a good solution, but when they can't, only an act of love will truly save them all.

Cover art by norang94 will take down if asked.


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It has been 18 years since Celestia and Luna departed from this world for the next, leaving Twilight Sparkle in charge of Equestria. An old threat has reared it's ugly head, and now she must rise up to stop it.

The problem? She can't. She hates to admit it, Scratch, the Eternal Warden of Tartarus, is right. The Elements of Harmony have left her and her friends, and are ready to pass on to new blood. But who?

Meanwhile, Twilight's niece, Flurry Heart, has been sent to a little town called Ponyville to "Do herself some good" they said. On the train she meets a rather lazy colt who starts to show her around town.

Ponies have been getting more and more violent... They'll jump more quickly to anger than they used to...

And the summer has been unusually cold.

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Today I did not wake up in a place I recognize. Not that I can remember how I got here. Where even is here? A castle of crystals in a magical world of pastel-colored talking horses. It's like a dream, only I'm also a wearied, mutant bug monster.

What in the world is a changeling? Oh, and what is that about a war we're apparently responsible for? This looks like it's shaping up to be a hell of a new day, at least, if I don't get squashed like a bug before it can even start.

Featured: 2/5/19

Edited and pre-read by: Emtu and Indigo_Celeste

Thanks to all the pre-readers that helped reorganize the first few chapters:
TheOneWithoutAName, TheClassyLeviathan and Mind Jack

Cover art by: KlaraPL

Updates for this story on Wednesdays

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About a decade has passed, Equestria experienced a great many changes that reshaped the continent. A brutal war between the Equestrian Kingdom and the de-facto Dragon Nation devastated the continent and the poor leadership by its ruler, Princess Celestia, eventually ended with her abdication following the war. A new Republic formed afterwards, one that divided power among regions and city states more evenly.

Even so, some are seeking to secede entirely from the fledgling and inexperienced Republic and fears of a Civil War, not seen in centuries, loom over the horizon.

Twilight Sparkle, Flurry Heart, and others are tasked with bringing the crisis to an end before it spirals out of control.

But it's not just the looming threat of war that weighs heavy on Twilight's mind but... a mysterious foe that haunts her dreams...

Hey, peeps. So, this is... my first fanfic since 2012 :twilightsheepish: Yup, 6 years... I had to overcome a lot of self-doubt and esteem issues. But if I ever wanted to get out of my creative and self-doubting funk, I best put out something regardless :pinkiehappy:

Would love to hear feedback on the story, writing, characters. It's an ongoing series and I have quite the free time (having done my military service), so expect more story and character goodness over time! :ajsmug:

Cover Art by: MintyRoot

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