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    We go to bed every night, knowing full well that we are going to wake up the following morning; in our own bed, looking exactly as we had the previous night.  What if you noticed, neither was true?  Or that you are neither who you where or where you where?

    The bed may have felt comfortable and familiar enough, but that is where the familiarities ended.

    Apparently, she is now a Pony as a stranger, in a strange land.  She may feel as if she was the same, but how much had actually changed?

    Exactly where is she?  Who are the new neighbours?  Why exactly, is everything so bright and colourful?

Chapters (1)

You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is a dimension of sound. A dimension of sight. A dimension of mind. You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You have just crossed over into... The Twilight Zone.

On a normal June day, Bright Mac and his wife, Buttercup were about to head into town for a quick errand while they left their children with their grandmother until they get back. On the way, Buttercup expresses her concerns about if they were good enough parents that their children would become good ponies like themselves. But before they could proceed any further, they remember that they had to go back to Sweet Apple Acres to receive something that they have forgotten. It is when they get back that the story really begins.

As you can guess, this is a AJ’s parent’s story that I’m doing it in the style of a Twilight Zone episode. Also, keep in mind that this is currently unedited. So if there is someone who is willing to volunteer to proofread it, please PM me to discuss with me further.

Chapters (1)

Your name is Frosty Mug. You worked hard, and now you've arrived in the city of Pine Hills famous for the steady flow of adventurers, explorers, and tourists on their way to explore the Badlands, hunt wild beasts, or do something with that rumored huge glowing portal in the fortress situated in the main square. You've got some kegs of beer, some wine bottles, and a deed in your hooves.

You're not the hero going on crazy adventures, but if you work hard, they will pass through your future tavern and tell you their stories. Maybe you'll even say the right thing to change their course of action. You might even encourage them to brave dangers they wouldn't otherwise face, or ruin their efforts completely.

But most of all, you are here to listen and make money.

(An attempt at mostly dialogue-driven story with some CYOA elements. We'll see where it leads us. Feedback is always appreciated, since I have no idea what I'm doing as usual. )

Chapters (2)

Charlotte wanted to relax and thought of the perfect thing. So she put a sign on her bedroom door, it read 'Do NOT Disturb'. But to her brother, that didn't matter.

Charlotte and Brandon are MY Ocs and they belong to me. So no one can use them in any of their stories.


Cover art by me.

Chapters (1)

An infiltration attempt goes from ‘wildly successful’ to 'weird and confusing' in record time.

Thanks to Tired Old Man for edits, suggestions, and helping with the title. Also thanks to Nova Quill for her edits and suggestions.

Chapters (1)

Garble couldn't believe it. That... namby-pamby pony lover was Dragon Lord. And he had been so close...

Dragon Lord Spike's order didn't make things any better.

Seriously, who actually hugs another dragon? It's just... wrong.

And he had to hug all of them.

There was no way for this day to be any worse.

Or so Garble thought.

Thanks to Lance Kasey for the idea!

Chapters (1)

Equestrian culture loves cutie marks. Filly Starlight Glimmer hates them and never wants one. So, she leaves Equestria.

Inspired by Imploding Colon's Austraeoh.

Chapters (8)

When Summer Sketch become pregnant, all seemed to be going great. That is, until her very protective family hears the news, and wants to talk to the colt that knocked her up. Will Connie survive?

Art and pre-read by Summer Magic

Chapters (1)
This story is a sequel to Discord's New Business

This is an unofficial side story to KnightMysterio's "Discord's New Business" Series.

Discord's New Business was great! The CMC decided to use it to become adults for the day, aiming to taking in all the wonders of Manhatten and finish it off with a show!

Yet as the day wears on, they began to find a lot of their expectations falling short. The biggest being their first trip to a night club.

Stage Light on the other hand is just a poor earth pony musician dragged there by his sister for a night out.

The CMC had expectations set high. Stage Light had practically none at all.

Two separate ponies meeting for a brief moment, then part ways for what would have normally been forever.

It's in those brief moments, that destinies can interweave, and pave the way to something...


Chapters (2)

Captain Fluttersky "Phoenix" Firewing and the Wonderbolts deal with a troublesome new recruit named Ace Windfeather.


Fluttersky "Phoenix" Firewing:yay:

Ace Windfeather 😊

The Wonderbolts

And a surprise character

(This story takes place within the Different View Universe)

if your wondering who the surprise character is, You'll have to read the story

Chapters (1)
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