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Every respectable Princess needs to develop a hobby. In the case of Twilight Sparkle, that hobby is computer games.

Warning! Contains harsh Twilight language.

Special thanks to Zyrian for editing.

Chapters (1)

The Buffalo Telegraph told Clyde that a stranger was coming to call. It did not tell him that she was carrying something dangerous, or that evil people were close behind her.

And it certainly did not tell him how much she would someday mean to him.

* * *

Special thanks to Themaskedferret and Garret Sylvar, for editing on short notice.
Written for Jake the Army Guy's Horse Word Extravaganza.

Chapters (3)

Big Mac is sitting on his favorite spot in all of Sweet Apple Acres, and his is quite nervous. Some pony special comes up and gives him wonderful advice. At times, we all need special some-ponies to lift us up when we are down.

Chapters (1)

Scootaloo keeps being reminded of what she can't do. Some days, it seems like nopony sees anything else. Apple Bloom however, reminds Scootaloo that there is at least one pony that sees her for what she is, and what she is capable of.

A quick little bit of Scootabloom cuteness.

Chapters (1)
This story is a sequel to To Serve and Protect

Twilight Sparkle finds herself dealing with the aftermath of Tirek’s attack on Equestria. Among the problems before her is the broken artifact: Shadow’s Armor. Damaged in a battle with Tirek, Twilight is given the opportunity to help repair the ancestral armor, but when she suggests possibly making improvements she finds that not everypony agrees with the idea. For many ponies have very different ideas on what should be done with Shadow’s Armor, and it will be Twilight’s job to find a successful compromise between them.

Chapters (1)

Everypony on Rarity’s ship is in love with someone impossible. Some earn their fortune and go back to claim their love. Others find love along the way, or outgrow their crush and move on.
Rarity? She’s in love with the sky.

An entry into Jake the Army Guy's "Obscure Shipping" contest.

Chapters (1)

As the Princess of Canterlot, the Mistress of the Sun, and the most beloved ruler of Equestria, it could be assumed that Princess Celestia was the pony who ran Equestria. Few people know that she actually doesn't.

Her assistant, Raven Inkwell, does. And Equestria would be nothing without her.

Chapters (1)
This story is a sequel to The Day When Discord Went Down to Sweet Apple Acres...

Everypony far and wide had come to know about the legendary fiddle player Applejack's win over Discord, and she had the fiddle to prove the win. All the while, Discord had been fuming in the pits of Tartarus trying to think of a way to take down his foe once and for all. Now, 10 years later, he is back and is ready to push Applejack to her limit.

Based on the song "The Devil Went Back Down to Georgia" by the Charlie Daniels Band. All rights to the song go to them and I make no money off of this.
*EDIT:the song was actually put on Mark O'Conner's album "Heroes".

Chapters (1)

Long ago, the goddess Harmony created the first Elements of Harmony. These seven artifacts were made to combat the darkness that threatened her world, and represented the most powerful positive feelings she and her ponies could muster. But lately, the Elements of Harmony were separated from their chosen Bearers, and darkness once more threatens the balance of Equestria.

But like any good goddess, Harmony had a backup plan.

(This story takes place in the same continuity and at the same time frame as New Family, and is intended as a companion story to that one. Either can be read without the other, but reading both will give you a few hints of a bigger picture.)

Chapters (1)
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