This story is a sequel to The Trials of Love

Written for FlashLight Week 2019 Day 6

Prompt of the day: Time

As in "It is time, people! It is finally time!" Yeah, believe me. It's MUCH better than how I'm making it sound. :ajsmug:

Cover art by ro994 (Please check out her stuff on deviantart)

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This story is a sequel to Dare You to Move

Ah, graduation, the time when teenagers make the leap and soar into the next chapter of their lives. Just how are Flash and his friends dealing with the transition?

Written for FlashLight Week 2019 Day 4

Prompt of the day: Flight

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It's a particularly heavy snow day in the city, and Sonata Dusk is more than happy to play in the snow.

However, when neither Aria nor Adagio can play with her, she does the next best thing: challenge the first person that walks by.

Who just so happens to be Flash Sentry.

This can only end well.

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The de Hoofilland Constellation is the world's largest passenger airliner, capable of carrying 1200 passengers and crew halfway around the world. Since its launch, it has become an icon in the world of civil aviation and a major status symbol for Equestria - until one of them mysteriously falls out of the sky, leaving only a sole survivor. Horrified by the plane's sudden failure and the horrendous loss of life, Princess Celestia and Sultan Solaris of Saddle Arabia open up a joint inquiry into the loss of the ill-fated leviathan, with Twilight Sparkle leading the investigation. Will they be able to find the cause? Will the Constellations' image remain tarnished forever? And will the survivor live to tell the tale?

Contains references to real-life aviation disasters. Reader discretion is advised when reading this story.

The crashes featured here are largely based on the calamitous in-flight break-up of the real-life de Havilland Comets, the most notorious of which was the loss of BOAC Flight 781 for London. This story is dedicated to the victims' memories.

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18 years ago, a strange, celestial body crashed just on the outskirts of Canterlot. A mysterious box was found and studied in the Canterlot Research Facility. Despite the time and effort, its secrets have yet to be unearthed....until now.

6 months had passed since the disappearance of Micro Chips' brother, Gizmo. But upon a mysterious delivery, he and his friends Flash and Sandalwood work to crack the mystery surrounding the incident.

Now, rampaging monsters run amok in Canterlot City, emitting a strange gas that turns others into the same creatures. What's worse, Equestrian Magic seems to have no effect. Fortunately, Gizmo had left something behind. A particular system needed to combat these creatures and uncover the truth.

Flash Sentry now takes up the mantle, to build the winning formula.

In collaboration with Banshee531

Kamen Rider Build Crossover.

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Flash Sentry really needs to watch his words. Particularly when talking to certain individuals.

From the All The Time In The World writeoff.me contest where it placed 9th.

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This story is a sequel to Heaven’s Not Too Far Away

Roughly 1 month after his mother passed away, Flash Sentry and his family are doing their best to cope with their loss. For Flash's aunt, her biggest struggle is her feeling of inadequacy with raising her twin sister's children. For Flash's brother, his biggest struggle is remembering that his aunt and his mother are two different people. As for Flash himself, well, he is just trying to keep his family together without getting overwhelmed by his own insecurities.

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Whirlwind and Flash Sentry go on a date at a spaghetti themed restaurant. Spaghetti is the main dish. Of course something goes wrong and it involves spaghetti. Read to find out.

( The text that gave me the prompt, "Ah! Sorry I was gone! I passed out and then had to go to school. Right lets see.. how about: Whirlwind Spaghetti Romance?" By count balatro on amino. )

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This story is a sequel to Good Enough

Set one month after the end of Heaven't Not Too Far Away, this story is about Twilight and Flash's first major relationship problem. Also, later on, two people get married.

I'm sorry this description is terrible, but I can't think of any better way to describe it without spoiling the story.:twilightsheepish:

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