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Luna has been considering the matter for a while, and she can't put her hoof on why. Confused and growing increasingly irritated, she goes to her sister in search of enlightenment.

Set between the season six finale and A Royal Problem.

Chapters (1)

When fates mistakes come home how do lives remake themselves? Can the old bonds hold and do the new ones flourish? Or has the strands that connect us all strained to much?

Chapters (1)

Warning: Sex and Gore tags are for implied Violence and implied sex, there won't be any actual violence and/or explicit sex, the story is rated teen because vulgar language will be a thing in the story.

Button Mash is an adult now, but life didn't go easy on the poor boy, now, he has to revert his past sins by playing a videogame called "Pac-mare: the fault eater", but there is something wrong with this videogame, he just found it under his pillow, and the game knows Button on a personal level, what will happen?

Second warning: Contains subtle hints of Sweetiemash, or Buttonbelle.

Chapters (1)

The Galactic Empire has suffered it's largest defeat yet with the destruction of the Death Star. Not only did this weaken the Empire but it has helped the rebellion as more systems have pledged their loyalty to the Rebel Alliance.
To save the Empire, Emperor Palpatine has dispatched his apprentice; Darth Vader on a mission to bring new planets into the Empire for more income and workers. However when a miscommunication occurs onboard the Executor it ends up with a Navigator accidentally typing in the wrong coordinates, leading the fleet to Equestria.
Unfortunately for the ponies of Equestria Darth Vader has lost is growing impatient and has therefore ordred an invasion of Equestria.
The ponies are not strong enough and do not have the technology to fight the Empire and when the Empire occupies Equestria, the ponies have no choice but to fight back. But will the ponies fail or will the ponies win with the help of the Rebel Alliance if word of the planet's existence comes out to the public of the Galaxy? Find out in this Crossover Fanfic.

Chapters (1)

Rainbow thought that preforming at the wedding of a Princess and a Guard Captain would, honestly, be pretty cool. Even if the Groom hadn't been Twilight's brother.
Strange, how eavesdropping and a chance encounter can change her mind so quickly.

A rewritten version of A Canterlot Wedding Pt. 1, experimenting with adding a scene and a half to change the narrative.

Part of the Rewritten Project
Part of the Cornerverse-MLP Universe
Rated Teen for swearing, innuendo, and certain dark implications.

Chapters (1)

I, an animatronics designer am spirited away to Equestria. Not the one I knew from the show, but one where it is ruled by a corrupted Twilight Sparkle and corrupted versions of the Princesses. The worst part of it is: I have to create new rides for other theme parks such as their version of Disneyland, Uneighversal Studios, or else it's off with my head. Yep, it's pretty bad, but hey, at least she and the various parks I'm contracted for gave me plenty of resources to work with. Alright, enough screwing around. I've got rides to make, places to go, people to see, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Chapters (1)

From high mountain keep to deep ocean deep, learn the wisdom from the ponies of the multiverse.

These stories were originally part of my other story Three Bickering Bugs Conquer Equestria before I moved them here. They are all inspired by folk stories I read as a child.

Updates every Saturday with a new short story. Some of these universes will be explored in more depth in their own fictions.

Chapters (4)

One day, Celestia and Luna, two scientists living in Ponyville, were exploring a mysterious castle where they found a strange jewel. When they took the jewel back to their laboratory to run tests on it, ten lights shot out of it. Then three of the lights cause supernatural events and gave three normal girls superpowers.

This is not power ponies, but this is based off Powerpuff Girl Z.

Chapters (2)

Twilight Sparkle wakes up aboard a First Order Star-Destroyer where she finds herself being interrogated by Kylo Ren. Randomness ensues.

Author's Notes -

Is this stupid? Yes, yes it is. Was it fun to write? Yes, yes it was. Am I sorry for writing it?

...No. No, I am not.

Chapters (1)
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