Thera: an alternate Earth that suffered a hundred years fighting the Great War, survived two Xeno invasions, several incursions from other dimensions and terrorised by traitors who were responsible for most of their current woes. Due to shortage of manpower, The Inter-Universal Volunteer Army (IUVA) was formed by the League of Nations of Thera to defend Humanity's Homeworld from Galactic threats, inter-dimensional invaders and to avenge the Billions lost by the traitors and their Xeno benefactors.

After receiving a tip from their benefactors that oversee the multiverse of a possible Traitor cell and a reality breach, a Division of Volunteers were sent to a world full of magic, mythical creatures and...... talking equines.

A rewrite of The Soldier and his Rider, Thera Victoria! takes our heroes to distant lands as far as the Heartland of a war-torn world to the peaceful town of Ponyville. Forging cooperation, friendship and comradery between two worlds.

Based off of my Fictional Nation in Stellaris.
Art from: https://www.deviantart.com/aninael/art/Airship-138031221

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Due to an accident in his youth, Charcoal lived a great many years without his father or his little brother. He blames himself for the accident, but life moves on around him, leaving him behind. He decides that he has to leave Ponyville to move on, and he does so in the middle of the night.

Diana can’t remember a thing when she wakes up one day in a storage room. Did she even have a life before then? She can’t remember. She just woke up one day, and was there. She decided right away that she should be happy, and that having fun was a top priority.

These two have their mettle tested against everything the world throws at them, sometimes handling different situations in the same way, or handling the same situation in a different way. No matter what, though, they share a common idea: They’re going to keep pushing their way toward their goal, regardless of the obstacles before them. Perhaps, they’re even walking the same path…

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A new jounery is ready to happen. Four heroes from four different worlds are brought into Equestria for an unknown purpose.

These four are Hibiki Kuze, Yusei Fudo, Shinji Ikari and X.

Not knowing how they got here, the four now live their lives with ponies and other creatures. But when a new threat comes to Equestria, the four heroes will have to team up to protect their new friends and Equestria.

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Anon passed away. His closest friends gather in the empty dining hall to mourn the loss of their friend. It should be a time for reflection, and for emotional output. Nothing will interrput them, right?


Criticism welcome (be gentle, it's my first time uploading).

Teen - Sex tag warning for like, two lines. Death tag cause, you know, Anon died. Yes it's an Anon story.

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This is a short story detailing the final moments of Equestria and its inhabitants before they were consumed by balefire. Although having never met, a teacher, a few factory workers, a stubborn scientist, a desperate mother and a lone operative will all share the same fate; a fate sealed by a big red button pressed in far away land.

This story is a part of the Fallout: Equestria - Decadence universe.

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This is a story of a group of friends, brought together in ways that none of them expected and how they saw much of the history that happened when they were around.
NONE of this is cannon, of course, but more of a different point of view from those that were there and feel like how the historians got it WRONG.

The tags are labeled as such for future chapters.

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This story is a sequel to Hinterlands

Two years ago, bounty hunter Bitterroot turned a lich and her necromancer apprentice over to the authorities. Now, that apprentice, Amanita, has been released on good behavior. She has no more interest in necromancy. In fact, she asked Bitterroot to turn her in all those moons ago and helped capture her master. With nowhere for Amanita to go, Bitterroot takes her in until she can get her hooves under herself.

But all isn’t well in Canterlot. A killer is stalking the streets, striking with impunity and leaving no trace. The Royal Guard is befuddled. Bitterroot’s investigations have yielded nothing. And night is turning into a time of dread. Something needs to be done. If only the dead could speak. If only there was a moral necromancer around.

Amanita doesn’t want to admit it, but the part of her past she hates the most might be the most useful part right now. Just because ponies are dying doesn’t mean they need to stay that way. What she buried needs to be dug up again.

Her demons are rearing their ugly heads. It’s time to face them.

Reading the preceding story will provide some context for this, but isn't required. Cover art is modified from this image. Updates Tuesdays and Fridays.

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A tragic cutting short of a budding romance. A confession of time travel and incurable disease. What was left behind. An instant, a lifetime, millions of years. Three timescales. Two timelines. One love story.


  • Death: The main theme of the entire story, I'd say.
  • Boulder

Author's Note

Disclaimer: Any errors in neurochemistry, neuropsychology, the study of prions, geology, linguistics, evolutionary biology, and paleontology are due to the author not being in any of these fields. My deepest apologies to the readers who are, and must cringe at my misunderstandings.

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Shining Armor, before becoming a captain, regularly performed patrol duty with his squad. Many of those patrol nights involved uneventfully standing guard in various districts of Canterlot. Tonight will be just as uneventful as the others.

Or so Shining Armor thought.

Written for the writing prompt "A Scream in the Dark". Thank you to Graymane Shadow for his critique on my fic, as well as everyone else who has read it!

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Kirins have lived for centuries in the grove within the Peaks of Perils. They have their own legends and heroes.
One of their tale, starting a thousand year before the friendship adventures of Twilight Sparkle, is the "Thorn of the Frozen Star", where we learned how a kirin, named Ivory Frost, saved the grove from the threat posed by an ice wyrm, Zuriak.

Written the story on impulse, and proposed to original author. Original settings, characters and composition of Frozen Night : you can listen the Album of the Thorn of the Frozen Star on youtube.

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