The human known as Anon is sick and tired of the rules of the universe—at least the one he’s found himself in at the moment. So he decides to pick a fight with the pony equivalent of Jesus.

Nothing good ensues.

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There’s no end to the monsters that lurk in the dark.

There are ghosts as quiet as darkness itself, waiting in their cold, lonely haunts for something warm to cling to. There are mad scientists and cultists, endless hordes of undead, strange monster from primordial ages and other dimensions, werewolves and more.

But by far the greatest danger of them all is the witch known as Twilight Sparkle.

With a 500 million bit bounty on her head, the one who takes her down will become a legend. Tempted by that glory, Rainbow Dash seeks her out.

But even finding Twilight is a difficult task. There is a curse that makes it impossible to find her unless it is the night of a blood moon, when it is both Halloween and Friday the 13th. That may seem an impossible condition to most, but Rainbow Dash has a plan and she’s determined to see it through even if she has to deal with every other monster in existence to get there.

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Your name is Anon and you are a human living in a society run by ponies.

You have no human friends—probably because you’re the only one. But that’s all right, you’ve got some pony friends and they’re pretty groovy. You just wish they’d tone down the ironic erotic energy they constantly exuded while around you.

I mean. There’s no way they were really that sexually charged, at least towards you. Right?


Well, good thing Rarity is right there!

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Anon is a macho manly man. He’s tough and resilient, coarse and rough. He takes no crap from anything or anyone. He is a strong independent green bean. He slays poon like no tomorrow.

He also has a griffin girlfriend. He likes it when she gives him cuddles.

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Twilight browses the IFunny app on Anon's phone while he goes and uses the bathroom. Needless to say she gets more than she bargained for.

Edited by Director Waffles

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Dealing with a sibling can be difficult sometimes, moreso when said sibling is in a bad mood. Just ask Princess Celestia, who has to juggle running an empire while balancing her relations with her younger co-ruling, chronically ill-tempered, inappropriate sister.

Princess Loona's name was always spelled with two o's... right?

This idea came to me during a night of drinking. I decided to follow it because it offered me more vodka.

Rated teen for an inebriated, foul-mouthed hellhound.

Cover art and the character Loona herself are from Vivienne Medrano's (VivziePop) Helluva Boss pilot.

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You ever just have one of those kind of nerve wracking conversations where you have to explain your job to some other pony that might not understand it?

Yeah, that's what I went through when I met one of my good friends, and believe me, it's never easy to explain why me, a stallion, is wearing a maid's dress to work, especially to a new friend that you're trying to make a good first impression with.

Just a silly one shot inspired by a picture drawn by lRUSU, which was in turn inspired by something I made in response to my passion project picking up comments more regularly. I told someone I'd draw my OC wearing a maid's dress if it ever picked up regular comments, and lo and behold it managed to do that shortly after as if he universe had willed it into existence.

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Death. For some, it is a blessing after ravaging disease or a life well lived. For others, it is an inevitability to be feared above anything else. Everyone wonders what happens after you meet the Reaper, but no one knows for sure.

Death. It comes just as surely to ponies as it does to any other creature. A part of life as natural as birth.

However, the Death that comes to ponies is more like a pony than you would expect.

In Equestria, Death has a Cutie Mark.

And with Cutie Marks come Cutie Mark Problems.

So what happens when the Reaper of Souls, the Pale Horse himself, loses touch with his purpose in life---er, death?

He seeks out the three fillies most suited for the job in all of Equestria.

Surely, if the Cutie Mark Crusaders can help so many other ponies with their problems, then they can help Death in Pony Form?

Alternatively titled The Grim Adventures of the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

Cover art furnished by myself. I used a template for the general body plan, but I couldn't make out the signature to tell who created it. If you recognize it as yours, though, I'll credit you.

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Rainbow Dash is many things. Mainly awesome. But romantic, certainly not. Of all the ponies who would attempt a forbidden romance, nopony would have thought she would.

Now she finds herself head over hooves in love with a mortal enemy of the country. On top of that, she has to face the one group of ponies she's terrified of rejecting her new found romance: her best friends.

[Tales of the Carnageverse]

Note: This story was created as a prompt from the RD Random Shipping Game. The game required you to roll a dice and depending on the number, you would then write a 100-500 word ship with a corresponding character. I got number 13 which was a male changeling. The rest of the story is a continuation from the prompt.

Cover Art: The Maiah

Editors: DemonRykuKyuubi, mikemeiers, Cerulean Starlight.

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A couple of friends sat around a table to discuss something surprising. Dandy tells them of a fun conspiracy, a top-secret society only known to the most elite of unicorns. In fact, he might know someone who can get them in. An old friend of theirs. How will this conversation end? Will they get into this society? Is getting in the most important thing?

For the quills and sofas speedwriting theme: high society. It also had to include unicorns.

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