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This story is a sequel to Prince Blueblood: The Politician

Prequel simply establishes Blueblood as a politician, no story elements present at all.

Princess Twilight Sparkle appears to have some trouble with politics, as her encounter with the yaks proved. On her second go-around, Prince Blueblood accompanies her for some valuable pointers. The buffalo incident and the yak incident were both resolved by Twilight's friends, not Twilight alone, and as a Princess, she needs a bit of help.

Chapters (1)

Dash asks her friends to come round after school to help dye her hair the colours of the rainbow for the first time.

Though there is more to it than that.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Eyes Open

Teleportation. It is the best possible way to travel... As long as you don't think about it too much.

After Twilight saved herself, herself saved her, and she might be missing a horn, but she's been moving on.

...or has she?

- - -

So I recently came across the Blinkverse and fell in love with it. It's dark and rife with fridge horror, but without choving it down your throat. So because I couldn't get my interest in it to go away. I decided to throw my hat in, and either do an introspective piece or an alternate take. I'll let you figure out which one I leaned more towards.

I'm admitedly not the best at proof reading my own work beyond spell-checking. so please forgive the errors you find with grammar, pacing, and general hampering my lack of writing skill provides. XD

This is a sequel to Eyes Open, Written by Foal's Errand (whom I asked permission to post) which is itself a sequel to Blinking by Lumberjack, which is ITSELF a sequel to the origin story Blink, written by Ocalhoun. Doing a bit of simple math, that places me at Tier 4

(please forgive me not linking anything, my fimfiction comment bar has been fucky for a while now)

Chapters (1)

After so long of thinking, planning, and worrying, Rumble has finally worked up the courage to ask out his crush Flitter out on a date. While thinking about what could happen, worrying about being rejected, Rumble tries to think of the positive. He thinks of Flitter's lovely smile, gentle eyes, lovely body, and above all else, her beautiful hooves.

Contains: Hoof worship
The requester of this commission wishes to remain Anonymous.

Chapters (2)

When Celestia and Luna want some much needed alone time, they ask Twilight and Starlight to run Equestria from Canterlot for the day. Excited for the new experience, the two happily agree. Even so, Twilight can't help but worry that Starlight might fudge something up big time.

Chapters (3)

The Apple siblings take after their parents in more ways than one especially when it comes to finding true love. But when someone from their parents’ past comes back to take revenge on them, can they prove their loves are stronger? SugarMac, AppleSpike, and Pipbloom.

Chapters (2)

Twilight and Rarity haven't seen each other since Rarity took a month long trip to Canterlot. Rarity shows up at Twilight's in the middle of the night, her self-confidence in tatters. Can Twilight help her see her own worth again?

Chapters (1)

There's beef in the ends of Ponyville. Will T rise above, or will she get chiefed up by even bigger g's?

(I really should be sorry about this, but I'm not. Warning, gratuitous amounts of British slang ahead, read at your own risk. Curious about what the heck a roadman is? Linky link here.)

Cover art here.

Chapters (1)

There is a rift on the large crystal sphere that surrounds the known universe.

Things don't make sense anymore.

Chapters (4)

Spike's mental and emotional maturity always seemed to be in flux. All his friends knew that he was a baby dragon, but what was a baby dragon when compared to a pony? Spike was almost as old as the Mane six, and had a mental intelligence to match, especially under the diligent education of his friend, mentor, and perhaps even mother, Twilight Sparkle. But his emotional maturity wasn't clear. Everypony thought he was a child, but that's soon called into question. After a small growth spurt, it seemed like spike was finally growing into what was considered a teenager for dragons. Exemplified for his need for a small horde, emotional fluxes, and even interests in topics that he knew about but never cared for before, Spike must now learn to go through the rough time of puberty. Dragon Style.

My first uploaded fic. Constructive criticism wanted!

Chapters (1)
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