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During her mail-mare rounds in Ponyville, Derpy runs into an unexpected individual who offers her a strange answer to one of her "signature problems".

*Story was created on a whim. Notice [Random Tag] :twilightsheepish:
*Many thanks to a friend who helped me with revision.
*All credit to the creator of the image, who is not me.
*Here is the source from which I got the image, in case it doesn't show up: http://thederpyhoovesorganization.blogspot.com/

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Fluttershy finds a strange stuffed toy, one that looks like it's made of all sorts of animal parts, abandoned in the road. She decides to take it home and fix it...but soon, it begins talking, telling her its strange story.

She finds herself agreeing to help lift the curse on it...though she's not sure what that will entail.

Day Five of #FluttercordWeek

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This story is a sequel to The Mare Who Became Queen

Day Two of Fluttercord Week 2021 (Vacation)

For the first time in forever, Fluttershy and Discord finally take a relaxing trip together. And what better place to relax yet have fun than Saddle Arabia? Or so they thought. For some reason, the Saddle Arabians have been acting rather strangely around them ever since they've arrived.

Sorry for the lack of cover art:( If you’re interested in making a cover art for this story, let me know here on Fimfiction because I would love some cover art for this bad boy^^

Fluttercord Week:https://www.fimfiction.net/group/214010/fluttercord-week

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This story is a sequel to Change: Queen of The Hive

Princess Avia is looking forward to the Summer Sun Celebration in Ponyville, having heard so much about the town in question from her mother. A grand celebration, seeing her mother's best friends, what could be better?

Unfortunately, where Ponyville in concerned things rarely go as planned.

Edited by RC2101_Copey.
Cover art by: SentireAeris.
Featured 23/06/2018.

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Set during Season 6 Episode, 'Flutter Brutter'.

Having Zephyr Breeze failing 2 previous job attempts from her friends, Fluttershy turns to Discord for help. Fluttershy hopes that this time that Zephyr doesn't screw this one up. And that Discord doesn't give him a hard time.

Written for #FluttercordWeek

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The first Sonic Rainboom was a surprising, unexpected event. A moment of confusion, disruption....Chaos.

Discord finds an early escape from his statue, but in doing so, unknowingly drags with him six fillies from across Equestria. All of them having lost their memories, with nowhere to go and no one to turn to. Besides him.

Discord thus becomes the reluctant father figure to the six mares that will one day become Harmony's champions. Well, best enjoy the good times while they last.

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Part of the Wibblyverse continuity.

They have ruled for generations and lived for millennia. Their whims move the heavens and shape the earth. Their powers are immense. They are the Princesses. In these brief tales of weird terror, readers will be plunged into the darkness that lies behind the thrones of Equestria.

Find out what truly makes an alicorn in the Transition of Twilight Sparkle, a tale of transformation, terror, and getting 'the Talk' from your mother figure.

When Shining Armor tries to give his wife a massage, the force of an alicorn's uncontrolled power sweep across an empire in Liquid Crystal!

In Your Dreams sees Princess Luna, Defender of the Night, face off against what may be a force too great even for her; Pinkie Pie, loose in the Dreamworld.

In Call of Cthulestia, the Sun Princess considers her sister's banishment on its five-hundredth anniversary.

A bizarre object appears in Ponyville square, and everypony in town has a different idea of what it could be. The only way to truly describe it is as That Thing.

Over three thousand years ago, Luna and Celestia officially met with their new subjects for the first time. It could have gone better. Read about their first days of ruling under the tutelage of Starswirl the Bearded and other advisors in Be Not Afraid.

Ponyville's premier mailmare finds herself in a strange situation when she finds a shapeless figure in her basement in The Shape of Outer Time. The Doctor is in, and Ditzy only wants to know more...

During a visit from the Pie family for Pinkie's birthday, an ancient intelligence locked away in an ancient gemstone wreaks havoc on Ponyville in Rock of Ages. At least, it tries its best.

And more unearthly tales await!

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Tuesday Teas are the favorite tradition of Fluttershy and Discord, but Zephyr Breze shows up unexpectedly just minutes before the arival of the Lord of Chaos. Fluttershy has to face the reality that not everyone has forgiven the draconequss after all he's done. That dosn't mean they can't try again though.

Written for Day 3 of Fluttercord Week 2021. Theme: Zephyr Breze

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Captain Phoenix Firewing and Prism Shine find themselves lost in the Canon Universe after a mix-up with Glitter Brightstar's Universe Swap Spell , hopefully Twilight Sparkle and friends figure a way to send them back before they're stuck in the Canon universe forever.

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While the Lord of Chaos still thinks all these little pony holidays are useless, he decides to celebrate Hearth's Warming with his marefriend, Trixie despite his own opinions. However, the night takes a very unexpected turn of events when he notices his lover has gone missing!

Contains Trixicord shipping ;)

If the creator of the cover art for this fanfic would not like me to use their art, please contact me and I'll remove it immediately.

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